The ‘Boys’ back in town are Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, both native Texans attending the first ever Dallas Supernatural convention! My first personal thoughts happen to be from Oklahoman Jennifer who embodied the weekend as she started driving to the convention: texted from OkieChigger: “Already had to pull off for a second-‘Carry on My Wayward Son’ hit the radio and I had tears in my eyes! THIS IS REAL! Can’t wait to see my buddies!”

Enjoy the convention from your couch if not attending, or catch it all later here if you are! Yee haw Dallas!

Jan DeWitt  @MayberryMiMi HOWDY YA’LL!

Jan DeWitt DallasCon made the list! 20 Awesome Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend. “…nerdly mash-up party!”

Chad Lindberg@ChadLindberg @GabrielTigerman You bet I am  Are YOU in Texas…?

 Gabriel TigermanGabriel Tigerman @GabrielTigerman @ChadLindberg I’m in Texas, are you in Texas?
matt cohen@mattcohen4real Hey SPN DALLAS CON hide your wives, hide your kids, 50% of the karaoke kings is on the way!! @dicksp8jr @GabrielTigerman
Jim Beaver@jumblejim Hope all the fans at the Dallas Con are having a great time. Wish I were there, back home in Texas, with you!
Gabriel Tigerman@GabrielTigerman @ChadLindberg and Gabe’s Texas adventure!
  Chad Lindberg@ChadLindberg  Im a Gabe Stalker… RT @GabrielTigerman: He’s right behind me, isn’t he? @ChadLindberg

Moosekateers@MoosekateerFans Wow! We have raised $109 so far with the wristbands! Thank you guys!! 

 MeredithMeredith@SPN_Hunter_67 Chad has 3 things coming up- an ep of Castle, a Tyler Perry movie, & a zombie movie on SyFy channel. 
HeatherHeather@heatherklus Jensen taught Chad Lindberg to shotgun a beer. 
 @heatherklus: Fan: one word description of Misha? CL: You can’t put Misha into one word.
 AdinaAdina @adinarj Weirdest moment on #SPN set: Jared lighting up the room. 
MeredithMeredith@SPN_Hunter_67  Chad’s favorite monster on #Supernatural is Paris Hilton. 
* Someone asked Chad to describe the #Supernatural cast members in 1 word. Jensen was smoldering, Jared was tall, Misha left-field.
 @heatherklus: Fan: where’s the party in the back? CL: it’s always there, babe.
Chad Lindberg Panel – Tweet Report + First Pics
 @heatherklus: Fully stalked Impala’s trunk.
matt cohen@mattcohen4real Yes DALLAS lets do this!!
Cass@Cass1701 Jensen banner just went for $600!!!! THIS SHOULD NOT SURPRISE ME.
Mattie Tanner@missnesbit @ChadLindbergthanks for being so wonderful! You made skipping out on work totally worth it! 

 @baseball4mandi: @ChadLindberg Thanks for making my first con awesome!
Lysa @raining_silence Most hated monster: “That black smoke that turned into a little demon girl who ripped my insides out.”  @GabrielTigerman


MeredithMeredith@SPN_Hunter_67 Gabe says he plays Words With Friends with @kimrhodes4real & he says he dominates.

 WendyWendy@wendy_d Matt Cohen on stage in shorts and a tank top. 
AdinaAdina@adinarj Bring Andy back? Road trip hunting with Chad
Lysa @raining_silence Jensen was the first guy He met. He was very funny. Just called Jensen an real catch! Hahaha @GabrielTigerman 

Kathy KittKathy Kitt @kathy_kitt Matt Cohen showed up during Gabriel’s panel because he’s always wanted to crash a panel.
MeredithMeredith@SPN_Hunter_67 “Hi everyone. I’m Gabe & I have a cotton ball phobia.”

Gabe – Jared stepped on his toes throughout a serious scene. Jared thought this was hysterical. Gabe not so much.  

Lysa Lysa @raining_silence Most hated monster: “That black smoke that turned into a little demon girl who ripped my insides out.”
* Pranks on set. J&j do pranks on each other. He hears is “Dammit, Jensen!” from a trailer. Someone’s underwear would be wet.
Fangasm@FangasmSPN Gabe would marry gallant charming Jensen, kill Matt Cohen and make babies with Jared. 

WendyWendy @wendy_d Gabe: I’d marry Jensen, kill Matt (cause of the shorts), have babies with Jared (cause he’s so tall). 
AdinaAdina@adinarj Gabe had a pic of Andy dying and sent it to his mom who freaked out.
Robin @skyisfallingMisha can’t make it. Hav ng a baby!!!!!! Mark Pellegrino replaces him
 Adina@adinarj Greatest hits of mullet rock!  #Baby
Kathryn Fiore @KatFiore13 Awwww. So sweet! “@MafiaSPN: @KatFiore13 Gabriel talked about you  He really loves you!”
 Nisha@Nueva_SPN Gabriel Tigerman – Matt decided to crash the panel for a couple of minutes.
deangirl1@deangirl1  Duelling Impalas
Sebastian Roché @sebrocheAnd yes I’ll be at Karaoke, maybe 😀

 Sebastian Roché Off to Dallas y’all !!!!
Ana & Victoria@TwinBots_90  getting crazy, watching a game of twister while waiting for @mattcohen4real & @dicksp8jr KARAOKE PARTY!!

VanessaVanessa @Kyline Twister’s getting a little obscene
 Cass@Cass1701 Crowley is in the house!!! Just saw him!!
Meredith@SPN_Hunter_67 “it’s okay! It’s all legal in texas!” -Richard 

mak75231@mak75231 This is getti ng loaded!,
Richard Speight, Jr .@dicksp8jr Great night, Dallas SPN Karaoke Peeps! It is clearly going to be a kick arse weekend! @mattcohen4real @sebroche @ChadLindberg @gab
Albert @Xandersboy @dicksp8jr What you did tonight with the veterans was beautiful. Who cares about Matt’s pants?
Tracye @RhodesGemini Matt Cohen being awesome
Sebastian Roché@sebroche That was a great Karaoke night thanks fans!!!!!! 🙂
Chad Lindberg@ChadLindberg Tonight…we had moves like Jagger. Thank you  @GabrielTigerman @mattcohen4real @sebroche @dicksp8jr
*  Don’t Stop Believing –
 *  2012 – Karaoke Night – I Would Walk 500 Miles: @GabrielTigerman @dicksp8jr @mattcohen4real @ChadLindberg
 Friends in Low Places
Wendy@wendy_d Now Sam is up too. I guess the hair took a little extra time…
@mak75231 Chad Lindberg & @sebroche do David Bowie last night at karaoke. LetsDance.MOV: