Vancon has started with a Sheriff Jodie Mills bang! Kim Rhodes is smart, sassy and has all the attributes of a great female hunter!  Other guests include Steve Carlson, Julian Richings, Jim Beaver. Mark Sheppard, Mark Pellegrino, Richard Speight Jr, Matt Cohen, Julie McNiven and Misha Collins. The fun has started! Enjoy the weekend!

Spn Europe Tweet-summary and some pics of @kimrhodes4real  

* Kim  Rhodes gets distracted by Jensen’s lips. ‘They’re just so pretty. So pretty’ PatronhippiePatronhippie @Patronhippie Can I just say that Kim Rhodes is freaking gorgeous? 

Naficeh  Naficeh  @Naficeh “I think children are smarter than Disney thinks they are.” @kimrhodes4real 

Kat Kat  @FiercelyNormal To play the pain after Jody recovered from surgery, Kim didn’t take her own pain mess. The pain was real! 

* Someone left a death threat on her agents’ vm back when she was working for Disney. But he left his phone# and asked her to call him 
BreeBree@bree__black Kim was happy with how her story progressed on the show until they didn’t bring her back.
* Kim sometimes wishes she were a writer, not an actor, so she could use her own words (and put her tongue in Bobby’s mouth). 
Kaitlyn NeelyKaitlyn Neely@KJNeely  #KimRhodes apparently the person on SPN set in charge of prop weapons is a woman …woot  
Naficeh   Naficeh  @Naficeh Kim hasn’t gotten word of Sheriff Mills being back on Supernatural yet. 😦  
Bree Bree‏  @bree__black  Kim Rhodes says Sheriff Mills has a romance storyline in her heart, but she has not been asked to return yet (write letters!).
Tara LarsenTara Larsen@taraslarsen Thanks to @SuperWiki idea I will be at #supernatural #vancon tomorrow at 10am in the ballroom watching the panels. Hand deliver a postcard;)

 @KJNeely Ahaha… Wow! Notice the spelling error? Seriously? How- wtf…

Jennifer PittJennifer Pitt@hst1976  Monster she would like to face most: Crowley. “I want 15 minutes alone with that guy.”

Kaitlyn NeelyKaitlyn Neely@KJNeely #KimRhodes she gets distracted staring at Jensens mouth “it’s just so pretty”

 *#KimRhodes her fav quote she said on the show “don’t make me use my mom voice” 

kim rhodes@kimrhodes4real Okay. Next con I may just pay my own damn way to stay for the whole thing. That. Was. AWESOME

All SupernaturalAll Supernatural @all_spn VanCon Thursday: SPN Location Tour Pics

Ben BlackererBen Blackerer @BenBlackerer Rioting as the vendor area opens at #Vancon. Julian Richings seen throwing a rock through a window, escaping with 400 Misha Collins 8x10s.

Kaitlyn NeelyKaitlyn Neely@KJNeely Ahaha… Wow! Notice the spelling error? Seriously? How- wtf… 

SPNEuropeSPNEurope @SPNEurope  @mishacollins and family arriving in Vancouver credits: cha – all_spn/LJ

@MnMDES And so it begins! #VanCon

Canadagraphs Canadagraphs @canadagraphs @DearHeartxoxo @Naficeh HEY! Did you  people order this SPN’ish feeling weather?

Divine: The SeriesDivine: The Series@DivineTheSeries Did you see? After is running a contest? RT+Follow+Like our FB page to win a set visit! Ends Th 11PM

Russ HamiltonRuss Hamilton@RUSS_MOVIEGOD VanCon 2012, your Location Tours are Locked ‘n’ Loaded, so “Let’s get ready to Rumbbbbbbbble”……. UNNH!!!!!!

@kimrhodes4real Unedited Photos…

SarahSarah @Morelenmir_M Successss! @guanacotruck

matt cohen @mattcohen4real Hey VANCON !! Bring yourself, your family, your loved ones, your whatever to karaoke tonight!! #DICKANDMATTGONNABLOWMINDS @dicksp8jr 


 @Naficeh The album with Jensen singing on it should be released near the end of September!!! #VanCon

Naficeh  Naficeh @Naficeh OMG. Jared video taped Jensen and Steve recording. 

* The album with Jensen singing on it should be released near the end of September!!! 

* Jensen is gonna be singing lead vocals on Steve’s upcoming album! 

heather @heather03nmg Death does smile. And he’s pretty hilarious.

* Julian aka Death. Favorite line, I’m old. Very old. 
Michael CudlitzMichael Cudlitz @Cudlitz Muhahaha ….// RT @BSBnSPNFan: @Cudlitz i am at vancon for spn still thinking of burcon hope you are well
Kaitlyn NeelyKaitlyn Neely@KJNeely #JulianRichings how hard is it to keep a straight face when acting around Jared, Jensen & Misha? “…very” 
* JulianRichings his favourite place in the world is Canada… He came here when he was 20 
* #JulianRichings as death, is there a character you’d like to kill? “Castiel, he’s a bit pesky..” 
Jennifer Pitt@hst1976  Julian hopes to get more appearances on #Supernatural as “Death”. He enjoys it greatly. 
@Naficeh Hahaha it’s funny seeing Death laugh. XD 
MelMel @LoveJeter02 Really enjoyed Kim’s panel. Not only is @kimrhodes4real extremely beautiful in person she also throws f bombs like mad. Love her!!!!


 Radamanthys‏ @ShiryuForever94  Awkward Moments? O mediador perguntando quantos homens tinha ali. E falando o quanto o cast é lindo, tipo…
*  Steve estava bem simples, camiseta, calça e tênis sem cadarço, longos cabelos e bem tranquilo.
 *  É bem bonitinho ouvir Carlson falando de Jen mesmo qdo em tese n tem nada a ver com a pergunta. São muito próximos. É Legal isso!
*  ficou bem claro pra mim que Carlson ama ser músico, que tem senso crítico e que é alguém tímido por vezes e bem sensível.
karen‏ @GYWKaren  Photos of @kimrhodes4real from #vancon #supernatural
After the Series ‏@AfterSeries  Since we’ll be seeing @charkinzie on set anyways, why not invite another one? Congratulations to our runner up, @EmmaJayJenkins!! 

*  There’s a music video already filmed for the song Jensen sings on the new album! 
@Naficeh: The Supernatural AV trailed caught fire a week after Steve and Jensen recorded in it

All Supernatural@all_spn Pics from Today  || Kim & Julian & Karaoke

Steve Carlson @stevecarlson Thank you #VanCon for the warm reception today!


 @MnMDES Julian Richings (Death)

 Lucifer Has Big Balls: #Supernatural Convention #Karaoke via @DNMMagazine  pics from the karaoke party 
Jim MichaelsJim Michaels @TheJimMichaels Just finished up with @mattcohen4real and @dicksp8jr! Get ready #Vancon as they are good to go for karaoke
Russ Hamilton@RUSS_MOVIEGOD Just now leaving the office, and on my wa y to The Wall Center,,, VanCon 2012 and The Ten Days of MOVIEGOD Mayhem continues.
* looks like @stevecarlson is goin down an absolute storm @ #vancon just in time 4 his album release in London on 22 sept
heather@heather03nmg Last @stevecarlson video from tonight
  Sweet Transvestie –  #MarkPellegrino
Jenny@JennySPNRocks and as for @stevecarlson in this OMG Steve stop being so fabulous. Thks for such a great Friday 

Kaye Bauer @samjacklover MARK P & FRIENDS SINGING MY BIG BALLS :

Tim Omundson from psyche singing at Karaoke

heather @heather03nmg Misha’s birthday cake

* Mark S and Mark P imitating SPN cast

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros Richard Speight, Jr films with fan’s camera- -KARAOKE PARTY at SUPERNATURAL VANCON 2012 – YouTube  

 @WinchesterBros: Steve Carlson sings at The Karaoke Kings Koncert with Dick and Matt –