Day two and most fans survived karaoke! There is some of Emily Perkins, Rob Benedict, Misha Collins and Jim Beaver with Maddie panels. I’ll be updating with pics/tweets/vids as they get posted!

ANGIE SPN ‏@pengapush Who can’t spell apocalypse?!

‏@SPNEurope #Supernatural on MTV’s 10 on Top – March 9 2013:

Valentine is my Love ‏@ShiryuForever94 Richard & his Brazilian shirt As lindas mandando ver:

Misha Collins

Moira ‏@moika22 Misha already shot the next episode of Cooking with West. Misha felt like he was on Fear Factor when trying to eat the meal.

@FangasmSPN Misha: we’re shooting some Cas stuff now w alot of drama to it Fans: *imaginations run wild*
* Cas fans frolic w @mishacollins Misha: this is how Jared and Jensen and I pass the time…

Wendy ‏@wendy_d Emily: J&J truely respect their fans. I think they’re kinda nerdy. Jared corrects people’s grammar all the time.
* Emily Perkins is ADORABLE. Show helped her fight her own demons, overwhelmed by how beautiful Jared and Jensen are.
* If Jared can find my car, bad things happen to it. Says production dept. actually moves Misha’s car to protect it from J.

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN He says that he’d like Cas to fall, and believes that’s what the writers will do.
* Misha and the Castiels.

Dean Batmanchester ϟ ‏@iBreatheAckles CAN YOU NOT

Moira ‏@moika22 Misha already shot the next episode of Cooking with West. Misha felt like he was on Fear Factor when trying to eat the meal
* Misha is excited to have the opportunity to direct next season. The crew is a great support..20-30% want him to succeed

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN Misha wants to kill Sam off for his episode because he’s afraid to direct Jared

Supernatural ✡ ‏@SpnTentation Misha Collins

“@WinchesterBros: Fan: “what’s in your pocket?” Misha: “a flugelhorn.”

@mayaj23456 : In Misha’s ep Sam will appear only in photos….since he’s dead! Fans: NOOOO!

@msleaoverstreet: Fan: If you wrote your eulogy, what would it say? Misha: ‘He tried.

Jimmy Novak ‏@svininaelizawet Misha, your behavior scares me lately! *His signature

@WinchesterBroAd: “Cutie, I’m sorry its so scary.” – Misha to baby in audience that was crying

@gorgeousnerd: Misha’s going with kids from Boys and Girls Club to NASCAR races tomorrow for Amok
* Misha auctioning off a script/Jensen photo op/cheese calendar/other stuff for Random Acts.

@WinchesterBros The Random Act that inspired Misha the most: reuniting a woman who had been slave traded with her child.

@kupowark .@mishacollins likes the Manchurian Candidate storyline, can’t wait to see it play out.

@WinchesterBros: Misha has invited all the Castiel cosplayers on stage for a brief frolick.

@FangasmSPN: Misha: we’re shooting some Cas stuff now w alot of drama to it Fans: *imaginations run wild*
* Misha gave crew underwear w J2 faces on them reading “spn: we’ve got your back” WB was not amused 🙂

@MishaMadness: Misha wants to add jumping off a bridge to the next GISHWHES but it would be hard to get insurance.

GENEVIEVERS ‏@realGpadLover Fan asks, “in the gag real you all were frolicking, how often do you frolick?” Misha: “it’s rare that we’re not frolicking

Moira ‏@moika22 Idea for non-profit charity came from the creative energy of the fans…use it to do good for others.

@WinchesterBroAd Talking about rob benedict Misha: so good, and smart, and funny, and talented… and good in bed

“@MishaMadness Misha is making the band play. He started dancing
Shelley Weeks ‏@ShelleyWeeks

@MishaMadness: Misha: “Let’s have a little compassion for Naomi.”

“@WinchesterBros Misha on Castiel’s potential character growth “I’d like him stay on a static plateau.” /sarcasm.

Nermine Salah ‏@MissNerminee “I would pretend to be Cas, dressing up like Dean.” – Misha

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Fan is asking how Misha is able to do all that he does. Misha: “I’m very talented.”

@WinchesterBroAd: Misha drives to work. He feels weird letting anyone else drive him.

@kupowark Emily thinks Garth was talking to Becky on the phone in recent season. 😉 Becky likes men who save her

Winchester Bros Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Misha to @creationent: “Do actors come to cons and spoil their show?” Creation: “Not if they want to live.”

@kupowark “Have we seen 17? No? Let me explain what happens, ’cause it really pisses me off.” @mishacollins

@FangasmSPN: Misha gave crew underwear w J2 faces on them reading “spn: we’ve got your back” WB was not amused 🙂

@FangasmSPN: Misha shows his orange underwear Fans are appreciative

Moira Moira ‏@moika22 Misha on Samandriel: “Aw he was a throwaway” He asked if we’ve seen episode 17
* He likes the Manchurian candidate storyline

@moika22: Misha hinting that Castiel’s story will get better!

Naz ‏@leeashburn @msleaoverstreet: “Misha’s mom inspired him to be the person he is today. He tries to imitate her as a parent

Destiel Brasil ‏@DestielBR Vídeo: Misha contando sobre uma pegadinha que os câmeras fizeram com um ator convidado. …

@FangasmSPN: Theyre pretty nervous about me directing.but this crew knows us so well they’ll hold r hand

@wendy_d Misha: This is such a tame crowd for Vegas. I really expected more nudity.

Nermine Salah ‏@MissNerminee Misha:If Jared can find my car, bad things happen to it.Says production dept. actually moves Misha’s car to protect it from Jared

@StupakKristina: Misha Collins – pranking a guest star:

Nermine Salah ‏@MissNerminee If Misha could give any power to Cas he would give him xray vision and then leer at people in malls

Jen J. ‏@YourJenJ With @dicksp8jr & @mattcohen4real I thought they would love me grabbing their asses…one did;)

@FangasmSPN Outtake from LARP ep where Jensen is being all I’m leading the charge…and then he falls on his face

Rob Benedict

Fan wants @RobBenedict to embarrass her friend Maureen for her bday month. Rob asked if Maureen wants to slow dance, HS-style

Moira ‏@moika22 Rob’s drinking game plan for today…beer and whiskey and a lot of water…he’s pacing himself.

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark
What nerdy fan club would @RobBenedict be prez of? He’s in a geeky Pearl Jam fan club, would be prez of that.

Nermine Salah ‏@MissNerminee Misha wants to kill Sam off for his episode because he’s afraid to direct Jared

Moira ‏@moika22 Rob is on stage. He works out. Did 10 push-ups with claps on stage.

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark .@RobBenedict’s beer of choice? Newcastle. Might switch to smth lighter later. Will be beering in photo op w/fan later?

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark .@RobBenedict could have claimed not to be drinking today, but instead set himself up to sound like an alcoholic. Oops.

Nermine Salah ‏@MissNerminee In a zombie apocalypse, Misha would want Jim and Rob “and no one else

@FangasmSPN Arm wrestling for Misha. As you do. #VegasCon …”

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark .@RobBenedict’s spirit animal is the neurotic squirrel from Ice Age. He’s extinct *and* unique!

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark .@dicksp8jr interrupts. Audience’s quick enthusiastic suggestions to song question amusing. @RobBenedict

Moira ‏@moika22 Rob doesn’t think Chuck was aware he was God. Chuck was Kripke personified. Chuck comes to realization he’s God at the end.

Michele ‏@your_belle Green Day’s “Basket Case” would be @RobBenedict’s theme song

Moira ‏@moika22 Rob is a nervous tweeter. He rethinks his tweets a lot.

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark .@RobBenedict’s stage-diving last night was cool. He’s totally ok w/it. More than ok.

Moira Moira ‏@moika22 Rob LOVED stage diving last night
* Rob frolicked for us like Jared and Jensen
* Rob wasn’t really pranked by the guys on set. He thinks they know he would freak out
* @RobBenedict had to grab smthg from Jensen or @jarpad’s trailer, didn’t know the dogs were inside on attack mode

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark The neurotic, self-conscious part of Chuck is closest to @RobBenedict himself; also Chuck in The End, keeping track of TP.

Amy ‏@AmyinSydney The Js are in the building! Waiting for their arrival at lunch!

“@Tiniowien: It turns out, if @mattcohen4real asks you to get up on stage (when you’re dressed as a pink showgirl), you do so!”

Jim Beaver and Maddie

*** Regarding rumors Bobby will return in season 9: NO ONE has talked to me about returning in season 9. Don’t believe everything you hear.***

Moira ‏@moika22 Jim Beaver is on stage now. He brought his daughter out with him.

@msleaoverstreet: Jim Beaver just brought out his daughter Maddie dressed as Bobby, complete with beard!

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark What was @jumblejim’s fav epi? His last was sad ’cause it was the one where he stopped getting paid

Lani B’Shalom ‏@LaniLaniDuck “What’s your dream role?” “I think maybe Franknfurter from Rocky Horror” -JumbleJim

Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark J2 are “a lot older than” @jumblejim, so kudos to them for carrying episode. 😉 Weekend at Bobby’s was fun.
* @jumblejim was hoping for a Bobby-centric *season*, not just an epi. Tiring to carry an epi by oneself. Much respect to J2.
* .@jumblejim would love the epi where he comes back to life. His daughter wouldn’t; threatens to take his cap right off his head.
* “Yeah, I laugh at everything Jensen says, except when he’s trying to be funny.”
* “How did I feel kissing Crowley?… I earned my money.” Would he repeat for S9? For a raise. Kissing Mark uncomfy
* Maddy: “Father? I told you I would take the baseball cap from your head and show that blinding light to all the fans
* .@jumblejim would like to try Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror PS, not too different from Bobby. Looks good in garter belt.
* Has Maddy heard @jumblejim cuss a lot at home? Asks for def. of “cuss”, says doesn’t know ’cause she doesn’t know cuss words.

LORD OVERCHELE ‏@msleaoverstreet I’ve kissed a lot of things in my life but none so uncomfortable as Mark Sheppard –
* Jim Beaver: I have a bad habit of getting shot in the head. Fan: TOO SOON!!
* Fan: So Garth has kind of taken over the role…Jim: Who?
* “Jared cries when he gets a new pair of socks”—Jim Beaver
* Jim Beaver: Most of you are way back there in the back. Cheap seats, right?Fan: Define ‘cheap!’Jim: It’s Vegas, baby
* Jim: boy, it’s the trenchcoat brigade here today, huh? Fan: it’s because Misha’s here. Jim: who
* Fan: This question is for both of you. Do you wanna go first? Maddie: Yes!! *shoves Jim out of the way* Princess Ackles♥ ‏@mayaj23456 Jim Beaver didn’t cry when he watched. jared cries when he gets a new pair of socks,can’t judge anything by that
* Maddies favorite character is Sam
Karena Tyan ‏@kupowark “There’s lots of things I do better than acting
* @jumblejim having a great time meeting fans & answering questions. One of best parts of #spn is mingling with the fans. Loves it. #
* .@jumblejim’s sister Denise is here. “When in difficulty, look for the gift.” her advise to him; she is a major gift in his life.
* @jumblejim thinks he did a pretty good job of being Dean & Sams crazy uncle.

Moira Moira ‏@moika22 Jim’s favorite character on Supernatural is Sheriff Mills.

Jessica L Jessica L ‏@miss_marina95 Maddie’s favorite character beside Bobby is Sam… Jim’s is Sheriff Mills

Matt Cohen dancing!

Carol McNamara @mcnamcj Ty


Marika @starlightcrow ‏Master of Ceremonies @dicksp8jr
* alovething: @mattcohen4real @RobBenedict @DickSp8jr this is happening. #dontstopbelievin
* andohpooratlas: @mattcohen4real Matt Cohen being beautiful.

* andohpooratlas: @TheKurtFuller HUGE surprise from Kurt/Zachariah tonight! :3
* montecervino: @dicksp8jr found himself in the crowd with some else’s cellphone and somehow ended up…
* jenpadackles: @mattcohen4real Matt Cohen at Karaoke Kings!
* andohpooratlas: @RobBenedict Begged Rob Benedict to take a selfie with my phone…this is the…
* mischiefs: @ChadLindberg especial para Karol
* @mattcohen4real @GabrielTigerman
* @mattcohen4real
* Eliann @_Eliann_ James Patrick and his teeth.
* Matt and Richard.
* wellwellwellmymichelle: @ChadLindberg Dr. Badass, Chad Lindberg
* Amy @AmyinSydney Matt and Chad Karaoke
* Amy @AmyinSydney Richard, post Elvis wig removal

@SuperWiki: The highlight of any SPN CON – singing “Carry On” . Here it is at Vegas karaoke