Fun in Toronto this weekend and it started this afternoon! Chad Lindberg and Anna McNiven began the convention with the Karaoke Kings(Richard Speight Jr and Matt Cohen) later tonight, most likely to be joined by Mark Sheppard and Sebastian Roche! Surprise guest Kari Matchett from ‘Covert Affairs’ and ‘Leverage’ also popped in for some singing! I’ll be updating as any/all is shared!

Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Toronto, i hope the stage is slip proof b/c when @mattcohen4real starts jerking it tonight, things could get ugly. & by ugly I mean awesome.

Chad Lindberg @ChadLindbergMade it to Toronto in one piece. Looking forward to a fun weekend


Wolfling‏  @wolfling  Chad Lindberg (and this is how close I can get when I do use my zoom. My life is good. :D)

 * WolflingWolfling @wolfling Chad Lindberg demonstrating  how he wants Ash to come back — riding to the rescue of the boys …

Natália Winchester @spnfansbrazil Chad Lindberg

@sebroche Guess who’s coming to Toronto? With @mark_sheppard 🙂

 MelanieMelanie@MellyBelly626 Laughing as @juliemcniven describes whether or not to tongue Jensen during the car scene
 MelMel@LoveJeter02 Someone walked in the room dressed as a creepy clown and it kinda fresked Julie out. LOL  

MelMel @LoveJeter02 @Juliemcniven on stage. Fans just sang happy bday to her cause its coming up.

 Jim MichaelsJim Michaels @TheJimMichaels Have a great time at #TORCON  family!
 MelMel@LoveJeter02 @Juliemcniven Girl, you gotta wear it!! You can’t disappoint us fellow Karaoke peeps!!!
 ToscaTosca @catatonichic So, this happened. What a clown, right?
 Stefania CintiStefania Cinti@art_is_hard Thank you for coming, @ChadLindberg! Great panel!  See you at Karaoke 🙂
Chad Lindberg picture by @deidre2002
 Jillian M.Jillian M.@primitivepublic  @ChadLindberg pranked a crowd by staging a fight during a convention in Florida.
 * According to @ChadLindberg, Jensen would prank the cameramen all the time.
spnspn@spnrose2 Chad’s personal heaven involves Michael Jackson, his dog and dinosaurs
 Chad LindbergChad Lindberg @ChadLindberg You bout ready for me #Torcon ?? 😉 Let’s do this…
 Julie McNivenJulie McNiven@Juliemcniven okay  ! Let’s do this! I even have a special disco outfit for tonight…as long as i’m brave enough to wear it:)
 Chad LindbergChad Lindberg @ChadLindberg At the gate ready to fly out! Fans!! Who’s gonna be there?!
 Deidre LynnDeidre Lynn@deidre2002 Since more people are around, here again is the site I will post pics, vids, and summaries
@art_is_hard ‘s pic of Chad Lindberg
Emily Emily  @EmmyH88 Chad lindberg‘s version of heaven would be being surrounded by friends, family, his dog, and go to a Micheal Jackson concert.
 * Chad Lindberg is talking about being on GhostAdventures.
Wolfling @wolfling More of my Julie McNiven pics

 Wolfling * Julie McNiven
Jillian M. @primitivepublic  Julie McNiven is on stage!

didn’t know if @sebroche knew who she was when she first met him.

Dawn Ages@dawnages Julie McNiven on stage!

Sue Cotton@Spngrl @Juliemcniven rocked her panel!

Sunny Wr@sunny_wr Another reason to love @Juliemcniven ? Her spirit animal is a pig

@primitivepublic “If he sticks his tongue in my mouth then all right!” – @Juliemcniven  * didn’t know if she should use tongue during her Jensen kiss.

Stefania Cinti@art_is_hard The gorgeous @Juliemcniven You were delightful 🙂

Tosca@catatonichic  queued up for autographs with Julie/Chad. Made them finish the sentence “Libraries are…” Julie: Spooky. Chad: Boring O.O

Nisha@Nueva_SPN Julie McNiven panel Tweet summary


 matt cohenmatt cohen@mattcohen4real Get a DICK & MATT KARAOKE shirt tonight and we will sign them for free at autographs!! Oh yeah, and get ready to party!!!

 Chad Lindberg@ChadLindberg Getting ready for the Karaoke Party with @dicksp8jr @mattcohen4real & @Juliemcniven !!! #Goodtimes
* Julie McNiven

 * Chad in the crowd right next to me. Living on a prayer!
* Richard brought someone here but i don’t know who she is. Blonde on stage?
Kari Matchett from #Covert Affairs!’-me
* @Ash4580 singing some Journey!
Jillian M.@primitivepublic  @dicksp8jrurging US citizens to vote :)))))

 *  @mattcohen4real & @dicksp8jr pulled up a fan in the United States Army to thank her and have her sing a song.
 * Military Salute

 * Seb & Matt rocking out to Love Shack
Agro ‏  @xSwanSong So… @ChadLindberg likes to do creepy faces.
Sue Cotton @Spngrl @ChadLindberg showing how “Dr Badass” does it!
 Karaoke – – I Got A Feeling: 

Karaoke – Carry On Wayward Son – 
Julie McNiven @Juliemcniven So much fun #TorCon ! Off to catch some zzzzzz….see you in Vegas baby!
Chad Lindberg@ChadLindberg This left over pizza is really doing me right before I go to bed. Karaoke was fun tonight. Thank you everyone for an AMAZING time!!
Sebastian Roché @sebrocheThanks for a great Karaoke night Toronto!!!!
Sue Cotton @Spngrl @ChadLindberg was so much fun at karaoke! Came into the crowd, I got to dance with him & got this pic!
 * vids: I Got A Feeling: