It’s Jensen and Jared day at VanCon and there’s a little bit of excitement! Jared continually turned his microphone off while Jensen just rolled his eyes, typical J2 behavior. The fandom yelled questions, the boys answered and Clif got hugged and kissed! We’re off to a great Sunday morning start! Enjoy the info, I will be updating as soon as pics/vids/tweets get posted! Stay supernatural!


Kat @FiercelyNormal Jensen spends most of his off time on the boat and golfing. Jared is doing baby stuff. 

Jensen Ackles News@AlwaysJensen “Jensen recently bought a boat.”

PatronhippiePatronhippie@Patronhippie Jensen: “the boat is NOT the Captain and Danneel”  

 “Ep. 5 they’re filming right now is Jensen’s favorite. Jared says nice brother conflict.” @bree__black
 BreeBree @bree__black  Jared says there’s a ghost facer type episode with handheld cameras. Episode 4. Unusual. They weren’t in it as much as usual. (difficult to shoot)
* Jensen gives Jared napkins to fidget with instead of mic. “I’m gonna make a snowflake!” 
*  Jensen complaining about Jared’s schedule. Wants letters asking for more Sam, less Dean.
 * Jared had to get a haircut because apparently FBI agents don’t have hair that long although it was ok for seasons 1-7.
@heather03nmg: Jared and his snowflake” ;___; I want that!
 * Jared’s been super busy being a dad. Jensen’s been golfing and enjoying his new boat which he did NOT name Captain and Danneel
* Apparently Jared’s had light filming days and Jensen would like everybody to send letters requesting more Sam scenes 
Emma JensenEmma Jensen@emydean Happy spoiler from Jared’s M&G: Sam “did not abandon Dean”… Says spoilers have been massively misinterpreted.
tomlinfuck@DestielArmy Jared says he regrets doing New York Minute, Jensen says Devour. 

tomlinfucktomlinfuck@DestielArmy Joking about past roles, J2 joke about “devouring” each other. 

* Jared complains that fans have a much louder mic than he does. Jensen: “You’re fine

Emma JensenEmma Jensen@emydean Jensen and Jared at breakfasrt 

* Jensen breakfast

* Jensen said that Jared is always fiddling with things and if they’re alone than he’ll smack his hands to stop him 

@heather03nmg: J2 breakfast” OMG! The 50 states song! ^_^

 * J2 breakfast
 heatherheather@heather03nmg Jensen said that Jared is always fiddling with things and if they’re alone than he’ll smack his hands to stop him
Ben Blackerer @BenBlackerer Biggest spoiler to come out if the breakfast was that the show is filmed in Vancouver and surrounding areas. #yourewelcome 

@heather03nmg: J2 breakfast  Jared trying to make a ponytail

 * Jared kept breaking the microphone so he was given a tissue to fiddle with instead and he made a snowflake  
Emma JensenEmma Jensen @emydean Misha accepting $2000 of money a girl raised for his charity :’) 
Joanna @JMacLeanOMG, Jensen and Jared almost squeezed me to death  it was awesome

 matt cohenmatt cohen@mattcohen4real It’s been an extreme pleasure VANCON thank you!! 

 @matchboximpala: But even tired, Jensen looks damned good.

@heather03nmg: J2 breakfast” 

 Emma JensenEmma Jensen @emydean Jared does a fabulous job singing the 50 states with a little help from Jensen at the end.

yukiyuki@mintjulep718 ジャレかわえぇ〜

 yukiyuki @mintjulep718 ブレックファストのジェンさん #vancon
@ktkm The #SPN impala hanging out in the parking lot
 Emma JensenEmma Jensen@emydean Poster 1 that Misha auctioned for Random Acts. Jared and Jensen as French maids. With a big kiss from Misha.
 Sabine J.Sabine J.@werkarniggel  Impala-Fotos und Breakfast-Panel-Fotos:
 Ashley SAshley S@Kinda_Ineffable Misha: “I could pole dance with anything.” Fan at the mic: “I volunteer.”
 Ben BlackererBen Blackerer@BenBlackerer The amazing thing is that they try to pass it off as “America”. It’s like they’ve never seen Detroit before.
Emma Jensen @emydean The Awesome Jensen

 Jared and Jensen arriving  breakfast video from @heather03nmg http ://
 @OhSalvachesters: Jared

 SereinaSereina @sereinaSPN New pic of Jensen & Jared . I think Jensen is looking at us.. Don’t look back! You’ll die!
 Emma JensenEmma Jensen@emydean Jared: I’m busy getting pooped, peed and thrown up on. Jensen: And that’s just me! Jared: Then I need to go home and see Thomas.
 Canadagraphs Canadagraphs @canadagraphs Just saw @JumbleJim stop and do pics w/ fans for 5 mins in the driveway… Much to the dismay of the Creation guy
Jared PadaFandom@PadaFandom1Twitter / matchboximpala: @jarpad at the breakfast
Another  breakfast video from @heather03nmg” why are they so perfect? *sigh*
 PadaVale in Ackles ✡PadaVale in Ackles ✡ @ValentinaM_88 here u CAN FIND THE FIRST VIDEOS OF THE BREAKFAST WIT !
 check_out_this_video – via @heather03nmg 
B.B.@allebsupernova I think my fave part of the breakfast panel was everyone struggling to name the provinces and territories of Canada in song form.
@MarionWino2012STOP WITH ALL THE PICTURES OF JENSEN DAMN IT I’M DYING HERE!!!!! #Supernatural #Vancon 
 * Jared and Jensen arrives  breakfast.
Jensen talks about directing this season and Jared talks about an upcoming ep from @heather03nmg
Jared and Jensen arriving  breakfast video from @heather03nmg
Jared singing the USA song from @heather03nmg
Jensen Ackles News@AlwaysJensen [PHOTO] Jensen at Breakfast.
Jared and Jensen talk about the Impala from @heather03nmg
 * Video of Jared making his snowflake 
Mieke T ‏@MnMDES  Not just one but TWO awesome happy goofy J2 panels yesterday. And I had a front row seat for one of them #VanCon
Minal Faisal@MinalWinchester JENSEN LAUGHING *_*

 Jensen talking about working with his dad
Steve Carlson @stevecarlson  @dicksp8jr good hanging with you buddy. safe travels!
 Jess@huntershelper Steve Carlson singing Time Warp  Karaoke
 @kelios: Uploaded a few more location tour pics from today…mostly Russ poledancing (AGAIN).
All Supernatural@all_spn Jensen is worth a lot at Vancon htt :// Jared’s birthday auction tiems!
Naficeh  @Naficeh The worst part of any convention is cutting the wrist band off. 😥
 Padalecki and Ackles On Stage at the Vancouver Convention
PhrasesSPNn’Songs@SPNonesSPNones  Jared & Jensen
Minal Faisal@MinalWinchester  #Jensen
Minal Faisal@MinalWinchester Jared’s snowflake/jason mask
@FYeahSPN: That is Misha kissing Jensen’s photo on a Supernatural poster.
Radamanthys@ShiryuForever94 Jensen Ackles