Day two of ChiCon with DJ Qualls, Rob Benedict and Emily Perkins. Lots of pics and tweets, will be updating as vids leak out!          .


Fangasm ‏@FangasmSPNDJ: if fans ask me a ques I don’t know, should I make it up? Jared: God no! Thjey’ll totally nail u on it.  

Jace  Jace ‏@Jace736 DJ talking about dog he rescued who died at age 10 who was supposed to only live 2 years

MelMel ‏@LoveJeter02 @TheOnlyDJQualls

JaceJace‏ @Jace736 DJ Qualls on stage says you can ask him anything or touch him anywhere except down there 
Sarah :)Sarah 🙂 ‏@wfsarah DJ brought Mr. Fizzles!!
Affairs Magazine ‏@affairsmagazineHad 4 Red Bulls before his first SPN convention

Caitlin KellyCaitlin Kelly‏ @purplehrdwonder “Garth is not bumbling. He knows what’s going on…He’s the perfect foil for Sam and Dean

Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros Spoilerish, getting Garth backstory in hunting, ep coming up. Really great, tragic.

KimberlyKimberly‏ @kimpossib_ly People keep calling DJ Garth.
Affairs MagazineAffairs Magazine ‏@affairsmagazine Mr. Fizzle’s voice was the same voice he used to talk to his dog
* He likes playing Garth because because of the mixture of comedy and drama and his fav role is Garth. Hopes SPN goes to season 10
FangasmFangasm‏ @FangasmSPN  You won’t believe how Garth got into hunting, but I can’t tell u. Watch 8.06! DJ’s version of a spoiler 

Sarah 🙂‏ @wfsarah “You know how this show goes…Mr. Fizzles will be killed…” DJ, on whether or not we’d see Mr. Fizzled again.

Kimberly‏ @kimpossib_ly Mr. Fizzles has his own credit line on the show.

Jace‏ @Jace736 DJ says he was doing a stunt wearing a harness & it hurt his “ball” causing him to scream

* He got asked to audition for a small part & at that got Road Trip

* DJ talking about dog he rescued who died at age 10 who was supposed to only live 2 years 

* We get to see Garth in a week from Wednesday

* DJ says the role of Sheldon was between him & Jim Parsons and he says Jim did well and he’s happy for him

*  DJ says President called him because he works on his campaign & president likes New Guy

* DJ on BBT & had trouble remembering lines and cried when went to Arby’s for lunch & was anxious

* DJ says this is first SciFi / genre show he’s done. Was a baddie who killed people on Criminal Minds

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 @TheOnlyDJQualls

 Mieke T‏ @MnMDES  @TheOnlyDJQualls

* DJ talks about losing his beloved dog George recently

 @WinchesterBros DJ on stage

Eryn Marie‏ @erynmarie07  “Garth is a perfect foil to Sam and Dean.” 

  Affairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine  DJ Qualls enrolled in law school while doing community theater before moving to LA to become a full-time actor.

* Had 4 Red Bulls before his first SPN convention

 Affairs MagazineAffairs Magazine‏@affairsmagazine

DJ had a great time on the big bang theory. He auditioned for Sheldon

Amy Newlin ‏@amysupfan DJ Qualls

Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros Musical but not on SPN yet, growing up dad said never amount to anything, couldn’t mow lawn in straight line

K Van Brunt ‏@WatchOutForIce Advice – @TheOnlyDJQualls sez “don’t do drugs – when you grow up to be an actor, you won’t be able to remember your lines

Caitlin Kelly ‏@purplehrdwonder  “Garth is not bumbling. He knows what’s going on…He’s the perfect foil for Sam and Dean

Sarah 🙂‏@wfsarah “I’ll never be as famous as he is, unless I do something terrible…” DJ, answering a question about Don Knotts.

Affairs MagazineAffairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine DJ’s accent comes out when he drinks 

*  in his will he specified not to play “freebird” at his funeral
 * DJ scared of how the audience would react to him but he had a great time and wants to do more conventions
K Van BruntK Van Brunt‏ @WatchOutForIce The coat flip? DJ does it great X times, screwed it up once so it wraps around his head – they keep the screw up. Of course.

Kimberly‏ @kimpossib_ly DJ’s pants keep trying to fall down on him.

Fangasm‏ @FangasmSPN The match trick on SPN salt n burns takes two matchbooks folded back to back so it looks cool. DJ had some trouble his first time.

Kathy Kitt ‏@kathy_kitt @TheOnlyDJQualls Chuck Lorre inadvertently made him cry.

Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros Bullied as child, always wanted to be actor  entertainment job only off time read s’more to life

Sarah :)Sarah 🙂 ‏@wfsarah “I used to dream about running away from the south–now I dream about going home.” DJ on his love of the south. 

Winchester BrosWinchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros From Nashville accent comes back when drinking. Likes being from south, but not to live anymore

 Kathy Kitt‏ @kathy_kitt @TheOnlyDJQualls says when actors sign things illegibly it’s kind of dicky because you’re paying for that

DJ Qualls‏ @TheOnlyDJQualls Thanks to everyone who attended  Nice to wake up to a full house. I had a blast. Hope you did, too.


Patty ‏@brujamala731Chuck and Becky!!

 Affairs MagazineAffairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine Rob and Emily in stage. Emily’s first com appearance

* Rob took the Red Eye to be here

 * Louden swain gots its name from a 80s movie vision quest

JaceJace ‏@Jace736 Emily seems nervous said she didn’t realize there were so many people here

* Emily says last time she saw DJ he was injured because he was almost arrested for defending a girl. Was injured by cops

* Rob says he & Steve Carlson met in Italy & Robs song Mrs Vance related to real life experience Steve has

Amy NewlinAmy Newlin ‏@amysupfan Chuck & Becky

 * Rob asked to sing!
Mieke T‏ @MnMDES Rob and Emily
Affairs MagazineAffairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine Was nervous around the boys. Everyone was super nice and Jared said Emily had pretty smile 
* Her niche is in comedy/drama shows
* Loved to play eccentric characters
JaceJace ‏@Jace736 Rob asked if she was nervous with him too. Emily “not so much”
*  Emily says she is a feminist & takes roles where she can express sexuality in some form. Feels her niche is horror & comedy

Sarah :)Sarah 🙂 ‏@wfsarah Emily said she was worried Jared and Jensen would be arrogant pricks…they weren’t, and Jared told her she had pretty teeth

Caitlin Kelly‏ @purplehrdwonder Rob singing part of “Worlds Collide.”

Henry ‏@castiellleEmily Perkins: “My favorite line was when I told Jared that he’s intimidated by my sexuality.”  

Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros Rob–if die and heaven send back, either act or music no both-chooses music then be acting musician

Mieke T‏ @MnMDES  Emily was the founding member of her high school Star Trek club. She always role played as Data

Amy Newlin‏ @amysupfan Rob Benedict & Emily Perkins

KimberlyKimberly‏ @kimpossib_ly Emily used to write Star Trek fanfiction and then act it out with her friends.
Jace‏ @Jace736 Rob currently writing a TV show he is pitching. Says moving along. Half hour single camera show about 4 friends who are pushing 40s

Winchester BrosWinchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros Emily is fannish, founded Star Trek next gen club dressed up she was Data, had props. Wrote fanfic. So prepared for Becky!
Fave project of Emily? SPN is comic role, Ginger Snaps for serious, as werewolf.
 * If Chuck back, prefer to play Prophet not God, fun, see Cas. Kevin, would have alcohol, cards, band involved and Gabriel 🙂
* Emily, Katherine Isabelle friends, fated to play sisters
* Rob: Jane Lynch is a mom at same school as his kid, sees her walking, always worries he will hit her
 * Rob going to write song and break guitar as bad boy to win her over.
* Hearing all this truth from Emily about other men, very therapeutic for Rob
*  Emily signing
K Van Brunt ‏@WatchOutForIceChuck-the-prophet vs Chuck-the-god? “I like Chuck-the-prophet’s lifestyle.”

Affairs MagazineAffairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine Rob likes the chuck because he was like an alcoholic and called hookers. 
Henry‏ @castiellle Rob took a picture of the crowd. it was adorable he’s so excited. Now he’s reading texts from Richard aloud
Jace‏ @Jace736 Emily says Selena Gomez is genuinely a nice person & Jane Lynch was amazing as they were in Another Cinderella Story

*  Rob “Yeah I turned out to be God”. Emily said she’s more into masculine men. Panel turned out really funny 
 Caitlin Kelly‏ @purplehrdwonder Rob is getting jealous if Becky’s love interests.”You’re so three guys past me.”

Sarah 🙂‏ @wfsarah  “Emily asked about Becky & Garth as a possibility & Rob says “boy you moved on”. Emily “I keep forgetting you’re there
* I’m 1 of his two brides..Matt Cohen being the first..that’s going to be the name of my biography:I can’t compete with Matt Cohen

K Van BruntK Van Brunt‏ @WatchOutForIce Question for Emily: anything between Becky and Garth? E: I hope so! Rob: You really are over me! E: I keep forgetting you’re there! 

AlmasaAlmasa ‏@kngmccall Rob is literally the cutest. “I can change

* “Emily, you’re gorgeous. Rob, you’re really pretty, too


Winchester Bros‏@WinchesterBros

Matt laughing at fan saying Richard cute when young ha!!

Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros  Stripper name Matt: Skippy Griffin, Richard: Cuddles Saxo

JaceJace ‏@Jace736 Richards movie Three Blind Saints coming to DVD, iTunes etc soon

Mieke TMieke T ‏@MnMDES Rob is Richard’s second spouse, Matt being the first

MishaHead™ ‏ @MishaHead @dicksp8jr right in front of .me

KimberlyKimberly ‏@kimpossib_ly Richard’s stripper name is Cuddles Saxton.
Winchester BrosWinchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros 3 Blind Saints release Nov 20 DVD Amazon 
Affairs MagazineAffairs Magazine ‏@affairsmagazine Three Blind Saints starring Richard will be released Nov 10
JaceJace ‏@Jace736  fan asked Rich question & Matt says why is Rich first. Fans: Age Before Beauty

* Richard says Matt is the meat & he’s the potatoes

HenryHenry  ‏@castiellle “you were so cute in your younger days, Richard.” *cue Matt falling down laughing

Stripper name Matt: Skippy Griffin, Richard: Cuddles Saxon

Jace ‏@Jace736  Weirdest fan question: Matt says a mother asked him to take 15 y/o daughters virginity 

‏@kimpossib_ly  Matt says if there’s ever a spoof of Supernatural he wants Justin Beiber to play him.

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros  Richard mind the Dick jokes like James doesn’t? He doesn’t, he makes them! “When name is Richard you learn to embrace the dick

8mSonya ‏@waverlysonya @jumblejim So excited to see you today
Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros  Richard 

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros 

Affairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine  Richard asking people to go vote

 Jace  ‏@Jace736  1 word to describe each other: Rich-brunette; Matt-old

Affairs Magazine ‏@affairsmagazine  Reason for doing cowgirl up was Matt to release his inner diva and dress up like a woman #Chicon

 Winchester Bros‏@WinchesterBros

 4mAffairs Magazine ‏@affairsmagazine  Richard asking people to go vote

Jace‏ @Jace736  Richard says he challenges the others to have a better ending to a panel & yells “we win!”

Winchester Bros‏@WinchesterBros 

Almasa‏ @kngmccall  A man from the military just proposed to a lady on stage during Matt and Richards panel

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros  Will you marry me 

@WinchesterBros: Will you marry me?

Affairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine  When Rob & Richard were trying 2 figure out their gamer names @ comiccon an angry gamer suggested their names should be “go” & “away

ffairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine  Matt & Richard panel was awesome.

ffairs Magazine‏ @affairsmagazine  “Best panel ending ever. A marriage proposal. We win” – Richard

Kelly ‏@purplehrdwonder


Jace‏@Jace736  Now Jim is eating his food & says cold these (French fries) are even worse
* Creation brought a round table on to stage and so Jim put his McDonalds on it & then they brought him a plate
* im says he hopes his eyes look better on our end as he didn’t sleep last night
* hey said Jensen was once a girl & these were the pre-op photo; Jim says looks like Justin Biebers sister
* Misha says Richard gave him a document to handle; it’s young pics of Jensen
* Misha asked Jim if that means he & Mark Shepherd dated. Jim: he calls it dating, was one night
* Random Acts awarded 25k Euros & being presented with check
* A fan dressed as Crowley; Jim-a lot more masculine than other one

Sarah 🙂 ‏@wfsarah  Jim is eating French fries right now. Panel of the stars!

Raya ‏@aj_hofacre  Poor @jumblejim has had such a long day. He’s got his food on stage with him right now.

Almasa ‏@kngmccall  “Are you coming back?” “That’d be nice.”
* Hello, idgits.” 

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros  Jim gets a table for his lunch. 
* Jim 
* Misha is here!
* Homemade beer Bobby’s Little Helper
* Checking crowd
* Showing pics of Jensena Ackles heeee! 

Heather ‏@heatherklus  Moon Pies are pretty good… if you like the taste of a bus seat. – Jim Beaver

Affairs Magazine ‏@affairsmagazine  Jim only slept three hours last night and got not sleep on the plane thanks to the screaming babies on the plane
*  Jim “hotter than inside of a goat in here”
* Fan gave jim a beer with a beaver wearing a trucker cap on
* Fan just said to jim “you remind of my dead boyfriend” and got to hug jim. He is just happy it wasn’t u like my father remark
* jim “everything about me is cheap”

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02  Jim Beaver is here and he brought McD’s.

Caitlin Kelly ‏@purplehrdwonder Jim Beaver
*  Jim drank from the microphone and spoke into his cup. (On purpose.)
* Jim has a publishing deal for a play and is trying to get another one done in New York
* Here’s Misha

Kimberly ‏@kimpossib_ly  Jim wants to know if he looks like Brad Pitt.

WFB Supernatural‏  @WinFamBusiness    How will the boys get on without their father figure? Jim – “I don’t care, I’m dead.” He wants the angel to bring him back
* Misha is here!
*  Misha just joined the panel! He has young pictures of Jensen! Jim -“He looks like Justin Bieber’s sister
* Someone asked Jim what his favorite pie is. Apple. “You came all the way to Chicago for this?”
*  Jim earlier wondered why someone didn’t say he reminded them of their young boyfriend, so a fan just said it! She got a hug. 
* Jim got a bottle of homemade Bobby beer from a fan, and he just offered it to Misha. He opened it!

Jena Kay :] ‏@_missjenakay Jim Beaver

Mieke T ‏@MnMDES  Fan thanks Jim and says she cried for him. Jim says he has a long history of making women cry, they usually don’t thank him for it

 Raya‏ @aj_hofacre  Fan asked if @jumblejim’s beard was as soft as Kim said. Jim invited her up to see for herself, then gave her a hug
*  @mishacollins onstage with @jumblejim now!
* @jumblejim hugging a fem!Crowley cosplayer.


Sarah 🙂 ‏@wfsarah  MISHA HAS SOME OF JENSEN’S OLD MODELING PICS. “These are his pre-op photos!”

Mel ‏@LoveJeter02 @mishacollins is on stage with Jim.
*  @mishacollins smiling
*  Random Acts cheque. @mishacollins
*  Random Acts cheque.  @mishacollins
* @mishacollins talking about his tie from Haiti a fan gave him

@poetryt0fish: A fan gave Jim beer that he couldn’t open, but Misha did and is drinking it instead


“@WinchesterBros: Misha and Jim #chicon ” Misha is the fittest of the fit.
* Check presentation for #randomacts chicon 
* Misha has friend here at math convention telling him about lots of #spn fans here
* Misha and Jim

Caitlin Kelly ‏@purplehrdwonder  Misha accepts a check for Random Acts.
*  Misha and Jim

Amy Newlin‏ @amysupfan Misha & Jim
Jace‏ @Jace736  Now Jim says Dexter was a joke, he’s not really on it but will be on Justified
* Misha has worked almost daily from mid September to mid October but then off rest of year 
* Misha says that it was a celebrity challenge & somehow he got lumped into celebrity category

Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros  Misha asks Jim if he’s working-in trouble for tweeting had audition, got part on Dexter! but not supposed to tell 😉
*  What 1 alcohol have stranded? Bobby’s Beaver Juice (beer)
* Check presentation for #randomacts

@wfsarah: “They’re models, and they’re…chasing bad things.”DJ on reading a script before he took the job on SPN

BerlyGirl ‏@TheCherryRed  Fan just asked Jim if he would date her mom. Misha asked to see the pic so he could make that decision
* Jim just tossed the photos of early Jensen into the crowd before he left the stage. 

WFB Supernatural‏ @WinFamBusiness  It’s Jim’s time to leave, so Misha gave him Jensen’s picture. Jim threw it into the crowd!

Winchester Bros ‏@WinchesterBros  Love you Misha!
* Misha at back with college roommate here #chicon says we seem nice enough, Misha says but then they strike 🙂

BerlyGirl‏ @TheCherryRed  Words of wisdom for coping with GISHWHES: Don’t do it. 15,000 people registered! Get a notary.
* Misha talking to his old college roommate who was in the back if the house.

Caitlin Kelly‏  @purplehrdwonder  Misha talking about his tie.
*  Misha answering his phone on stage. “I knew that was dangerous.”

Patty‏ @brujamala731  “It turns out, in Canada, if you want to take a baby back to the US, you have to cross the border.”

@poetryt0fish: Scotland was chosen for gishwhes because Misha wanted to go to Scotland

Jace ‏@Jace736 Jim was told his times up so Misha helped him put his coat & hat on. Jim through the young Jensen pic into audience
* Misha unbuttons shirt to crowd cheer but has black shirt on under.
*  For those doing the scavenger hunt Misha says get a notary
*  The purple tie #chicon 
* David (Room mate) says they had a stack of old hotel mattresses in their living room & they would jump from window sill & wrestle on them
* Misha phone rang & he put on speaker phone
*  In Canada, if baby born & you are US; have to prove that baby is yours. Need to get birth certificate & takes 6 weeks
* What 3 costars would Misha want to be on a dessert island with: I’d start swimming
* Misha’s friend / college room mate is here

Carrie Reisser ‏@babserella2778  Thinking of how much good €55k will do for Bonite and the others in Jaqmel — yaaaay

Cris Hazel‏@CrisHazel  Misha got a Meg/Cas question, if Cas developed feelings for Meg. His reply, “Cas only has eyes for Dean.”

* Misha asked if Matt took his clothes off. When everyone said no, his reply was, “Why do we invite him then?

* Misha wouldn’t want to be stranded on a deserted island with his co-stars. Bad things would happen.

WFB Supernatural ‏@WinFamBusiness  Now Jim is drinking the beer. “It tastes like Sebastian Roche is here.”
*  Misha – “If it didn’t hurt coming out it didn’t taste good.” Fill in the blanks!
*  Misha’s mocking a photo of @mattcohen4real &@dicksp8jr in vegetable costumes. “Yes mom and dad, the Hollywood career is taking off.”
* Misha was refuting a story a fan mentioned from @dicksp8jr.”Are you going to listen to a man dressed as a carrot?”

Affairs Magazine ‏@affairsmagazine  Nice to know that Matt Cohen found his self respect by dressing up as carrot for karaoke – misha
* Clue for gishwhes: get a notary
* Misha “cannot imagine what it is like to be with screaming babies” – making fun of jim’s story of the plane ride
* Fan – “sam and dean are interesting” misha – that is a matter of opinion
* Misha takes offense to Matt saying he twists questions around
* Fav gag reel moment was dancing in the field.
*  misha advice for fan wanting to go to scotland “win gishwhes”

Mieke T ‏@MnMDES  Misha, Jared & Jensen got into a wrestling match at TorCon that resulted in fractured ribs and major rug burn

Amy Newlin ‏@amysupfan  Misha

Celeb Charity‏ @CelebCharityC  Our lucky fan @barefootmorning met up w/ mishacollins for a chat 

Fangasm‏ @FangasmSPN  Misha, Jensen and Jared ended up wrestling in Jensen’s hotel room in Toronto. Hence Jensen’s chin rug burn.
* Misha and his old college roomie who’s here r reminiscing about jumping from the windowsill onto a stack of old hotel mattresses
*  Misha’s fave scene w JA? The deleted shower scene
* Misha: thank u for incorporating me into ur bizarre community. Fandom: ur welcome 🙂

 @poetryt0fish: When does Misha think Cas will forgive himself? “I don’t know. Maybe never. He’s pretty hard on himself
Winchester Bros‏ @WinchesterBros  Hotel room wrestling w/ Js in Toronto broken ribs for him Jensen, rug burn for Jensen
*  Misha looking at Matt and Richard Halloween pic costumes
 * Misha signing banner
* Art dept built a Stonehenge Apocalypse for him!

Amanda Zimmermann‏ @syric @mishacollins was talking to his old roommate right behind our seats.

Almasa‏ @kngmccall

Theresa McManus‏@ 9Tiptoes  Misha and pal. ‘they look hungry’ his friend says. ‘yep,’ we say.  @mishacollins
Random Acts Director ‏@RADirector  Our #theBiLLe winner with Misha  Great organization helping RA do great things.
Natália Winchester‏ @spnfansbrazil  @mishacollins
* Richard ♥ (@dicksp8jr)
* Misha Collins
* Emily e @RobBenedict
* @dicksp8jr and @mattcohen4real
* Rachel Miner
* @mattcohen4real

Robin‏ @skyisfalling Jim and Misha!

Simone KalelSimone Kalel‏ @redteekal @TheJimMichaels Hope someone let you know that at some point in a panel during #ChiCon your underwear was discussed as a ransom prospect.

Ashley Wianecki ‏@ashleyeileen418 Thank you @jumblejim He was so nice!!!