TorCon has been wonderful! The guest panels have been revealing, funny and personal but I’m going to say that Sundays are my fav! Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are true stars: lovely, humble, and fan appreciative. So enjoy J2 day and make plans to attend a convention!

Clif Kosterman ‏@bodyguard4JandJ Once again flying all alone 

Jared Padalecki

Jensen Ackles

Mel @LoveJeter02 Jensen… This pic says it all. 

* The Jared gaze!

* Jared




*   Jared Smile

Dawn Ages@dawnages J2! 

* Jared is talking about reading his mentions and all the comments about his hair  

*  Jensen has pics of Thomas because Jared keeps sending them to him.

* Someone told them about the basting J2 comment yesterday

*Fan told Jensen kudos on Angeles!

* Fan asked about Danneel, cheers from the crowd. 😀 Jensen seemed appreciative

* Jensen just said you shut your mouth. Oh my!!

* Jared got casing mark burns on his face from the gun he shot in Slash Fiction

* Jensen ruined his voice doing the Yellow Fever scream which is why he’s hoarse sounding during his crazy ppl rant

 MelMel@LoveJeter02 The boys!! 

* More of the boys.

* Jensen 

* Sam and Dean say the same thing at the same time…Jensen and Jared lean the same way at the same time. #torcon

Fangasm@FangasmSPN Purgatory is a paintball field. 
* Deleted ‘brother’ scene at the end of the premiere ep!
* Cool fight scene coming up bw Sam and Dean.
*  Fan wants to know if they’ve had supernatural things happen. Jensen: They know better than to mess with us!
*  Jensen: So many babies all over! Jared: Is it contagious? Fans: Rub it all over Jensen! Jensen: *runs away
*  Boys listening intently to a fan’s question – and then thanking us for making all this possible.
 *  Jared takes off his hat. A million flashes go off.
Melanie@MellyBelly626 .@jarpad gold breakfast. Last table in the back but thank God for amazing zoom!
Sue Cotton@Spngrl  breakfast with the Winchesters 😀
Jared PadaFandom@PadaFandom1@KaibeginsKiss Jared just walked through his photo op line ‘who are you all waiting for?
 @EmmyH88: Jared said he is sick. 
Alexene Laufeyson @Exorcizamus_Te
 Lynz @fantutx Here’s Jensen’s and his oh so snuggly pants
SupernaturalForLife!@aleenashaukat A cartoon episode is coming up where the boys use old Warner Bros. cartoons for “bad” purposes
Wolfling@wolfling a few pics of Jared and Jensen  breakfast
@deidre2002: Jensen at breakfast

 * Did Sam screw with Baby again?  Jensen
* Wolfling’s Den’s account of Jensen’s private q&a
nerd_angel_k #TorCon J2: I wave my arms J2 call on me & I said “I’m sorry about the Texas Rangers!” Jared said: “Clif, kill her!”
 @FangasmSPN Did anyone mention Jensen singing Angeles in the M&G?
* Shooting the scene with Sam’s dead body was the hardest one Jensen has done. So intimate and emotional that Jared cried.
* Jensen knew SPN was special the moment he read the script – because of the relationship bw the bros. If that worked, Show would. 

* Jensen says Dean doesn’t understand why Sam didn’t look for him either – but all will become clearer as the season goes on
The most special moment in Jensen’s life was marrying @DanneelHarris according to him at his meet and greet. @deidre2002
@catatonichic: Richard on fanfic pairings: “Of course! You think I don’t know who my guy’s banging? Sabriel, right?”
 * Jensen’s imitation of Jared on set — and Jared’s appreciation of it
* J2 opening video montage – the Bromance song.
*  tells how he stopped all the trains in Europe to get Gen’s left-behind bag.
 * J2. No, they’re not serenading each other.
* .@jarpad‘s carry on bag is so large it just looks like a purse on him, according to Jensen
* They are telling the train story so here’s a pic in the meantime.
* Jared on Bobby’s death: it was a great ep but very difficult. Jensen is pretending to choke up.
* Awwww Jared just said welcome to the family to a new fan
 * Jensen: “Dean’s not an alcoholic… I’m in denial.” Ran out of time last season to address it, not sure if they will this season
* Jared just said “it’s nice to share things in their lives with their friends, family & all of you” over the years
* Fan asking Jensen about Priestly role, Jared says “I’ll take this one
* Jensen: you know, we’re not Sam & Dean. Jared: whoa, woah, woah, we’re not??
*  Jared: “we both have GREAT hair. No, I’m just kidding
* But Jensen says seriously, he would play Allistair. Most memorable moments filming those scenes
* Jensen: we’re men, you don’t have to do much to get our attention. Just show up
@nerd_angel_k  J2 q from Moose: alternate universe S & D to go to? Jared says they have an ep coming up set at a Renaissance Fair
* Jared: I’m really tall in Europe. Jensen: is there anywhere u r not?

 *  what’s it like working with each other in early years? They both are non Hollywood BS type, texans no probs btw them
* most elaborate prank? Mishas car & coins, Jen stink bombed Jar’s trailer early on that’s why they decided best to be allies
*  Jensen skydived twice
* Jensen would do the CN Tower edge walk. Jared is talking about stomping on the glass floor at the CN Tower
*  cracking up during filming: 2 days ago: Jen hears Paul yelling at Jar: Jared, leave! Walk away! Get outta here! Making Misha laugh
* change between boys & J2: Jared pulls his chair, faces Jen (like a therapist)
* Jen: he’s like a brother to me. Audience: Awwww! Jen: all right, cut it out, there, I said it
* Priestly question for Jen: he enjoyed how priestly really diff. Loved clothes & hair
 * personal fears conquered on show? Not really. jar was terrified in cross angel douchebag ep Jar not like swords above him & snake
* J2 just did impression of each other lol Jen does the hair moves Jar does the model mouth. Jen: I have striking features
* q about similarities bw characters and selves. jar starts talking about phone app. Jen: she asked about Sam! Not u! What r u doing?!
@LoveJeter02 Jensen licking his lips.
* Jared: I’ll take this (question from fan). Puts feet up on Jensen’s lap. Jensen walks out goes to audience mike
* Jensen asks q for Jared what’s it like working with Jared??
 Kai NKai N @KaibeginsKiss Jensen left the stage because Jared keeps answering questions, jensen walks over to question mic
* In first season immediately found out they had a lot in common ‘not into hollywood BS’
* ‘good people find good people’ Jensen on meeting Jared
* Jareds favourite season was four Jensens was 1
* Kim Manners  stole their motor bikes and suspended from sound stage ceiling
* Jared was afraid of standing on glass floor of CN tower, finally managed to lay down
* Director trying to block Jared so Jensen came on and immediately yelled ‘hey misha!’ did a funny dance
* Jensen ‘deans not an alcoholic, I’m in Denial!’ ‘problem with purgatory no alcohol stores’
* Nice watching each other and crew ‘growing up’ over the years from Jared
 * Jensen did not like the clowns
* ‘jared like sam likes to charge his phone’ ‘jensen like dean drinks when they go into this mode’
* he couldn’t play Sam Jared would play Ruby Jensen agrees ‘because she gets to hook up with sam
@summersfall789: Jensen: …Just in Europe? (asking Jared where hes considered a giant)
* Jensen’s face listening to Jared answer is a natural Blue Steel
 * Jared: Im not afraid of heights
* Jensen: She asked about Sam! You’re talking about charging your phone
Anna Campbell@clockworkrobots most difficult scene to film without cracking? Jensen: 2 days ago! Jared was asked to leave set during Misha’s coverage
*   Jensen re-enacts his first time bungee jumping
* Jensen re-enacts gestures he did to Misha to make him crack that also got him kicked off
 * vague references to 8.08 as involving “the exploration of side stories
 * “fan gave Jared some cute baby clothes with moose on them :
 * spn char. to play other than their own? Jared: “Ruby! She gets to hook up with Sam” Jensen jokes Ruby too, but then says Alistair
@LakenNovak: Jensen about him and Jared: “I think good people gravitate towards good people.”
Agro @xSwanSong“Dean’s not an alcoholic! … [Whispers] I’m in denial.” – Jensen Ackles
@idlelibrarian: Jensen: I’m as fragile as a flower
Morreu.@Mae_de_hunter craziest thing female fan has done to get attn? Jen: lifts shirt. Fan: Does it work? Jen: just show up. We’re men
Tosca@catatonichic JENSEN! Because reasons. Obviously
 * SO. This is Jared’s impression of Jensen.
Sue Cotton@Spngrl J2 panel 🙂
* J2 something was funny 🙂

* Jared and Jensen set the comfortable tone on set – many guest actors say it’s the ‘funnest’ set they’ve ever worked 

 * Fan: [directed at Jensen] WHERE’S YOUR BABY? Jensen: I’m like Dean, the impala is my baby
divine_debris@divine_debris @bodyguard4JandJ just offered to give me a fake choke hold and pull me from the room – just to add drama
deidre2002 panel 2 – pranks Toronto 10/7/12: 
ValerieJW @ValerieJW  cruising with Misha in lake Ontario. @jarpad and @dicksp8jr you should be here! And that other guy
 Wolfling@wolfling and part two of my video of the J2 torcon panel
Wolfling@wolfling Part 3 of my j2 torcon panel videos