With S8 Supernatural season on the VERGE of starting, the press junkets began! On the set in Vancouver, reporters were given interviews, ‘Baby’ sits and all round good times from the news they’ve shared! The buzz has started and there will be more! I’ll add to this post as the writers post fun!

Jim Michaels @TheJimMichaels The Bloggers are here… The Bloggers are here! Yay! Thanks for the support  http://twitter.com/TheJimMichaels/status/251538018622640128/photo/1

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 Kurt FullerKurt Fuller@TheKurtFuller “@KeliGuilmette: In Heaven I have six wings and four faces, one if which is a lion. @TheKurtFuller #SPN”Best.Line.Ever.
http://Examiner.com: Jensen Discusses Working With XXXXXXX SPOILERS http://j.mp/TJcJql
 ClarissaClarissa@clarissa373 fans, we DID ask Jensen about Cas. He clearly didn’t want to give away too much, so we didn’t learn about Cas in Purgatory

 Jensen Ackles interview: http://www.tvovermind.com/supernatural/supernatural-season-8-jensen-ackles-teasers-purgatory-benny-dean-sam/

  @JimHalterman: Anyone remember the flower shirt??  http://pic.twitter.com/NN7W6goP

Jensen you tube vid! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLnOuOtsGdA&feature=youtu.be

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Olga I Chico@OicOzzie  Lots of the SPN Writers recycle ideas from the 70’s era..cause thats when they were young..like EK using Star Wars concepts

KSiteTV KryptonSite‏ @KSiteTV  Jared Padalecki (@jarpad) Talks Sam’s New Love Interest http://shar.es/53ldI

‏@TheMattFowler  Jared Padalecki explains why he feels intimidated by my handsomeness. #Supernatural pic.twitter.com/H48EChQo

Jim Halterman@JimHalterman And here he is…Jensen!!  pic.twitter.com/WiR7lbzw

* One more of Jensen…  pic.twitter.com/vfuNQRn0
ClarissaClarissa @clarissa373 Jensen Ackles chatting with us  pic.twitter.com/ENt5k2nU
Jim Halterman@JimHalterman Found some scary s**t in Rufus’s cabin.  pic.twitter.com/vKLc86wU

* A thing of beauty! #Impala  pic.twitter.com/b1j5bpAt
Carita Rizzo@CaritaRizzo Jensen Ackles  is more explanation needed? http://yfrog.com/od8wbskj
KSiteTV KryptonSite@KSiteTV Okay, Jensen Ackles fans… here’s a treat for you all: http://yfrog.com/h2xokuuj
Clarissa@clarissa373 Castiel’s trench coat in Wardrobe pic.twitter.com/MoevLBxW
* Here’s @TheJimMichaels with some Supernatural ducks. Thanks for the tour, Jim!! pic.twitter.com/a7Jt47gM
 Jim HaltermanJim Halterman@JimHalterman A wall of postcards sent by show fans!  pic.twitter.com/N50vJDtj
Rebecca Dessertine@DessertTime I should thank  Ben Edlund for the background he drew for me! Thanks Ben. (he won’t see this.)

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