I’ve missed the day but got home to these tweets! Will be updating all the info for the next 2 days! J2 day will be tomorrow rather than Sunday so yeah! Check back for the fun!

Misha Collins ‏@mishacollins i’m driving myself to #vegascon in style. #myskinstillsmellslikecheese. http://twitpic.com/c9rl17

dicksp8jr Richard Speight, Jr. Holy crap, this room is HUGE! @RobBenedict @jarpad @EWasteBand @mattcohen4real pic.twitter.com/tgGO0g6Yr6
* But can you really put a price on that? “@samklake: @SuperWiki Trying to sell extra @dicksp8jr meet and greet ticket for #VegasCon.

@GabrielTigerman: More me tattoos with @ChadLindberg! http://po.st/EP3hEO

@WinchesterBros: Watch out! Castiel and Crowley are fighting in the hall at #VegasCon! http://twitpic.com/c9r5fx
chris schmelke ‏@chrisschmelke @dicksp8jr @EWasteBand Hot off the presses! pic.twitter.com/8e5MrABOh4

Tina ‏@DudeUfuglySPN Richard Speight’s intro to Vegas Con http://youtu.be/wjA0fv4N3yc

J2 Family Fandom ‏@J2FamilyFandom1 Rob & Matt fashion tips. #SinCon #Vegas *Mrs.J P http://fb.me/21Z6MpSD0

“Who doesn’t like touching Jensen?” -Matt
@GabrielTigerman: @ChadLindberg showing his new ass tattoo as #sincon. Really! http://po.st/5BqJYs

@FangasmSPN: James sent a fanboy note to Martin Sheen when he was 17 and got invited backstage. He pays that back whenever he can.

“@TyOlsson: pic.twitter.com/qotKD7mWAJ” And so it begins.”

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros . @dicksp8jr porno name Saxxon Cuddles #VegasCon

Lisa Smith ‏@RichardsTwicks I posted 7 photos on Facebook in the album “Las Vegas Con 2013 http://fb.me/C7bzOMAs