Day 2 begins with quite a few hungover fans and Supernatural guests! My opinion: Mark Pellegrino seemed to fare the worst! The panels are fun, informative and personality sharing! Please enjoy the tweets/pic/vids from the guests and fandom!

Kat @FiercelyNormal The final posters.


Kelios@kelios  Russ Hamilton: v short and not edited, but hopefully you can see the tequila suitcase.

 @Naficeh: Jared: Moose, Jensen: Gentleman, Misha: Fluffy. Words to describe them. 
Stacey GillardStacey Gillard@StaceyGillard Life’s That Way is an amazing book. The fact I just met @jumblejim and had my copy signed by him makes it all the better!
KeliosKelios @kelios My pics of Kim from yesterday. Warning, they haven’t been edited yet.
 .KeliosKelios@kelios My pics of Julian from yesterday, vid to follow 🙂 Warning, they haven’t been edited yet.
 @Naficeh: Hahahaha Jensen wasn’t even in the car during the hand on the fogged up window scene. XD
heatherheather @heather03nmg Mark S favorite delicious beverage is Pellegrino. Mark P is Johnny Walker Blue
* Mark S and Mark P initiating SPN cast
Kerry MorrowKerry Morrow@Kerry_Morrow  in all it’s glory! 😀 (@ Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre)

Mark Sheppard being sassy, #JulianRichings sings “Rebel Rebel”:  karaoke @mark_sheppard

  @KimPDufresne (For Mark S.) Jared is Moose, Jensen is Gentleman and Misha is Fluffy. 
AngelAngel@angel_kink When the line for questions ended she’s like “You just want to see me hump myself again don’t you.” lolol. Julie McNiven

 @Naficeh Mark Sheppard’s fridge is full of Pellegrino water. 

 ZabrinaZabrina@thezabrina That Lucifer habit of being unable to sit normally? Yeah, that seems to be a Mark Pellegrino thing.  
HeatherHeather@DearHeartxoxo Julie says Jared and Gen were flirty on set for “Heaven and Hell”. XD

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros @dicksp8jr @mark_sheppard @omundson @stevecarlson @kimrhodes4real @julianrichings Mark Pellegrino

 Julie McNivenJulie McNiven@Juliemcniven remember that time at #vancon when i solo humped and titanic hand danced…twice…yeah…good times:)
Naficeh  Naficeh  @Naficeh Mark S: Misha is really like a baby in a trench coat. 
heatherheather @heather03nmg Mark S favorite scene was giving the colt to the boys to kill Lucifer
 * Who would win in lucifer-Crowley showdown. Each Mark votes for his own character
 All SupernaturalAll Supernatural@all_spn : Julie McNiven’s Panel Pics
 Jim MichaelsJim Michaels@TheJimMichaels Another pic of @JiggytvJulia who played Marie McAnn in Party on Garth! Please say hello to her! It is her 1st #Vancon!
 JennyJenny @JennySPNRocks and as for @stevecarlson in this OMG Steve stop being so fabulous. Thks for such a great Friday at Vancon
 Russ HamiltonRuss Hamilton@RUSS_MOVIEGOD arrival in ‘T’ minus ONE minute VanCon, Valet The Chariot and it is SO game time!!! 
heather @heather03nmg Richard left his phone unattended. Jared and Misha took some photos he won’t describe. They even changed his wife’s photo

Kaitlyn NeelyKaitlyn Neely @KJNeely #MattandRichard Jared & Misha messed w Richards phone. “my wife called and lets just says it wasn’t my wife’s photo” 
* #MattandRichard *fandances* R: “what dance that was?” Fan: “it was for whovians” R: “I have 1 of those at home, cleans the carpets.”

 @stevecarlson Took a break from the bike ride for a beer… Well, @jarpad opted for something classier 🙂

Bree@bree__black Audience very distressed about a Cas-themed fanvid. Poor bb.

 @AmyinSydney Mark Sheppard


I think I’m ADORABLE@ProudIdjit ‘Q: what would you do if you could switch bodies with Jensen for a day? Jim: Spend some time with Danneel *eyebrow wiggle*

 Kat Kat  @FiercelyNormal Misha put on lipstick to kiss the other poster.
* Jim and his Rocky Horror Winchester poster.
 Juliane IvanowJuliane Ivanow@_mystik  Misha: “I could pole dance with anything.” Fan in the mic: “I volunteer.” 
 @SuperntralAngel  which version of cas wld u want2combine? Misha: stoner cas& leviathan
 Kat Kat @FiercelyNormal Misha and Jim had artists in the audience “improve” a picture of Sam and Dean for charity.
 BreeBree@bree__black  Jim: “I like your wife.” Misha: “Yeah, me too.” 
heatherheather@heather03nmg Pergatory for Misha is shooting a scene with Jared
Naficeh  Naficeh  @Naficeh Misha had to hit a goose to save West from being bitten. West thought hitting geese was a game. 
 @AmyinSydney Misha Collins

 heatherheather@heather03nmg Jim running away after sneaking some of mishas bday cake #VanCon
Meghan R.@StolenTardis “Brokeback Purgatory.” -Jim, on what Dean and Cas are doing to spend “long, lonely cold nights together” 
Jim Beaver@jumblejim Many thanks to all of you who bid on the defaced JJ poster & to Debbie for winning it. The John Wayne Cancer Foundation will benefit.
Steve Carlson @stevecarlson Yes mam, we are hard at play up in Vancouver 🙂 RT @CourtMcGuffin: is that Jensen with you???
* … the day’s end Jared, Jensen, Steve
* … Another Man Band shot with @jarpad

 Steve CarlsonSteve Carlson @stevecarlson The bartender asked if we were in a boy band, we said we are in a “man band” aka a “mand”
Misha Collins@mishacollins There is a “Creation Supernatural Convention” here. I don’t know what it is, but it sounds interesting & the attendees are attractive.

Misha CollinsMisha Collins@mishacollins I just stopped in to a hotel in vancouver to use the bathroom & steal some hand towels & everyone is acting like they know me. It’s creepy
Julie McNiven@Juliemcniven @dicksp8jr @mattcohen4realgee, now i feel lazy…

 Richard Speight, Jr.Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Wake up – check. Run the sea wall – check. Down a Japadog – check. Now, my Van Con Saturday can officially begin. @mattcohen4real
Tara Larsen @taraslarsen #Supernatural has the best fans in the world! If you aren’t here we know you are in spirit;)
Steve Carlson@stevecarlson A very kind thanks to @CreationEnt & everyone at #VanCo . Last night was a blast
 Julie McNiven@Juliemcniven …..and how was YOUR night?…


Kat Kat  @FiercelyNormal Jim and his Rocky Horror Winchester poster.

 BreeBree @bree__black Misha thinks Jimmy is inside Cas’ head singing an annoying song over and over, which is why Cas is so annoyed
@Naficeh : Video from last nights karaoke party! Richard Speight Jr took my camera! 

 BreeBree@bree__black Jim: If only someone invented a mishmash word (for Dean and Cas). Misha: Too bad there are no creative people in the audience.
Supernatural Wiki@SuperWiki @mishacollins disembowelled  my kangaroo 😦
  @heather03nmg: If misha had jensens body for a day he’d get plastic surgery. Jim would spend time with Danneel