If being in Dallas with a few of my best Supernatural friends wasn’t exciting enough, the Supernatural duo Jensen and Jared just made the day! Funny, sharing and just very cute, our J2 breakfast started the day well! This will be updated continually so keep checking back in! Enjoy!


My question recorded, @trackerem!! @heather03nmg Jensen does not have a Harley http://twitvid.com/D5ITI    Jensen says “I’d like for you to meet my Mother…” Jared does pig latin “ixnay on the harleynay”. Soooo…. Jensen says he doesn’t have a Harley, the boys didn’t want to fess up to owning a motorcycle with Jensen’s mom in the room! too cute!

loveSPN/TWD/TVD@kendaTWD  Jensen and Jared from breakfast this morning!  http://tmblr.co/ZySw4wTxCGuc

heather@heather03nmg Jared and Jensen about the bond of Sam and Dean http://twitvid.com/D5KNC

J2  http://t.co/2gxeT8Sf

 @Sarah__ben: Gen is in LA with Thomas. Jared said they had some business there she was taking care of. 

RheeRhee@ree_tweets Jared said Thomas is scooting, but yet to crawl 🙂

@raining_silence: Jensen talking about Jared being nervous in an audition: “Jared calm down, we’ve done this a million times.” 

 * “Great to see you, you two really are brothers.” Jensen’s friend about Jared and Jensen

*  What was more traumatic, Bobby’s death or John’s death? Sam: Bobby. Dean: John.

@skyisfalling: The boys!! 🙂 http://instagr.am/p/P7FU3_MInN/

@holdmesam: Jared and Jensen  http://twitter.com/holdmesam/status/249894264283209729/photo/1

loveSPN/TWD/TVD‏  @kendaTWD saltgunner-: The boys!! 🙂 http://tmblr.co/ZySw4wTwwUhG

@Love4JDandJG: Jensen jokes that Jared and Gen have math competitions at home

@wendy_d: Compliment Jensen would give to Jared: His family is wonderful family…what happened to Jared?

 @Cass1701: J2 have agreed to do S9 & S10 if it is called on. “But it all depends on you guys” We can do it!!!


@DudeUfuglySPN: J2 http://twitter.com/DudeUfuglySPN/status/249891636887293953/photo/1

nicole @darlingnickytaJensen says this past Monday they filmed a flashback purgatory scene, one of the worst days of filming for him 

Lysa @raining_silence “Great to see you, you two r eally are brothers.” Jensen’s friend about Jared and Jensen

heather@heather03nmg Jensen, “Purgatory sucks. Thanks for asking.” 

* Jared and Jensen arriving at breakfast http://yfrog.us/jqlw5nnwdzlpeujkjobxfunpz ErinErin @WineStainedLife http://instagr.am/p/P7CskmiNMJ/

 WendyWendy@wendy_d Jared is away from his family. Jensen is away from Jared’s family too. Haha. Tom is starting to crawl.
Meredith@SPN_Hunter_67 Jared says their family has been spending a lot of time in Texas. 

Lysa Lysa  @raining_silence Clif just escorted Jensen and Jared’s parents in the back!  *Jensen and Jared’s parents are here!
Fangasm@FangasmSPN   http://pic.twitter.com/J68sm9PV

VanessaVanessa@Kyline Too long to tweet, but Jensen’s description of the Purgatory scene he filmed this week was amazing.
Rhee@ree_tweets Jensen talking about their past rejection in auditions. Jensen: “Your loss!”
@acklesswag@jarpad imitating a casting agent  http://pic.twitter.com/oyEnxVTD
Wendy@wendy_d Jensen’s family watching photos. I said his nephews looked unimpressed. He laughed &said it’s hard to impress kids that age.
Fangasm@FangasmSPN Strike a pose! J2 at breakfast.  http://pic.twitter.com/5dWb0cRc
nicole@darlingnickyta Told Jensen to tell @DanneelHarris that I thought she was amazing. He said he’d pass it along
Tina @DudeUfuglySPN A video from the J2 breakfast. Don’t mind me in the background lol.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olHtxKtWfmk&feature=youtube_gdata_player
@wendy_d: Compliment Jared would give Jensen: He’s like a brother.We’re on the same team. When he wins, I win too

Jensen talks about filming a flashback scene in purgatory http://mostly10.com/post/32133119088/jensen-talks-about-filming-a-flasback-scene-in PURGATORY SUCKS!

Jan DeWitt@MayberryMiMi  JARED MEET AND GREET!! Some waitress photo’d Jared’s c card to prove she saw him! DON’T DO THAT – ASK FOR A PIC! Jared sweet!!
Adina @adinarjRichard calling “Old what’s his face”

 Kathy KittKathy Kitt@kathy_kitt  @mattcohen4real Richard said 2 Tweet you that a lady asked a question abt u but doesn’t know your name. She called u John.
 Cindy TamezCindy Tamez@Shadowrayven Omg haha this woman said she loved @mattcohen4real performance on SPN but she didnt know his name! 
 Mattie TannerMattie Tanner@missnesbit Fan can’t remember @mattcohen4real and calls him John and @dicksp8jr is making her sit in the chair on stage.

Sara@waterofthemoon Richard’s favorite way to kill Dean: the bad tacos. but he says “everyone’s a winner here in kill Dean land

Mattie Tanner@missnesbit “It was fun having Dean beat up by women in underwear. Not a bad day at the office.”-@dicksp8jr


  Mattie Tanner@missnesbit Jensen had to rerecord the season opener of “Dad wants us to take over the family business” line cause he sounded so young 

 heatherheather@heather03nmg Jensen’s least favorite was After school special because of gym shorts. Loved doing The End.

 Simone KalelSimone Kalel@redteekal  Mrs Ackles to Jensen at photops: you smile pretty now son. Jensen: Ohhh MOM!
 *  best Jared m&g ever! His mom was in back spilling the beans on jpad as a baby
Jared PadaFandom@PadaFandom1@wendy_d: J2 duo, boys laughing hysterically. Me: What is happening here? Jared: Oh, I just told Jensen a joke about my snake.
heather @heather03nmg Jared changes diapers http://twitvid.com/D5OWS @keepcalmspnJensen: We compete against other people, but not each other. We’re better together.

 SaraSara @waterofthemoon “for Jensen to win, I win. if I win, he wins.” – Jared talking about the “easiness” of their relationship
 AdinaAdina@adinarj The only reason  Jensen knows disney is because his sis is 7 yrs younger. “Sorry for throwing you under the bus, mackenzie!”
 JenniferJennifer@Indianadelae Jared: I wanna be the Beast. Jensen: I guess that makes me the Beauty. 
SaraSara @waterofthemoon “I don’t think we hold anything back from each other. We know each other so well.” – Jared about Jensen

Sara@waterofthemoon J2 made Misha laugh so hard during a scene in S4 that Misha had them kicked off set. so they peeked in the windows at him. 

MeredithMeredith@SPN_Hunter_67 Jensen has family loyalty & work ethic in common with Dean. 

WendyWendy @wendy_d How does Jensen stay out of the tabloids? Jensen: I don’t take my shirt off in Brazil. Jared: I needed to frolic!!

 Mattie TannerMattie Tanner@missnesbit A fan asks Jensen about 10 Inch Hero and the end. Jen says its about not judging a book by its cover.
@darlingnickyta Jensen on living in the Supernatural world: I’d walk with salt dripping out of my back pocket

 @adinarj ” Is for Jared bc Jensen doesn’t have a baby.” JA: “That you know of! I’m kidding. My mom’s over there going WHAT?!”

 WendyWendy @wendy_d Thomas talks himself to sleep. Thought Dad was just on the iPad at first.
 Cass@Cass1701 If Jared were a Disney Princess he would be Jasmin…& Aladdin.Don’t know how this would work but OK. Jared will be Jared 
@RelyaLestrange“Jared has a bracelet with Thomas’ full name and birth date on it. He says Gen made it for him.”

 nellnell@mostly10  panel pics and tweet summary here http://bit.ly/QwW1UV
2mRelya LestrangeRelya Lestrange@RelyaLestrange “Jared told a story that was both adorable and sad about Thomas recognizing an iPad with Jared’s voice on it as his dad.”

Rachel Badkitten @akuneko42 Jensen dropped the mic and ran off stage twice, so funny. llasCon

Nisha@Nueva_SPN Jensen Ackles signing the banner at the end of the panel  http://tmblr.co/ZU3SaxTy6sEJ

* Jared Padalecki signing the banner at the end of the panel  http://tmblr.co/ZU3SaxTy6TFJ

 @heather03nmg Does Thomas have a favorite lullaby? Jensen says to Jared, “Sing it daddy

heather @heather03nmg The end of the J2 breakfast http://twitvid.com/D6CSS

 CassCass @Cass1701 The only reason Jensen knows who Gaston is is b/c his sister is 7 yrs younger than him. (Or so he claims!!!)

Rachel Badkitten @akuneko42The second time was When he asked the fan what she would do or a Klondike bar, and she answered, “You.” Jensen left the stage!

 CassCass @Cass1701 Jensen said that Jared reminds him of Gaston.

 Rachel BadkittenRachel Badkitten@akuneko42 The first time he ran offstage was because Jared said he had never had a Klondike bar before.

heather @heather03nmgJensen’s least favorite was After school special because of gym shorts. Loved doing The End.

 Simone KalelSimone Kalel @redteekal  Mrs Ackles to Jensen at photops: you smile pretty now son. Jensen: Ohhh MOM!
 *  best Jared m&g ever! His mom was in back spilling the beans on jpad as a baby

 @keepcalmspn Jared says he talks to himself about his hair. Jensen: “What’s weird is when the hair talks back.”

Meg Masters @MaxineIceMinion Jensen basically said he’s the beauty to Jared’s beast and called him “Daddy”. Umm… I think Jensen ships J2

 Jessica Yourdon @tehjessicarae Jensen laughing at Jared. http://via.me/-5doe60q

 RheeRhee@ree_tweets  @baseball4mandi J2: suggestions for a TV show to watch? Jensen: Vampire Diaries? Who said that? The door’s over there?!
SHAHID’S ANGEL@Jayshree_1991 is now in the 2nd spot in the Bangalore trends. In Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Mumbai trends it is in the 5th position!

@SPN_Hunter_67 I thought I saw you for a brief second. I was going to hug you for all the live tweets! 🙂 
HaleHHaleH@V_HaleH_V  WOW!!! #DallasCon is 2nd in Bangalore trends! Makes me wonder how many like me is out there!  @AXN_India http://pic.twitter.com/dzhPlJL4
 Jensen Q&A report. Great as usual! A Family Affair – Jensen Ackles  http://wp.me/pHXAJ-cZ @FangasmSPN
Simone Kalel@redteekal  And one of my fav JA pics from breakfast today.  http://twitter.com/redteekal/status/250091359359352834/photo/1
heather@heather03nmg vids! Jared and Jensen on pranking http://twitvid.com/D6WP2

 *  Jared and Jensen on working together http://twitvid.com/D6J8F
* Jared was asked if he would cut his hair. Jensen points to himself and asks, “You going to get a man’s haircut?”  
* Jensen on why purgatory sucks http://twitvid.com/D5L77
 * Jared and Jensen on tabloids http://twitvid.com/D6LDQ
@keepcalmspn Jensen: We compete against other people, but not each other. We’re better together. 
SaraSara@waterofthemoon “for Jensen to win, I win. if I win, he wins.” – Jared talking about the “easiness” of their relationship
@missnesbit Jared says he watched Hookman on Tv and said Jen looked half his age. Jen: “I was half my age!
 Rachel Ann@SPNmakesmesmile “You got Rapunzel and Rumpelstiltskin mixed up?” If you never hear from me again, it’s because this killed me with laughter.
Jessie D@MrsJessieReedus‘I don’t wear cowboy boots or a cowboy hat all the time – I have them though’- Jensen Ackles 

 Krisztina SzalkaKrisztina Szalka@Kriaaaa Jensen Ackles about Dark Angel  Meet & Greet  http://tmblr.co/ZFmPqxT_J3Wl
Robin@skyisfalling The panel!! http://instagr.am/p/P7e8wFMIgz/
Liza Davis@castiellives http://instagr.am/p/P7hOX3oIjZ/
Ⓨes ,I speⒶk SPNish  @SPNonesSPNones Jensen http://twitpic.com/axtmcn
Molly@impsy Jensen Ackles and @jarpad on what Disney characters they are  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NE7ml2YjLYY
Rachel Ann@SPNmakesmesmile “Go get tangled somewhere else! I’m just kidding, I love you.” That was adorable.
Jared Padalecki @jarpad I’ll miss you Texas 😦 pic.twitter.com/gtc5nu3F
S. E. Hinton@se4realhinton I’m glad to tell you @sebrochecalled me his hot little Okie a long time before Mark told him who I was.

 * S. E. Hinton Not many in Mark Pelligrino’s meet & greet, and we had a long discussion about acting& different plays. Fancinating!
* Mark Sheppard shut down the bar last last, talking to all the fans. Bless his heart. These guys appreciate their fans.
* The “not being recognized” ship sailed before I got in the hotel door. But like I said, people saying nice things to me does not bother me.
* J’s asked “What are you doing here?” Me “getting the true fan experience” “How is it?” “I think I don’t like you this much.”
* My first con. We are a civilized, friendly people. I had a great time. Going again? Not so much.
* Misha wasn’t there. New baby imminent. Can’t that man get his priorities straight?

 * @sebroche called me his hot little Okie. How does a woman recover from that?
 * Had great conversations with King of Hell, Lucifer, angel Balthazar–how many people can say that?
* The J’s were very surprised to see me. I was very surprised to be there. We equaled out.

 * Just got home from the Dallas con. We are the best fandom in the universe!
Selena Gomez @ilySelenita Sassy Jensen  http://tmblr.co/ZHQG5xT_T7EB
SPNGermany@SPNGermany  Breakfast pt 2: http://youtu.be/02HnpYlaZSI
 *  Breakfast pt 3: http://youtu.be/nQijxYVULDw