I normally just put the breakfast and the J2 panel together but there is soooo much! So, this is the J2 panel with Jim Beaver finishing! Great ChiCon and tickets will be sold after Gold holders upgrade theirs! Thanks for hanging out with me!

WFB Supernatural‏@WinFamBusiness Creation is bringing out the sturdy chairs. Something new this year since Jared kept breaking the folding ones

* Now the room is quiet. You could cut the tension with a knife! Hurry up @jarpad!

Affairs Magazine ‏@affairsmagazine  Boys on stage! Standing room only in the back

Natália Winchester‏@spnfansbrazil  Jared & Jensen  pic.twitter.com/EBAODPeg
*  Jared & Jensen pic.twitter.com/VI13OGzj
* Jensen Ackles  pic.twitter.com/H8ktlbgm
* pic.twitter.com/xGrcxgCl  

Caitlin Kelly‏ @purplehrdwonder  Q: How long are you going to grow out your hair? *Jared throws his mic

@arefe2: Seems now that Gen is there with Jared,she made him change his cloths for panel

@DNMMagazine: J2 on stage!  pic.twitter.com/sCyXluQ1
* Jensen asked for lots of dirt and blood for purgatory scenes thinking it was a one time thing. Regrets it now!

Jαяеd Рαdαlескι Fαиѕ‏ @Jared_Online  Jared did the camera work on the Angeles vid.

Sarah :)‏ @wfsarah  “It was like artistry in motion…” Jensen on the camera work in Steve’s video

Jace ‏@Jace736  Jensen: we will answer as many questions as possible as long as directed at me Jared has a different shirt because someone threw up on him. *Jensen: sorry about that. Too many tacos
* Jensen singing on Steve’s album; this after said wouldn’t sing. Jensen said Steve had to convince him
*Evolution of characters: Jared says Jensen has such grasp on Dean since pilot & can be seen throughout
* Dean had unicorn scene: Jensen-I knew it; Jared-Dean knew it
* It was Jared’s first kiss scene & because of height had to do odd poses so not romantic
* Will they ever hunt in warm climate? As much as they’d like to, but part of it is long sleeve needed for padding
* They get driven to & from work since season 1 so they arent tired after 16 hours of work & something would happen
* Then Thomas coo again to which Jensen says really? Just like your father!

Winchester Bros‏@WinchesterBros  Jared getting gift for Thomas pic.twitter.com/8iplTKBu
*Worse to film hell or purgatory, hell hard but likes how Purgatory 1st  http://twitpic.com/b8ack0 

*  Boys in stage  pic.twitter.com/ZXSPnY9o
*  Pie eating contest? Jared would Dean his way through!  http://twitpic.com/b8adkd
 * Jared getting gift for Thomas  pic.twitter.com/3A57Bv1a
* Fave costume Jensen has worn – cowboy funniest gym teacher http://t.co/UIhfaxVx
*  What like kissing Alexis bledell? Gen popped her head out w/ Thomas! * http://twitpic.com/b8agvo
 * Dean on witnessing unicorn scene? “I knew it” pic.twitter.com/9CPrw5gN
* J2 http://twitpic.com/b8adty 
* Jensen about gym shorts like his coach http://twitpic.com/b8affj 
* Watch earlier eps for research Jared http://twitpic.com/b8ajee 
* Jensen speaks to crying Thomas, this is Uncle Jensen, time grow up 2 discipline, b4 u get bigger than me, just like your dad!
* Someone laughing that Jensen is 35  http://twitpic.com/b8alpn 
* Describing meal Danielle made  http://twitpic.com/b8ala3 
* Jensen signing http://t.co/50kjY3yf
* Signing  http://twitpic.com/b8anh8
* Jensen signing #chicon http://twitpic.com/b8anmg

Sarah 🙂 ‏@wfsarah   Thomas threw up on Jared, hence the new shirt ! (I assume it was Thomas, but Jensen claimed responsibility
*  Jared is being really sweet in talking about Jensen
*  “I Dean my way through pie.” Jared, on how he’d beat Jensen in a pie-eating contest
*  Jared says he hasn’t had a haircut in 8 years that wasn’t for SPN. He wants to grow it out–he likes it longer.
*  “This is when everybody falls asleep…” Jensen, on a question being asked for Jared
*  SPOILER ALERT: Jared: “On Wednesday, we both costume out.”
* And I looked good…” Jensen, after being reminded of his liederhose
* Jared: “Once the word Misha comes out, we’re all wondering.” After a question about Misha.
* We’ll, I’m hoping.” Jensen, after fans shout out the next car he buys should be an Impala
* Jensen: “we’re dumb guys sometimes.” On the wrestling match/”fight training” with Mish
* Jensen’s talking about Danneel’s cooking–it’s super sweet.

 @DNMMagazine  : Jared wants Sams tombstone to say: never really died. Jensen: the older taller brother
*  Jensen, Sam accepting his role as Deans partner 
 * Jensen to a fan who has a ghost in her house “haven’t you watched the show you know what do to get rid of it”
* J2 http://twitpic.com/b8ab16
* Jensen chooses to ignore supernatural happenings “that spoon didn’t really move across the floor
*  Jensen to fan ” I spent the last 8 yrs training” if he comes across a ghost
* Jared will tweet pic Thomas yoda for
* Jensen takes part in a haunted house. Likes to scare teenagers
* Jensen has participated in the past 4 yrs at a haunted house as one of tje people that jump out
*  Fan to jared “what was it like to kiss Alexis from Gilmore girls?” in response Genevieve popped her head out from the stage
* Hard to hide weapons in shorts. Jared: can’t hide a gun in fishnets
* Jared’s fav meal is a tomato soup with a steak and salad the Gen makes.
* danneel is a fabulous chef. Jensen’s fav meal she cooks is a pork loin with a sauce
* they were to make a movie with unlimited budget it would be Supernatural in Hawaii and bring everyone back
* Jared holds up Thomas on his way out, fandom explodes. Thomas is not fazed at all
* Jensen sneaks in the side door for autographs  pic.twitter.com/dT6mNfKf

WFB Supernatural ‏@WinFamBusiness  Jared fell out of his chair again. This time it didn’t break
* Jensen prefers purgatory to Hell. Jared thinks that makes a great quote
*  Jared wants to do a hangover episode. They wake up and go, “What happened?” I’ll watch that!
* Jensen wants a flashback episode where they recall the good old days. Jared – “The hangover episode!”
* Dean’s reaction if he saw the unicorn. Jensen demonstrated. “I knew it.” Sam’s reaction? “Dean knew it
* Why not a lighter wardrobe? You can’t hide weapons with shorts and a tank top. Jared said the demon knife looks weird in fishnet.
* Thomas is crying in the background! It’s distracting Jared
* Jensen doesn’t have a car. When he does …”The Impala!” fans shouted. Jensen is hoping, but that would mean the show would be over.
* Jensen told Misha that when that happens, he’s supposed to tap out. Misha – “Yeah, that’s good to know
* Jensen was in the gym this wknd and turned on the TV.”Boom, my face.” A woman was there and he slyly smiled. She was confused
* Thomas interrupted Jensen again. “Seriously! Just like your father
* Jim Beaver walked in and Jensen made it a point that he would bring him back
* Missed this! Jensen when addressing Thomas said he would show discipline until he got bigger than him. “No doubt when you’re 12.”
* How long is Jared going to grow his hair? “Forever.” Fan reply – “Rapunzel?”

 @FangasmSPN : Dean’s low voice was a character decision on Jensen’s part to emulate John

Jαяеd Рαdαlескι Fαиѕ ‏@Jared_Online  Jensen on the evolution of Sam, We won’t talk about the whole demon blood thing
*  Jared, best evolution of Dean character: not as much of a womanizer, cares about saving the world
*  Jensen: “I savor it.” Jared: “I plow through it.” they were talking about pie
* Thomas will be Yoda for Halloween! Jared not sure yet. We could hear Thomas crying backstage
*  “I love her! You shut up!” Jared, after a fan shouted they loved Gen

Carry On‏ @CarryOn_SPN  Jensen likes the way they’re shooting Purgatory
*  We can all hear Thomas backstage

Cris Hazel‏ @CrisHazel  Fan : “We’ve seen Jensen in […] Lederhosen.” Jensen: “And I looked good
*  Jensen gets so much joy out of scaring teenagers in a haunted house for the past four years

Jensen Fan Chile‏ @jensenfanchile  Jared just stopped the panel so we could hear Thomas. “I thought he had an opinion!”

Ken Doll‏ @ProudIdjit  “Him too? That cheapens me!” Jared, when a fan said she loved Jensen AFTER saying she loved him

ŘÉĐ-ẼŷēÐ Ðểmöח‏ @Pinkmoon911  Jensen has a shirt with Sam’s face on it and wears it to scare teenagers at the haunted house he’s a part of every Halloween
* Jared laughs at gym teacher says script called them plum smugglers, Jensen-they just wanted me in short shorts, rest was my idea
*  Danneel sometimes refuses Jensen when he asks for his favorite meal. Jensen: Why? Danneel: You won’t long for it

Winchesthor.‏ @keepcalmspn  Jensen covers for Jared: “You told me that when you kissed Gen you forgot all about kissing anyone else. I got you covered, buddy.”
* Jared: “Misha is known as the victim during wrestling

Caitlin Kelly‏ @purplehrdwonder  Supernatural has taught Jared that things take time
* Jensen: “I don’t have a car.” Jared: “Hippie!”

Henry‏ @castiellle  Jensen: “Thomas, Uncle Jensen is trying to work right now.”

* Jensen was in the gym when SPN came on and he smiled to woman next to him and pointed to himself

That freckled face. ‏@IBreatheAckles  YOU HEAR HIM? “I wouldn’t do fifty shades of any color” ~ Jensen Ackles

 Jensenerd‏ @AcklesFrackles  Fan shouts: I love Danneel! Jensen objects: I love her

* Jensen signing http://twitpic.com/b8anmg

*Things they learned on the show. Jared: things take time. Jensen: hard work and a good attitude go a long way

*Thomas is here and keeps making baby noises. Jared: “that’s melting my heart right now.”

Autumn ‏@AutumnDontFall  Jared Padalecki and a Moose! #chicon http://instagr.am/p/RVue6XpfnJ/ 

Senza Nome ‏@lotusfalling  Jensen.  http://twitpic.com/b89lp4

@AlySPNDefender: Fan: “I love you gen!” jared: “you hear that baby? they love you.”

Emma Jensen ‏@emydean  Jared – “He’ll be 35 in March and I’ll 30.” Jensen to fan, “Did you just laugh?” Now he’s blasting Jared for making him 5 mos older.

myworld‏ @sgmyworld9  Jensen signing  http://twitpic.com/b8anmg  http://fb.me/2lUzF1CMQ

lovely Jensen ♥  http://twitpic.com/b8at6t 

Nαtαℓίε♥ 8×02% done‏ @AccioMishaa
 Jared holds up Thomas on his way out, fandom explodes. Thomas is not fazed at all #ChiCon – wehunt:… http://tmblr.co/ZTiTLwW96-N0
Jared, Gen e Thomas http://twitpic.com/b8b1kq


Jace‏ @Jace736  What kind of animal would you/Bobby be? Jim-rainbow shooting unicorn, Bobby-drunken bear
* Asked funny times in life. His daughter when little saw his ring said Daddy has ring, Mommy has ring, bathtub has ring
*  Jim says had beard & long hair for Bobby at first because he was on Deadwood at time
* Jim tore miniscus in knee right after he got out of wheelchair on SPN but did effect show. Jim tripped down steps b/c knee hurt
* He’d preferred he wouldn’t have happened in real life but he got to transform it in roles
* Asked about his wife’s death & Bobby’s wife’s death Jim says both on Deadwood & SPN he played husband of lost wife

Amy Newlin‏ @amysupfan  jumblejim http://instagr.am/p/RVuTb5i2G1/ 

Affairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine  if jim had to be an animal he would be a unicorn with the rainbow  bobby would be a bear
*  Preference for best ruby jim “I maybe crazy but I aint stupid”  Really answer is katiegen
 * Bobby was only supposed to be in one episode since loretta (missouri) couldn’t do an episode
* if I went to hogwarts, is that like walmart” – jim
* DNM Magazine‏ @DNMMagazine  Very young fan says Bobby is her favorite. Jim says they have that in common
* If he is brought back jim would love more scenes of bobby with Karen singer
* Jim did stunts during his college yrs at an amusement park
* Prefers batman than spiderman

WFB Supernatural‏ @WinFamBusiness  A small girl said that she’s been a fan of Jim’s since Deadwood. Jim to the girl’s Dad – “You let her watch Deadwood?”

Caitlin Kelly ‏@purplehrdwonder  Bobby with Ellen or Jody? Jim: “I have a thing for women with badges
* Jim  pic.twitter.com/vdxb40xK
* Jim: “Speaking of long hair, what is that on Jared’s head
* Bobby wouldn’t have a beard if Jim hadn’t been working on Deadwood as well
* Jim on his kiss with Mark Sheppard: “I try not to think about it… You people won’t let me forget it.”
* Weekend at Bobby’s, it was “fun to be the guy the show is about rather than walking near the guys the show is about

Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPN  Who would Bobby be with, Jody or Ellen? Fans: Crowley. Jim: Ya kiss one guy
*  Even some of the crew didn’t get the script that said Bobby would be a ghost

Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros  What Harry Potter house? House of Rising Sun. Hee. Never read but read to wife. pic.twitter.com/AaSRGtro
* Bye Jim panel over, autos and ops for him now.  great to see him! pic.twitter.com/eYAibGvv