The Sunday excitement starts with breakfast with Jared and Jensen! Lots of pics, great tweets and as always, fun! I’ll update just as soon as the info gets posted! All credit given to con goers who we all appreciate!

Sarah 🙂 ‏@wfsarah  Full breakfast from this morning–sorry its bad, but it’s the best I could do.
Fangasm‏  @FangasmSPN  Misha and Jim – are they arguing about who gets to take the lovely photo of Jensen home??
* Jensen to new director: Dean wouldn’t do that. I know him. We’re pretty tight.
* Fan: then why did u get the rug burn? JA: I had to jump in and save Misha
Jared: and don’t bump me on my left side…
* Jensen at breakfast
* Jared at breakfast
* Contemplative Jensen  breakfast
* J2 discuss the mixed reaction to ‘Bitten’. Are both happy SPN takes chances.
* Jensen at breakfast
* Jared at breakfast
* Wrestling? Um, what? No, that was totally fight training…. J2 at breakfast.
* J2 ponder life after SPN…and think about opening a bar called Winchester’s. Fans are suddenly thirsty.
* Jensen at breakfast”
* Dean bears the brunt of the writers inside jokes
* J2 discuss the mixed reaction to ‘Bitten’. Are both happy SPN takes chances.
* Jensen at breakfast”
* Jensen caffeinates. Jared conversates. Fandom stares.
* Jensen at breakfast
* The question is, how DO these guys manage to look like THIS in the morning??

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros DJ On stage
* Mr Fizzles!! #chicon
* @TyOlsson very cool Jensen likes, adds a lot to show
* Lots of cast fighters, except Misha hee
* Boys are here!
* Wrestling story? True? Sounds like it! Also Jensen says its fight training
* The boys #chicon

DJ Qualls‏ @TheOnlyDJQualls Supernatural made a poster of me. @LEGITonFX what you bringing to the table?

DNM Magazine ‏@DNMMagazine J2in the house!
* Jensen tells story about Ty snapping someone’s elbow during “fight training” Jensen: let’s not do that
* Guy’s upcoming episode Jared has a line he did not want to say and changed, Bob S made him re-record the original line
* J2 loves DJ!

Jace ‏@Jace736 Jared says liked last episode Said there really wasn’t a camera crew
* Ty Olson into MMA training. J2 like him & think character is good addition
* Jared says Pelligrino is boxer & so is Cohen. Basically all but Misha are fighters
* They feel Bobby’s death was so iconic that wouldn’t want to cheapen death but would love Jim back  *Camera crew didn’t have much to do since actors held camera
* J2 saw Jason from “Usual Suspects” in Chicago

Mel‏ @LoveJeter02
They are here!  
*Jared flipped the mic off the stand and caught it. Finally didn’t break one!! Got close but the breaky isn’t over yet

DNM Magazine‏@DNMMagazine
J2in the house!
J2 talking about the Frankenstorm   * Fan is asking J2 to confirm the wrestling story. Doesn’t ring a bell to J2 but don’t hug Jared too hard
* WB used to make them shave their chests, no more shaving now
* Jared wants Jensen to prove that he has no chest hair. Jared says Jensen named the three he has
* Jared: we as actors tell a story dont write it
*  Q: Would they ever write S&D as dicks? Jensen: isn’t Dean already
* Q about mixed reaction to Bitten. Cant please everyone all the time, 159 other episodes to like
* Jensen is asked if he prepares a character bio for roles.He says: has when he was young, but had a lot of written material for Dean
* Or Jensen and Jared may open up a bar togethe

Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros
* Asked if wax chest for shirtless scenes they did up until season 4 shaved but now dont have to. *Jensen says doesn’t have chest hair
*Saw Jason Gedrick, on streets of Chicago, didn’t recognize Jared, had baby
*Jared said Dick jokes got a bit much so cut some last season. Jared: our audience is smarter than that
*The Js #chicon
*Jared hasnt seen it yet as prolly changing a diaper but is fan of type of episodes like it
*Jensen says he & Jared protective of the characters
*Asked about what career after SPN, Jensen says have to reintroduce selves since been out really 10 years
*Jensen says Dean often brunt of jokes like vibrating bed etc
*Jared says would like to buckle down with family a bit but do movies but realizes he’s not Harrison Ford
*Jensen says likes TV but also benefits of movies #chicon Says might like to direct a little more

 Wax b4 antipossession tattoos? Jensen: yes we get manzilian 
* Jared *The boys

@FYeahSPN: Jensen and @jarpad  Friday
Used to have to Jared, but Jensen says he has none, Jared says prove it, Jensen says he’s proud of his 3,

♥ Maison ♥ SPN ♥‏@ThaiseJensen  Jensen & Jared = J² ♥ 

Caitlin Kelly‏@purplehrdwonder
* Jensen: “I don’t really have chest hair.” Jared: “Prove it!”
* Jensen: “Maybe Jared and I will say screw it and open a bar together” after SPN. Jared: “Winchesters
* Jensen answering a question from @bookdal
* Jensen: “I know Dean. We’re pretty tight.” Jared: “I know him too
* The boys are here.

Jared and Jensen on stage by @StormJPad

Ken Doll ‏@ProudIdjit Jensen: I’ve been trying to make [Dean] likeable for the last 8 years.” LIKEABLE?! HE MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM

イブ Ivy ‏@EveYasmin Jensen acknowledged last week’s episode was controversial with mixed reception

Jared PadaFandom‏ @PadaFandom1 The boys
* Jensen Ackles

@nochickflick: The boys Jensen and his pose, love it
* they are amazing… AWESOME

Mishamou Idjit?‏ @misha_mou Jensen e Jared
* Jensen Ackles

Shinobu ‏@ShinobuYami Jensen being Jensen…

Giovanna Anversa‏ @ILoveJaredPada Jared changed a line in an upcoming episode. Note from Bob Singer when he went to do ADR: “Please?”

@wolfling: Jensen Ackles Breakfast.
* Jared Padalecki breakfast

That freckled face.‏ @IBreatheAckles Jensen beautiful scruff?

Sarah :)‏ @wfsarah Creepy update because people care about it: Jensen smells amazing. I’m thinking clear mountain steam with a hint of rainbows…

Erin‏@xxsh0tgun @inxtheafterglow : “You don’t have a broken rib, too, do you?”Jensen: “Nope, squeeze away!” And we did.


Jace ‏@Jace736 Rich & Rob say will only answer ?’s about episodes they were in together *Danger Bottom (Richard) & Cod Piece (Rob) on stage 

* Rob & Rich were at same restaurant together but not together & bar tender recognized both & wondered why not together  

* Rob will often say maybe they shouldn’t do stuff but then Rich talks him into it

* Richard texted Rob & said the hotel room was under the name Heywood Jablowme

Affairs MagazineAffairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine Dangerbottom and Kodpiece have arrived

*Both are imitating each other 

*Rob fav ice cream flavors – coffee and peanut butter chocolate

*  Fav way to kill dean, bad tacos – Richard

* “mauling bad, humping good” – Richard discussing jared’s dog

Caitlin Kelly ‏@purplehrdwonder Richard and Rob take the stage.

* Rob: “You want me to be Matt Cohen. I’m not Matt Cohen.” Richard: “There’s a little Matt Cohen in all of us.”

*Fans putting dollars in Rob’s belt

* explaination: Raya‏ @aj_hofacre “Mauling bad, jumping good.” – @dicksp8jr re: what he took away from the set — make sure @jarpad is in his trailer when you go in.

* One word to describe each other: Rob: “Manipulative.” Richard: “Susceptible

Head Dick In Charge ‏@frankenstiel Just hanging out with @bodyguard4JandJ

WFB Supernatural‏ @WinFamBusiness If you’re expecting coherent tweets from a Richard and Rob panel, you’re up for a disappointment. It’s a “You have to be here” panel

*Rob and Richard are babbling about stripper names in their Danger Bottom and Cod Piece outfits. Yes, it’s as bizarre as it sounds

* If Chuck is God, that makes him Gabriel’s father. Rob to Richard, “Well, that changes things

* what color eye shadow would they be? Whoa fans are stretching! Richard’s rambling about a shade “shrimp on ice.” What color is that?

@dicksp8jr and @RobBenedict‘s panel is over, and I’m again left wondering, “What the Hell just happened?” Awesome job guys.

Kristin ♡‏ @kristyl_  Omg, I just saw Gen walk by!!! She’s so adorable & tiny

Carry On ‏@CarryOn_SPN     Rich won’t let Rob sleep on planes because Rich is scared of flying and needs Rob to stay awake with him.  


Amanda Newman‏  @alynnnewman   Women are stuffing money down Rob Benedict’s pants.

Beth Johanna ‏@guitarbee  “A bond built in a liquor store can never be broken”- @dicksp8jr

 DJ Qualls‏ @TheOnlyDJQualls On my way back to LA. Had a great time at #ChiCon. Thanks to the fans for the love and to @CreationEnt for bringing us all together.