As much fun and craziness the other guests are, nothing can beat Jensen and Jared panels! This is from the gold ticket luncheon! Will be posting pics/vids as they come out!

Kelios ‏@kelios first part of J2 lunch panel …

Lunch Panel part 2:

Supernatural ✡ ‏@SpnTentation Jared and Jensen panel

@wendy_d* Jared and Gen went to Vegas for first anniv. Saw Tim McGraw. Gen’s first night away from Thomas
* Jensen: They can kill us but they can’t quit us.
* They don’t cut scenes. There’s no time to film things that aren’t necessary
* Jared: Misha should be afraid. I want it to be clear how much we can mess with him. I will mess it up. Wish me luck!
* Jared: Clif would run the SPN day care. Jensen: He already babysits us.
* Jared: We sat behind Matt Bomer at the PCAs. Handsome guy, I had to keep my wife away
* J&J
* Jared: Sometimes we accidentally spill things in each other’s drinks *winkwink

SPNEurope (MyCoven) ‏@SPNEurope For those who go to bed now, sweet dreams!

SPN_Threesome J2&Misha Those little smiling wrinkles

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Jensen about the early s9 pick up: “they can’t kill us, we’ll they can, but they can’t quit us.”
* J2 on stage at
* Serious answer, Jensen says there’s very little trimming done on ‘Supernatural’, they don’t have time to shoot in excess
* Fan to Jensen: “is it harder having a scene cut that you acted in or directed.” Jensen: “easier question please.”

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN
*Lunch with the boys. @jarpad entertains the fans.
* @FangasmSPN: Jensen. Nuff said.
*we were so excited about s9 and pca that we didnt mind misha coming back
* J2 lookin’ good And pretty much always 🙂
* Fans: congrats on the baby Jensen Jensen: Am i showing?
* Misha directing? We both requested that ep off
* Fan: this is a girly question Jared: oh its for Jensen
* Jensen: my suit at the pca matched Jareds tie Fans: yep Jensen: omg they all noticed!
* J2: we talk about u guys all the time w Felicia Fans:
* Fan: do u get as excited about edlund eps as we do? J2: YES
* J2 entertaining the fans
Jessie ♥ Jessie ♥ ‏@MishaMadness Jensen: “We got an early pickup. So they can’t kill us.” Jared: “Well they can. They do it all the time.”
*Jensen: “We’re gonna need a daycare center on the set eventually.” Jared: “Who would run it? Clif.”
* (Fall) Jensen: “Didn’t you kick me?” Jared: “I think I kicked you.” Jensen: “‘Hey jerk! Help me up!'”

Gorgeous Nerd Gorgeous Nerd ‏@gorgeousnerd Jared’s excited for season nine even with Misha
* Jared pat Jensen’s baby bump
* Gen used a stylist for People’s Choice, who helped Jared. Danneel has a stylist friend
* Jared and Jensen’s clothes matching at People’s Choice was a fluke
* Yearly SPN plague hit them around People’s Choice
* Jared won a speech-and-debate award, apparently. His coach was the same as Matt Bomer’s!
* Jared: Ben Edlund can’t finish a sentence without laughing at what he’s thinking

@MishaMadness (Baby) Jensen: “Am I showing?” Jared: “You wouldn’t even know it’s there.”
* Jared: “We spend way too much time together. We think alike.”

@deidre2002: Fan: my question is for Jared. Jared: Yes! Good choice! Jensen: you’re an idiot.
* Jensen clarified that he and Jared are not having a kid together. Yet. Jared rubs his belly
* Jensen says the balance between comedy and drama is important to the show.

* J2 said between them and Misha the set is going to need a daycare center. They said their manny. Clif can run it
* (Babies) Jared: “I don’t like anything where Misha had the upper hand. He has two, we have one and a half. He outnumbers us.”

LORD OVERCHELE ‏@msleaoverstreet jensen: i just laid there in the mud thinking this is gonna b on the dvd

@FangasmSPN Jensen included the full story of the spn harlem shake. He and Jared r clearly as excited about it as fandom 🙂
* Fan: how did u work ur magic directing? Jensen: Wouldnt u like to know *evil grin*

Jensen & Jared Panel

@gorgeousnerd Jared says trust actors to act in a script where stage direction is concerned.

Ackleholic. ‏@sereinaSPN Photo: sshbabyitsok: @FangasmSPN Jensen: when there’s a band, you gotta dance! #vegascon

Rana^^ ‏@RirollPSll Jared is holding the People’s Choice Award Jensen: Jared: this is for y’all!

WinchesterBros @Winchester Bros s Jared and Jensen on stage

@kupowark Jensen is staring at @jarpad disapprovingly as Jared pretends an accent. “Meh too!”

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Jared likes the current length of his hair. The audience agrees!
* Jared hugged a fan from Morocco then did the worm to get back on stage.

Emma Jensen ‏@emydean Jared’s proud of the People’s Choice Award. Trying to find a place to put it

@MissNerminee: J2’s shout out to fandom: Season 9, the PCAs, it’s all because of You

“@MishaMadness: Ty: “Where do monsters go when they die in purgatory?” Jensen: “I’m thinking Vegas

Gorgeous Nerd ‏@gorgeousnerd Jensen talking top golf (driving range and bowling in one?).

Fangasm@FangasmSPN Ty: Jensen, r u buying dinner tonite? *Ty leaves* Jensen: I hate that guy
* Ty brings up little Jensen to meet big Jensen
* JP: what made sam and dean work is the personality that jensen brings and we bring to them
* Ty: Jensen, r u buying dinner tonite? *Ty leaves* Jensen: I hate that guy

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark JA has hit it thru the uprights multiple time. Top score? Hard to tell. At one point, his mom was beating him.

@WinchesterBros .@TyOlsson says J2 have matching trailers and mini-motorcycles. “It’s kinda creepy.”
* Crazy Uncle @TyOlsson asking Jared and Jensen a question

Nermine Salah ‏@MissNerminee Ty Olsen asked a question…how can he ride one of their motorcycles on set

@gorgeousnerd Jensen said he’ll take Ty out on the little motorcycle later
* Jared said Paul Wesley and Ian Sommerhalder should answer attractive question.
* Jared about aspiring actors: don’t lose you, all you have to offer is yourself.

@kupowark: What’s it like to be really attractive? Jensen: “I should probably take this one.” @jarpad “Pls do, thank you

@WinchesterBros Jensen said his wedding ring makes him unattractive, it’s instant ugly, “one ring to rule them all
* Jensen said playing characters is like living with roommates and how their cycles sync up.

Emma Jensen ‏@emydean Jared didn’t mess with Jensen as a director. Jensen: He had my back

@SNRadio: How to get the crowd at #VegasCon screaming? Have Jared feign taking his shirt /pants off

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark .@jarpad : take the good, take the bad and throw it out. if you want to talk abt attractive, have to ask Jensen.
* A request for Jensen to sing. Audience is enthusiastic. Jensen: “Yes, let’s waste 3 minutes of your time.”

Jessie ♥ ‏@MishaMadness Jensen: “It’s like a split personality at this point. It’s gonna be interesting when the show comes to an end in like 20 years.”
* (Directing) Jensen: “We can’t guarantee Misha will come out alive.” Jared: “We hope not.”

@ewasteband starts playing Back in Black, Jensen laughingly waves it off.

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Jensen jokingly sang the opening to ‘Back in Black’. Says: “well, there goes my voice.”

Cris Hazel ‏@CrisHazel Jensen’s mom’s maiden name is Schaefer, so he’s part German.
@gorgeousnerd Ackles is a Welsh name, mother’s maiden name is German

@kupowark Jensen: I think Misha will have things pretty much under control, which we will do our best to ruin for him.

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark Jensen: *@mishacollins on directing tips* Misha’s a pretty smart guy. If he has any questions, Jensen will answer as best he can.
* Sam and @jarpad are both attracted to that Ruby chick

Gorgeous Nerd ‏@gorgeousnerd Jared says show run has allowed him to explore aspects of Sam that are alike and dissimilar.

@FangasmSPN Dean is more of an asshole than I am. Which is fun for me :). JA

Shelley ‏@shelleyreneee Love how they’re sitting on the backs of the charis 😀

@Jamie_Rose89 Jensen and Jared panel!!

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Jensen says he’s less like Dean now than he was in s1, says Dean is way more of an asshole than he is, which is therapeutic.

@deidre2002: Sam and Jared are both attracted to that Ruby chick.” Jensen: which one? 1 or 2?

@gorgeousnerd French Mistake is the only time Jared and Jensen were consulted on a script in 170 episodes.

MostlyAckles ‏@DhaniGkar “@hotforjackles: Jared giving parenting advice to Jensen. Omg!!:’) #VegasCon” they’re too adorable to be real

“@gorgeousnerd: Jared’s parenting advice to Jensen: learn the words “yes, dear”, wipe front to back

@deidre2002: Jareds entrance music would be Jump by Kris Kross. Jensens would be Simple Man by Skynard.

Holly Candler ‏@AccioAwesome Jensen’s theme music is Lynryd Skynrd… Jared’s is Paula Abdul

@deidre2002: The boys said they refused to play Jensen & Jared. They would only do it if they could stay Sam and Dean.

Rana^^ ‏@RirollPSll So far Jensen loves the Purgatory scenes and Jared likes Blood Brothers … They both like Citizen Fang

Cris Hazel ‏@CrisHazel Misha just crashed J2’s panel and they’re making him play with the band on stage

Gorgeous Nerd ‏@gorgeousnerd And Misha appeared and started playing cowbell in Don’t Fear the Reaper with the band

Moira ‏@moika22 Jensen: they get quality work and crew retention because they have so much fun

@kupowark How does the cast/crew get work done? @jarpad: “Full disclosure: do you work for WB or the CW?

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN Fan: how do u have so much fun and get any work done? JA: thats HOW we get so much work done

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark Jensen: having fun is *how* we get work done. 80% crew retention rate over the show’s life.

@mirapelkonen: Jared said in that sam/amelia storyline was weak n it was ooc for sam not to look for Dean.thank you Jared!

@MishaMadness: Misha: “You guys had a hard time with the comfy chairs too! It’s a little too massage-y.”

Jessie ♥ ‏@MishaMadness Jared: “Does anyone here work for WB or CW? *whispers* We don’t get work done.”

@kupowark: Audience refuses to get rid of @mishacollins for @jarpad, but he leaves anyways

@FangasmSPN: Jensen tells Jared a story.

Jessie ♥ ‏@MishaMadness (Random Q) Jensen: “Just ask Misha he’ll tell you. Jerkface.”

Dimitri Belikov ♥ ‏@Penelope_Stef “Misha: I was looking for the bathroom

Rana^^ ‏@RirollPSll Jared quoting Kim Manners: You spend more time at work than at home. If you don’t enjoy it, walk away.

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark Jensen fell during LARP and the Real Girl, according to @mishacollins. “Where’s Misha? Just ask him? Jerkfac.”

‏@secretbutterfly “I’m gonna punch him in the face” -Jensen on Misha for telling his story

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Jensen was about to tell the ball gag/drag story. The audience tells him Misha already told it. “That little shit stole my story!”

@odychlin: Jensen just threatened to spike a fan with a knife

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Jensen to a Castiel cosplayer he’d been trading verbal jabs with: “you should be thanking me, I saved that stupid coat.”

Jessie ♥ ‏@MishaMadness Jensen: “I didn’t hear the question. Just ask Misha. I’m sure he already answered it.”

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark Jensen: to fan “You need to apologize for (your friend’s) outfit.” friend is dressed up as Cas, Jensen is catfish ting

@FangasmSPN: Jared gives Jensen parenting advice: Get a peepee teepee for a boy and wipe front to back.

Emma Jensen ‏@emydean Jared Writers are writing to the strengths of their performances. Great writers. Sam has been thru many different phases

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark .@jarpad “Acting’s not like musicians, who can get together & just jam. Can’t go, ‘hey, you’re an actor. Let’s act!’

Jessie ♥@MishaMadness (Acting) Jensen: “We just lie very well

@gorgeousnerd: Jensen makes notes while he reads first time to get raw reactions

@deidre2002: Jensen on acting: We just lie really well. Jared: he’s lying right now

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark Jensen went to a party they were “doing acting” in the kitchen. Found the most expensive bottle of whiskey & left

Fangasm@FangasmSPN J2: if we were method actors we wouldve killed each other yrs ago…Fans: NOOOOO

@Jamie_Rose89: #JensenAckles

Gorgeous Nerd ‏@gorgeousnerd Jared says that script supervisors can be invaluable for continuity

Jessie ♥ ‏@MishaMadness (J&j in French Mistake) Jared: “I think they went to Purgatory.” Jensen: “I say they were in hair and makeup the whole time.”

Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jared: “I started the apocalypse. It’s cool
* Jared: “I guess I would rather not be blamed for everything.”

Moira ‏@moika22 Fan asked Jared how he liked being blamed for everything. Jared: I started the apocalypse…it’s fine.

Cris Hazel ‏@CrisHazel The panel ended with Rob, RSJ, and Jensen singing part of The Boys Are Back in Town together with the band

Fangasm @FangasmSPN Jensen listens to Jared…

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark Jensen sang a line of “The Boys Are Back In Town” before leaving. It’s oveeeeer!

@FangasmSPN: Ackles belting out The Boys Are Back in Town!!!
* Ackles belting out The Boys Are Back in Town!!!
* J2 say goodbye w hugs for Rob 🙂
* J2 say goodbye w hugs for Rob 🙂
* Jensen rockin out to The Boys Are Back in Town!
* Jensen rockin out to The Boys Are Back in Town!

Emma Jensen ‏@emydean Jared: “I smelled him before I saw him.” About Misha Collins

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark .@mishacollins got lost on the way to the bathroom, found himself on stage. Couches too massage-y for him.

Aaron Goodwin ‏@AaronGoodwin Chilling with these 2 guys @Zak_Bagans @ChadLindberg

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Fan asks what makes them roll their eyes when it comes to scripts. Jensen doesn’t like obvious lines, he likes turns of phrase.

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark JA: come up w/unique way to say smthg in scripts. “Jennifer? Do you mind if I call you jennifer?” JP: “Yes, my name is Jared.”

Jensen dancing with PCA~:

Richard Speight, Jr. ‏@dicksp8jr Watching the magic from backstage. @robbenedict jarpad @ewasteband

Amy Gumenick ‏@amygumenick Ask @GabrielTigerman about the sex scene he had with Jensen that was cut in the final episode.

Richard Speight, Jr. ‏@dicksp8jr Kickin’ it backstage with @EWasteBand (sans Hot Karl). @LoudenSwain1 @RobBenedict …