I believe almost everyone survived karaoke last night! The guests panels begin with Sebastian Roche, aka Balthazar! There won’t be too much posted because what Sebastian says and does isn’t printable! Mark Sheppard won many hearts over being his normal classy self. Richard Speight Jr., Matt Cohen, and Mark Pellegrino are the afternoon guests.  I’ll update as soon as pics/vids/tweets are posted so enjoy DallasCon!
Chad Lindberg@ChadLindberg Goodbye #Dallascon !! Thanks for an AMAZING time! 
@GabrielTigerman: Adios, DallasCon! We had a blast! http://po.st/YRBqP1
Cass‏  @Cass1701 Here are the men that are cosplaying as Sam, Dean & Bobby. They’ve stolen my fangirl heart. *blush* http://twitpic.com/axdmyn
Meredith @SPN_Hunter_67Seb would want Balthazar to meet Lucifer. 

* “Jeremy Carver, I love you. I’ll go down on my knees. NOT FOR WHAT YOU’RE THINKING.” Seb on getting back on  
@kathy_kitt  Sebastion demonstrating a yoga move. http://twitter.com/kathy_kitt/status/249537950596075520/photo/1

Kathy Kitt@kathy_kitt  Sebastion hit a lady in the face with his mic last night. He kissed her as an apology.
 AdinaAdina @adinarj Sebastian’s panels always go to a new level of inappropriate.
Cass@Cass1701 Yes, Sebastian Roche does cuss a lot. Just in case u didn’t know this important part of his panel presentations
 @SPN_Hunter_67: Seb’s pick up line is “Hello, darling.”
@adinarj Ben Edlund created Crowley
 @acklesswag @Mark_Shepard makes the best faces. I kind of love him a lot! One of the best panels so far. http://twitter.com/acklesswag/status/249577590770241536/photo/1
Kathy Kitt @kathy_kittA girl just asked Mark if he could make a deal to kiss anyone who would it be? He said her and then walked down and kissed her.

Jan DeWittJan DeWitt@MayberryMiMi @Mark_Sheppard just kissed a fan and said, now you’ve signed a contract for the next 10 years!”
 heatherheather @heather03nmg If Mark was chosen to be the next doctor than he’d pick anybody but Jared to be his companion. Jared doesn’t fit in the Tardis.
* The fan response to Crowley is why he’s still around. He was never meant to last this long. http://twitter.com/heather03nmg/status/249548970924318721/photo/1
Meredith@SPN_Hunter_67 Mark checks his scripts first for the insults he gets to give to Sam. 
 SaraSara @waterofthemoon Kim Manners used to try to get Mark to be on SPN back in the day.
 WendyWendy@wendy_dLove that all these guys refer to J&J as “the boys”. HEARTS. 
 heatherheather @heather03nmg Mark just flew in from Vancouver where he may or may not have been filming SPN. He did say we’d learn more about Crowley in 8
@heather03nmgMark thinks Matt Bomer from White Collar should be his boyfriend on the show.

* “@heather03nmg: Jared likes to pick Mark up and shake him. Mark told Jared’s mom
@SPN_Hunter_67: “I have several photographs of me & Bobby kissing.” -Mark S
Vanessa @Kyline . @Mark_Sheppard makes me feel completely validated as a fan. He’s a remarkable (and very intelligent) human being.
nicole@darlingnickyta Fan: If you had an opportunity to sell your soul, what would it be? @Mark_Sheppard: I did and I’m here
heather @heather03nmgIf Crowley could go on another show and mess things up than he’d pick Big Bang Theory or Glee. 

AlbertAlbert@Xandersboy Mark Sheppard  says his favorite parts of a convention is the panels. 
heatherheather @heather03nmg Mark, “Season 8 of Supernatural is the Crowley show.” 
 CassCass@Cass1701 Mark S: “That’s what they need in #SPN, tall women”
 MeredithMeredith@SPN_Hunter_67 “You’re gonna have  fun with s8. It’s so nasty. What’s that under my fingernails- blood? Sam?” -Mark S
 SaraSara@waterofthemoon I’m legit tearing up because Mark was encouraging a 12-year-old girl to keep reading and imagining and etc. MY HEART, GUYS.
 WendyWendy @wendy_d Mark S: The boys are pretty to look at, but they’re also very very smart. That’s why this works.
Cass @Cass1701Mark S is making demon deals  And by that I mean he’s kissing fans. ;D

 ErinErin @WineStainedLife “If you make the rules there’s no such thing as breaking the rules.” Words to llike by from Mark.
 CassCass @Cass1701 Mark S: “I answer to a higher authority….ME.”
 Kathy KittKathy Kitt @kathy_kitt  When asked who is his favorite character that he’s played is hard to say but he’s had the most fun playing Crowley
nicole@darlingnickyta .@Mark_Sheppard: I care about your fandom. The least you can do is care about me. 
 RobinRobin@skyisfalling Do an impression of Cas! ‘NO. Who wants to be a baby in a trenchcoat?’ 
WendyWendy@wendy_d Mark S: Do an impression of Castiel? No.

 AdinaAdina @adinarj Which of the 7 Deadly Sins? He’s so good, he invented the 8th sin.
 MeredithMeredith@SPN_Hunter_67 Mark S says that fans are dangerous.
 Kathy KittKathy Kitt@kathy_kitt  A girl ju st asked Mark if he could make a deal to kiss anyone who would it be? He said her and then walked down and kissed her.
Sarah@CastielSuperFan “This is Crowley’s world and you’re all just inhabitants.” – Mark Sheppard
@heather03nmg: Mark, “You’re going to have so much fun with season 8. It’s nasty.” ”

@forthenews On which 7 deadly sins he embodies, “I’m the 8th deadly sin.” @Mark_Sheppard
 *   On impersonations: “I can do Jim… In more ways than one.” @Mark_Sheppard
*   Q:”Does Crowley bake?” A: “Of course he bakes: People.”
@FandomFlail “Anyone here not seen Supernatural” *one girl raises hand* “KILL HER
  @Profanebond Jared had to have Warner brothers security at comic-con. Mark walked behind
  Someone dressed as Kevin  @kelios http://yfrog.com/oc8yruej Kevin tran advanced placement
Adina@adinarj Karaoke kings! http://twitpic.com/ax2m4t
 Meredith@SPN_Hunter_67 “We have a lot of whores & drugs backstage.” -Richard
heather @heather03nmg Richard, “Jensen’s the luckiest guy in showbiz. He gets to ride along with the good looking Padalecki” #dallascon

 MeredithMeredith@SPN_Hunter_67 Fan asks Matt for a kiss on a cheek. Richard: What the hell did she just say? #D 

* “As you know, Richard & I are married in fandom. Now notice how our clothes match!” -Matt

 WendyWendy @wendy_d Who is a better Loki, Richard or Hiddleson? Richard: Me.
 @DanneelHarris tweets about @GabrielTigerman and his karaoke song 500 miles http://tmblr.co/ZU3SaxTtewUF#DallasCon

@nearlyalex Richard said he is all up for Sabriel lmao 
heatherheather @heather03nmg Richard, “Jensen’s the luckiest guy in showbiz. He gets to ride along with the good looking Padalecki”
Kathy Kitt@kathy_kitt Least favorite karaoke song Richard and Matt say My Heart Will Go On.

 SaraSara@waterofthemoon strangest thing Richard has done in his career: fellating a banana
@heather03nmg: Richards favorite scene was the transition from trickster to Gabriel in the warehouse
 * Matt and Richard recording an alarm for a fan http://yfrog.us/n8gk4wvvyochdypwsefvytcbz
Cass@Cass1701 Here it looks like we’re all taking pics of Ghost!Richard Speight Jr.  http://twitpic.com/axdl1p

 Ana & VictoriaAna & Victoria@TwinBots_90 The @dicksp8jr and @mattcohen4real panel was AWESOME!!! These guys should really get there own show!!
Cass @Cass1701 We can agree that Matt Cohen DOES pick Richard’s clothes so they can match. Both were in Red.  http://twitpic.com/axdkcq
Wendy@wendy_d Mark P: I know, you were hoping for an angel. But, you got the devil instead
Sara@waterofthemoon omg Mark just did the hamster dance. while accompanying himself with humming.
Cass@Cass1701 Mark P said Lucifer would take Sam’s clothes while he’s taking a shower for us fans
Fangasm‏  @FangasmSPN  Mark: I feel like we’ve all become a family. There’s no other experience like this on tv. Fans
  @FandomFlail “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven” <- fan “yes it hurt. Do you know where it hurts? *points at heart*”
 *  Who do you think played a better Lucifer? “I think Jared was copying me”
  @adinarjJust got back from North Carolina, filming Revolution.

 @heather03nmg Mark would like to torment Crowley if he can’t mess with Sam http://lockerz.com/s/246805328
@SPN_Hunter_67 Mark P did not audition for Lucifer. They specifically asked for him
Vanessa@Kyline Just went thru the line for Matt Cohen’s autograph. He was ordering dinner & accidentally autographed the menu
Kurt Fuller@TheKurtFuller @kymmer7691: @TheKurtFuller you should be at the spn dallascon!”) I’d love to be there!
 James Patrick Stuart@japastu @KathyWilkins: @japastu At the #Dallascon wishing you were here too!!! XOXOX”Be there next year, Darlin’
Meredith  @SPN_Hunter_67 Richard: “Sebastian, there is no symbol that isn’t phallic to you.” 

Kathy KittKathy Kitt @kathy_kitt  Lucifer aka Mark Pellegrino seems to be enjoying the fire. Hmmm??? http://twitter.com/kathy_kitt/status/249720221273837568/photo/1
Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Wait, hold on. A WHAT party?! “@SPNGrl78: @dicksp8jr – Jealous @sey681 is at cock party w/ u!!!!” @sebroche @mattcohen4real