Have yet to see vids from last night but tweepers are hoarse from all the singing! First announcement up is this TorCon won’t be the last! Creation will be back next year with the Supernatural crew! Sebastian Roche, Mark Sheppard, Matt Cohen and Richard Speight panels are up for today so enjoy the tidbits!

lily Winchester @lilydarko Hands on wheel #impala67  http://instagr.am/p/QayYGwIMqy/

Bree@bree__black @__andy87 @_GwendolynD_ @country_bee At TorCon, which is coming back next year. Everyone in?!


Sebastian Roché and Mark Sheppard on their way  http://twitter.com/sebroche/status/254313221333319680/photo/1

Wolfling@wolfling  Sebastian http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwUlosH6 

* a little bit of video of Sebastian’s panel  http://bit.ly/UtbE6B

* Sebastian Roche  http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwUniSNF

Jillian M.@primitivepublic  @sebroche is Irish and French from the waist down. 🙂

Mel@LoveJeter02 Seb is hilarious! He’s making fun of Canadians and Americans. Alexene LaufeysonAlexene Laufeyson @Exorcizamus_Te Apparently Sebastian is in love!!! Aww! Dawn AgesDawn Ages @dawnages Seb on stage!  http://twitter.com/dawnages/status/254590666397585408/photo/1

Melanie @MellyBelly626  @sebroche “I won’t say f**k or c**t too much”

 Deidre LynnDeidre Lynn @deidre2002 Seb Roche  http://twitter.com/deidre2002/status/254591038692397057/photo/1

Mel@LoveJeter02 FYI Seb is off the market and in love.

 Deidre LynnDeidre Lynn @deidre2002 Seb Roche  http://twitter.com/deidre2002/status/254591224806244352/photo/1

Jillian M.@primitivepublic “What was I talking about? Kissing Misha? On the cheeks… As the actor said to the bishop.” – @sebroche 

MelanieMelanie @MellyBelly626 .@sebroche says “Sometimes I’m a f**king idiot” 
 FangasmFangasm  @FangasmSPN Sebastian: Jensen: don’t push so hard Jared! Sonofabitch I meant the impala!! Yes Seb is writing slashy fanfic onstage.
Jillian M.@primitivepublic  @sebroche Had long hair in the 90s.
Alexene Laufeyson@Exorcizamus_TeSebastian will NOT be running for any sort of political thing.

 * Wow, he has a genuine talent for turning everything sexual.
 Dawn AgesDawn Ages @dawnages I can’t tweet or take pics of Seb’s panel. He’s just all over the place. Everyone is dying of laughter.
 Mel@LoveJeter02 @sebroche  He is all over the place! http://twitter.com/LoveJeter02/status/254594590806536193/photo/1
* .@sebroche is now talking to his balls, paying special attention to the left, which is his fave and has a deep voice
Alexene Laufeyson@Exorcizamus_Te “Balthy wants to be backk!!” – @sebroche
Dawn Ages @dawnagesSeb imitated Obama and said he can’t imitate Stephen Harper because he’s like a blank piece of paper.

 Jillian M.Jillian M. @primitivepublic “It’s not possible to mimic Stephen Harper. Except perhaps if I wore a piece of paper
 *  Audience starting laughing because @sebroche‘s big screens said “FOCUS.”
 Dawn AgesDawn Ages @dawnages Items on Seb’s bucket list are base jumping & doing more charity work.
 Jillian M.Jillian M.@primitivepublic  @sebroche would love to do charity projects especially for victims of domestic abuse.
Alexene Laufeyson @Exorcizamus_TeSebastian REALLY wants to be on supernaural again

 Jillian M.Jillian M. @primitivepublic  @sebroche didn’t recognize @Juliemcniven on the karaoke stage last night & tried to shoo her off.
Alexene Laufeyson@Exorcizamus_Te Andddd now he’s talking about Cas’ underwear.

Jillian M.Jillian M. @primitivepublic  Fan asked what was going through Balthazar’s mind when Cas killed him. “A knife!”
*  offering to go down on a fan for reservations to his favorite restaurant
Deidre Lynn@deidre2002 “Do you think Castiel wears briefs… Fruit of the Loom boxers… But they’re not white anymore… Cuz that trenchcoat…..”
* you’re here on earth for a very little bit of time. You might as well enjoy it. Live life to its fullest. Every second counts. -Seb
Jillian M. @primitivepublic  @sebrocheis totally doing the whole DANCE! Awesome.

 * @sebroche leading the crowd in a rendition of Frankenfurter’s entrance.
@Exorcizamus_Te Omfg omfg omfg he’s doing frankenfurter I am crying
Dawn Ages@dawnages Seb’s panel is over! He rubbed the mic on his ass & said “that’s for the next person
Jillian M.@primitivepublic “How do you get 100 Canadians out f swimming pool? You say, ‘Please get out of the swimming pool.'” 
 Dawn Ages@dawnages Mark told everyone who didn’t watch Supernatural on Wednesday to get out
* Mark’s going thru his phone looking for a certain picture of him & Jim. He’s showing it to the crowd
Jillian M.@primitivepublic To shoot the scene with Mark & the goats they filled his pockets with goat food. They bit his hand.

 Alexene LaufeysonAlexene Laufeyson @Exorcizamus_Te Mark comparing Loki with a goat because a girl asking a question has a Loki helmet.
 Jillian M.Jillian M. @primitivepublic  Mark Sheppard still has the kiss with @jumblejim on his cell phone
*  The characters that Mark has the most fun with are the ones the fans have the most fun with.
 * Joss Whedon makes massive sets that really make you feel like you’re entering that world
Fangasm @FangasmSPNMark on traumatic scene w goats w his pockets filled w food: Goats will eat ANYTHING! 

 Dawn AgesDawn Ages @dawnages A fan just told Mark the only reason she’s here is for him. He went over to hug her. Awww
Alexene Laufeyson@Exorcizamus_Te Mark wants to appear on Sherlock
* Mark is making fun of a fan for claiming that Canadians don’t say ‘eh’ and ‘aboot’.
 Alexene LaufeysonAlexene Laufeyson @Exorcizamus_Te Mark can play drums, guitar and used to sing
Jillian M. @primitivepublicMark believes he has the greatest job in the world because of the fans. 

* “Crowley is what happens when you don’t you attention.” -Mark

 * Mark gives a good lecture on fandom.
 * Fan: “I love Crowley-” Mark: “Of course you do.”
 Deidre LynnDeidre Lynn@deidre2002 I love doing these things… It’s a love thing. -Mark
 * To focus on the things I haven’t done takes away from the joy of every new day
 * Mark showing us kissing photos on his phone  http://pic.twitter.com/azZt82TF
Wolfling@wolfling Some of my pics of Mark Sheppard  I have a few videos of him as well, to be ul’ed later. http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwUlr2tz
Chad Lindberg@ChadLindberg At the Airport with @juliemcniven ….still keeping it Rock Star. That’s how we roll. Recognize. #Torcon http://instagr.am/p/QcmtxRQRBN/
Fangasm@FangasmSPN We can expect Crowley to get even darker this season. Mark: “Expect alot of Crowley yelling. I like it when he yells.”
Melanie@MellyBelly626 Went out for lunch @Jack_Astors and look who’s car is in the parking lot! 🙂 #TorCon http://twitter.com/MellyBelly626/status/254628842075987968/photo/1
Jillian M.@primitivepublic  @mattcohen4real walking around in the back aisles. So much more handsome in real life, if possible. pic.twitter.com/bxSeKc6d
* Matt Cohen  http://twitter.com/deidre2002/status/254660988236869632/photo/1

Jillian M. @primitivepublic  @dicksp8jr & @mattcohen4real in the crowd. http://pic.twitter.com/VV7DPcan

 *  @sebroche measures things in ‘girls.’ – @dicksp8jr
* @sebroche would get distracted by girls all the time when they were in Rome
*  @dicksp8jr & @mattcohen4real pointing out the guy got really drunk and did a “great” rendition of Pain It Black at karaoke.
*  The erection is the Diving Rod which he uses to detect crime.” – @mattcohen4real #torcon #hardcrime
MelMel @LoveJeter02 Richard is doing a fabulous impression of Sebastian talking about girls or “galls” with the accent. 
Melanie@MellyBelly626 OMG hearing the story about @jarpad stopping the train in Amsterdam
 * .@mattcohen4real wearing a fan’s handmade clown mask! I’m dying with laughter!!!  http://pic.twitter.com/3ootW2tx
Jillian M.@primitivepublic  @jarpad‘s response to finding out that he stopped all the trains North Europe: “I’m sorry.” – @dicksp8jr

*  There was a train wreck – it was 6’4″ and had long flowing hair.” – @dicksp8jr
*  @mattcohen4real jumped out of a plane and pooped his pants a bit (joke?).
* Jeffery Dean Morgan’s wife thinks that @mattcohen4real is her type.
* Can’t spell Jeffery Dean Morgan without ‘organ!'” @dicksp8jr 
*  Woman who wanted to go to the bathroom has been relegated to the Chair of Doom
*  @mattcohen4real is putting on the creepy clowns mask. “What did you eat for breakfast? I can smell it.”
* “Only time i spoke to Jim Varney he told me, ‘If you’re ever in a knife fight slash don’t stab!'”
Magie Tagie @Magietagie The very funny @dicksp8jr told us a great story about @jarpad  http://pic.twitter.com/3YhLbkJ9
Deidre Lynn @deidre2002 Richard Speight off my camera screen  http://twitter.com/deidre2002/status/254667178417197056/photo/1

* Richard is totally singing the O Death song… While Matt is wearing a clown mask
*  Matt Cohen wearing the creepy clown head someone has been dressed as all weekend.  http://pic.twitter.com/UEsv3MCA
* Matt doing the jerk in the clown head.  http://twitter.com/LoveJeter02/status/254672549315743746/photo/1
 Magie Tagie@Magietagie The too cute @mattcohen4real taking a seat behind us at his Q&A http://pic.twitter.com/wNuPZVap

 AgroAgro @xSwanSong “I hope your Sebastian photo op went well. I hope you got a STD check too @mattcohen4real
 * Matt Cohen being extremely creepy. http://instagr.am/p/QdBLBeJzyy/
Dawn Ages@dawnages Misha is here walking thru the crowd!
 Melanie@MellyBelly626  @mishacollins lookalike Damian!  http://pic.twitter.com/Z3QB9xWo

 Jillian M.Jillian M. @primitivepublic @dicksp8jr & @mattcohen4real dragged @mishacollins to meet the CASTIEL COSPLAYER OMG.
 @summersfall789: Misha: “OMG! I’m shaking.” (on meeting the ‘real’ Castiel)
Matt com uma máscara de palhaço  http://twitpic.com/b1o9yn
Fangasm@FangasmSPN @mattcohen4real has ensured that I’ll have nightmares tonite. Where’s Sam Winchester when I need him? #TorCon http://pic.twitter.com/yYRmFytn
 * @mattcohen4real and @dicksp8jr entertain fans in their matching tee shirts and ties  http://pic.twitter.com/1lypkbzk
  http://youtu.be/SrMJwec3XoM?a Misha Steals a Fans Jacket
 @nerd_angel_k:  West fell, cut head. Misha thinks he is fine. Vicki thinks she should take him to doctor. Misha forced to take him
* West needs lots of stitches. Their shirts were pretty bloody. 6 stitches.
Dawn Ages@dawnages If there was a zombie apocalypse, he would want Crowley on his team. Also, young Mary to keep him company. Crowley can patrol
Deidre Lynn @deidre2002 Mr. Collins  http://twitter.com/deidre2002/status/254677880775274496/photo/1

* Things are not going so great for Cas in S8 either
* My second Misha video from Toronto Con… ahhh to be kale….http://youtu.be/F_oo9bGTScw
 * @mishacollins looks so proud when he talks abt West. And the look on his face when he thinks abt what West has done..priceless.
@nerd_angel_k Misha pretended he is a SPN fan named Damian. They found fan dressed as Cas. Damian is a big fan
* Misha: I like your wings. Fan: I like yours. Misha: I don’t have any. Lol
 *   Darkest memory for Cas? M: Cas dealing with a lot of guilt. Like seeing extended fam & killing them all
*  west grabs kale & just eats it in supermarket. Lady points West out to her son & says u should eat like that!
*  Misha likes doing things that seem impossible like Guinness world record
 *  who was Misha posing with in Bacon Babes calendar? M: a retired stripper (Abigail) who went to Stanford
 *  ghostfacers & Cas q: any more snippets coming? M doesnt think so. Was filmed in Phil Sgriccias house.
*  are u writing poetry recently? Ya but not as often. Fave poet? Mary Oliver
 * Misha says we should bring gravy tomorrow & baste J2! Canadian Thanksgiving!!
@idlelibrarian: “So basically what you are asking is whose wife would I like to sleep with. Shame on you
Fangasm@FangasmSPN Misha: Cas feels really bad about what he did in Heaven. Ie killed everybody.
* Misha: sometimes I like to think, what’s a weird thing I can do? Fans: we have some suggestions
* Jensen on finding out Misha is back in the trench coat: really?? You couldve been in something else. U couldve been cool!
Dawn AgesDawn Ages@dawnages Misha said he’ll pay for everyone to go on his cruise, then changed his mind after everyone cheered
 *  Mishas fav ep. to film was The French Mistake & the one he just finished shooting.
* Misha made a fan call her family that is waiting in the hotel for her, to come downstairs to the con. He wants to meet them
* There have been times when the cast has ‘accidentally’ drank real alcohol when shooting drinking scenes. – Misha
* The family that drove the fan 13 hours, that Misha wanted to meet!  http://twitter.com/dawnages/status/254684120834256896/photo/1
 * Misha enjoys playing many different Cas roles. “Poor guy, he’s gotten the crap beaten out of him psychologically
* Misha says that when he thinks he knows where the show is going, they change it up.
Agro@xSwanSong “Well, I can manipulate these people… And I did.” @mishacollins
 @keepcalmspn: West helps to make breakfast by breaking eggs. Not so much into a bowl, though
* Misha says Random Acts was based on the fandom. He thought “How can I manipulate these people?”
 *   On the death of Bobby, Misha says “You can’t do that. Assholes
@MellyBelly626: .@mishacollins says West has named his little sister ‘Sockeye’ and adds a maniacal laugh each time
 * Misha’s panel is literally making me cry tears of laughter! OMG he is now summoning a girl’s dad and grandma
 * Someone in the audience just gave their Misha photo op ticket to a girl and her family who couldn’t get a photo op ticket!
 * Misha said was filming a scene with J2 last night where they pose as FBI, flash their badges, and Cas walks right by them
* Misha says “spoiler alert, Castiel gets out of the scrubs and back into the same thing he’s always worn”
@summersfall789: Misha: “It’s a little thin. Mine’s got a little more girth.” (on his ‘angel sword’)
 Wolfling@wolfling a few pics of Misha from his panel  http://tmblr.co/ZXzBqwUnn20L
Deidre Lynn @deidre2002 Richard Speight telling the funny Jared train story http://youtu.be/jD7bFUW4R9s

 WolflingWolfling @wolfling annnd finally the last part, Misha’s panel  part 6 http://bit.ly/T8Mjba
* Misha’s panel part 1  http://bit.ly/Oe9vI5
* Misha’s panel part 3  http://bit.ly/SKLm8s

 * Misha’s panel part 2  http://bit.ly/R6EbIB
* Misha’s panel part 1 http://bit.ly/Oe9vI5