photo by JessieCristo73Winchester Bros Radio just finished a sweet interview with Misheal Morgan whose twitter account is @mishaelmorgan1. I’m listing points that were made between her & the Winchetser Bros. crew! Catch the replay here: WinchesterBrosRadio

*  Doberman was the dog written in the script.

* In the witch’s bar: when the cat was being filmed, the clappers made a loud noise and the cat was done for the day!

* Mishael taped and sent in her audition for this part. First time for her to get a part with a taped audtion.

* She was a huge Supernatural for the first 2 seasons and stopped watching for some reason. When she got the role, when back to S5 and got caught up. Mishael’s hoping she’ll be back.

*Mishael said the set is hard working, laid back and lots of fun.

* The hardest scene was the first scene, just coming into a set full of people who’ve been together for such a long time.

* 10 days of shooting, loves Vancouver, she’s from Toronto which is flat.

* Scene where Sam explains to Dean about the dog running into their room, can she spend the night. Jensen’s ‘yes, she can stay’ was ad libbed, had several takes but the ad lib was used for the ep.

* Prop department actually had 5 different ‘collars’ but the one used for the episode was an actual red dog collar.

* Possible gag reel takes: when James flashes the boys after the astal projection, they did several scenes and the guys would fall doing slo-motion posing. Mishael had a hard time not laughing.

*James chained in the bed was awkard, not necessarily the scene but just the chains. Some props used would be light weight metallic materials but these cuffs were very heavy.

*The set was very professional but very fun at the same time.

* The bar was on location. Was a bar/restaurant that was under construction, an old bank. Lots of wood, building material laying around that had to be worked around. The bar had vaulted ceilings, in a basement.

* Mishael attending the ACTA event tonight.

* She’s done a segment with ‘The Trailer Park Boys’. Also filmed ‘Dark Rising’.

* When Mishael decided to get on twitter, someone had taken her name so she had to use her name plus 1.

*Mishael thanked all the fans for their support and following her twitter and instagram accounts.

 Mishael Morgan pic with Jensen and Jared.