Day 2 at NJCon has started with a bang and Jim Beaver! Jim was emotional, sincere and won the hearts of everyone! Richard Speight and Matt Cohen were next with ’50 shades of something’! Bringing up the rear(!) were Mark Pellegrinno, Mark Sheppard and Sebastian Roche. Unfortunately, there were young people present and lots of inappropriate everything! With that, enjoy this day! 

Jim Beaver panel:

Jim Beaver @jumblejimSPN fans: know that feeling after a convention where it’s like a truck dragged you over a lot of speed bumps? I feel that way now…b4 con!

Abby Reilly@ataralasse Jim: Supernatural has been a miracle in his life.

Carrie NolanCarrie Nolan@chakaxd “Jersey Shore falls into the exact same category as Pokémon. There’s something called a Snooki?” 

Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse Jim’s favorite cuss word: Not favorite, but alone at home – it’s got 12 letters. Doesn’t relate directly to anybody’s mom… 

Jessie ReedJessie Reed@ohmymisha jim is asking the audience for fashion advice “do these jeans look stupid?” 

thirteenthirteen@remyhadleys “what’s my favorite pokemon? do you have any idea how old i am?” 

Abby ReillyAbby Reilly @ataralasse Rufus death scene: adlibbed “Oh Bobby, Bobby, this is way worse than Omaha.” 

thirteenthirteen@remyhadleys “you’re being like me dad right now.” “you’re too young to be anything else.”

StephanieStephanie @gatogoddess “Did you ever imagine any shenanigans that rufus and bobby got into?” “i’m so glad you didn’t say bromance.”

AdinaAdina @adinarj  Jim keeps teasing us. Girl round him he was being like her dad. He said she was to young for him to be anything else. 

KosherartKosherart @Gypmama  Jim Beaver says, “I’m Batman.” No, really, he did. 

AdinaAdina @adinarj  On Supernatural, you never truly die. *Jim mimes praying*

 WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Jim loves how just asking “Are you having fun?” evokes just instant applause. “The surprise is you’re all being executed.” 

RobinRobin @rob0349 Jim on stage 

thirteenthirteen@remyhadleys “mornin’ idgits!”

WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness The music videos are starting. This video is of all the people lost on #Supernatural in 7 years. Gee, we’ll be here all day! 
Jessie Reed@ohmymisha jim says he could do a better fake british accent than mark sheppard StephanieStephanie @gatogoddess  Jim would play Crowley if he could be anyone else in spn, “probably do a better fake british accent, too”
AdinaAdina @adinarj Jim does his Steve Williams impression, then picks Crowley.
StephanieStephanie @gatogoddess  Jim reccomends “seven samaurai – the remake kurasawa’s 1954” as a movie you should see
John PassarellaJohn Passarella@JohnPassarella Reminder, I will be signing my books, SPN: Rite of Passage & SPN: Night Terror SUN, approx 12-2pm 
 AdinaAdina@adinarj  Not as brave or grouchy as Bobby. 
StrGazr04@StrGazr04 @jumblejim
WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural @WinFamBusiness Jim gave a heartfelt speech about how much #Supernatural means to him. I’ll have a transcript later but it’s a very touching moment. 
Marilyn Marilyn  @mcase1013  What was Jim’s reaction when he saw in the script that he was going to get some action w/Sheriff Mills? “Yes!!!!” 
 RobinRobin@rob0349 Jim talking about how spn has impacted his life 
WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural @WinFamBusiness  Jim was asked abt Jersey Shore. “Jersey Shore falls in exactly the same category as Pokemon. I only know that such a beast exists.” 
StephanieStephanie@gatogoddess “Supernatural has been a miracle in my life.” ~jim 
Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse  Jim: Supernatural has been a miracle in his life.  
Carrie NolanCarrie Nolan @chakaxd  “Jersey Shore falls into the exact same category as Pokémon. There’s something called a Snooki?”  
Abby ReillyAbby Reilly @ataralasse  Jim’s favorite cuss word: Not favorite, but alone at home – it’s got 12 letters. Doesn’t relate directly to anybody’s mom.

John Passarella@JohnPassarella Reminder, I will be signing my books, SPN: Rite of Passage & SPN: Night Terror SUN, approx 12-2pm 

Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse Jim just met Jeffrey Dean Morgan for the first time last month. He’s a great guy.  

AdinaAdina @adinarj What does he think of John as a dad? Bobby thinks John could have done a lot better.  
Abby ReillyAbby Reilly @ataralasse What does Jim think of John Winchester? “I should probably watch the show.” 
e @gatogoddess Jim likes hearing “you’re not short” and “you’re not fat” at cons.

Abby Reilly@ataralasse  Jim: “I just show up and say the lines.” 

@kreespa: It’s @jumblejim! Woohoo 

@jumblejim “the remake?!?!”

Adina @adinarj  10 year old girl gave Jim a friendship bracelet.

 Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse  Jim: The idea of not working on SPN anymore & not working with those people “really, really bothers me.” 
AdinaAdina @adinarj How has being on #SPN impacted him personally? New people in his life that he loves: cast & crew

Adina@adinarj Most fun ep to shoot was Weekend at Bobby’s, followed by curious Case of Dean Winchester. Plus Slash Fiction for kissing Jody

Abby Reilly @ataralasseBob Singer gave Jim the part of Bobby without ever watching his audition.

 thirteenthirteen@remyhadleys  “i like little girls.” 

Abby Reilly @ataralasse  Jim let young fan size his wrist to make a friendship bracelet. 

AdinaAdina @adinarj Wants to bring back Bobby any way, but would prefer him being alive

Lauren@Jabber_Moose Qualifications for SPN actors: unlimited supply of snark. @jumblejim is killing this panel! And I made myself cry with my own Q. 

Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse Jim: Bobby-centric episodes were difficult & tiring to shoot. He found out what it was like to carry an hour long dram

WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness  Next person asked Jim how he would bring Bobby back. “I don’t know, I just show up and say the lines.” The catch all answer

Kosherart@Gypmama  Chose a side.

Sebastian Roché@sebroche Waiting in the green room at the SPN New Jersey Con 🙂

@WinFamBusiness OMG! Guess what’s in the parking lot? Baby!

Marilyn @mcase1013 Don’t get me wrong, I still love @jarpad, but @jumblejim has stolen my heart today

Abby Reilly@ataralasse Jim said we were easy; he could say the simplest thing and get all of us to go “AWWWW

*Jim: you never know what’s gonna come out of Steven William’s mouth during a take. Sometimes it’s actually a line from the script!

StrGazr04@StrGazr04 my certificate for winnin the fanvid contest!

Matt Cohen & Richard Speight panel

Stephanie@gatogoddess Richard and Matt  

Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse Huge screams for karaoke. Richard said we were off the chain

* Matt said he woke up in Richard’s clothes. Richard woke up as retro Batman & Robin. 

StephanieStephanie @gatogoddess 50 shades of karaoke is what happened last night

Brittany LeAnn@anangeloflight Matt: “50 shades of jensen’s lips!” 

thirteenthirteen @remyhadleys “fifty shades of jared’s biceps!”  @dicksp8jr

Robin@rob0349 Matt & Richard on stage  

R.A.R.A.@mainegir lwrites  @dicksp8jr “There are no real men in Twilight!”
Stephanie@gatogoddess Richard’s favorite cuss word is “Fingerbang!” matt said, “i’m a big fan of taint”
Adina@adinarj Did Matt enjoy playing John Winchester or Michael more? Definitely Michael more.
Kosherart @GypmamaMatt & Richard ask latecomers to the panel their opinion on Shades of Grey. 

Abby ReillyAbby Reilly          Matt escorting late fans to their seats
WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Richard’s dramatic reading from “50 Shades of Grey” on stage. Matt is reenacting the sex scene. Whoa, this is an X-rated panel I see!
Kosherart@Gypmama Fifty Shades of Grey interpreted by Richard & Matt might be the highlight of the day. Pee-your-pants hilarity
* How adorable is @mattcohen4real ‘s smile? 
StephanieStephanie @gatogoddess Matt is such a jensen fanboy. That is all.
Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse Richard: SPN set is a super nice place to work. Especially for costar
Statweestics@statweestics #njcon is getting popular, +600% the last hour :
Stephanie @gatogoddess Richard and Matt “we don’t know the pokieman” 

Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse  Matt: working on SPN was 50 shades of awesome. 
MK FrisbyMK Frisby@MaybeMantis Matt: stay.away from fanfiction. 50 shades of stay away
Abby Reilly@ataralasse Matt: Strangest thing at a convention just happened: Richard narrating him dryhumping the stage.

GabrielaGabriela@frequentnapper  Matt: weirdest thing at a convention would be richard’s narration of 50 shades of gray Favorite
nicegoalehnicegoaleh@NiceGoalEh  @dicksp8jr does a scary impersonation of @jasonmanns
Kosherart@Gypmama Matt’s Jensen face, on the request of the 12 year old girl.
Abby Reilly@ataralasse Matt’s stripper name: The Hebrew Hammer. Richard’s: Danger Bottom
 WFB Supernatural @WinFamBusinessRichard talking about his height and not fitting into shots. “I’m 5′ 8″. I’m comfortable being 5′ 8”. Jared is the problem
nicegoaleh@NiceGoalEh Matt would write a musical ep of SPN starring himself & Richard. Jared and Jensen would have no lines. #NJCon

AdinaAdina@adinarj Movie about their life? Roger Rabbit to play Matt, Gumby for Richard
Alice@indecision_city Matt Cohen picks Richard Speight Jr up at a bar…..
 * Richard reciting & Matt acting out a reading of 50 Shades of Grey
Marilou@WinRanger @mattcohen4real You Rock!!! Thanks for a great panel!!!
Jim Beaver NJ Con vid:
Mark Pellegrino, Sebastian Roche, Mark Sheppard panel
Stephanie@gatogoddess Markx2 and seb
  WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness @sebroche said he’s 25 today, and he’s still got his teeth
* @sebroche is doing his Jersey accent. He’s making fun of Parsippany. Cab driver told him nothing was there
@misha_mou @mattcohen4real  50 tons de cinza


@Gypmama Look at these 3 magnificent

Marilyn  @mcase1013 @sebroche , Mark Sheppard & Mark Pellegrino on stage at

* @sebroche , Mark Sheppard & Mark Pellegrino on stage

 WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural @WinFamBusiness  @sebroche is forgetting minors are present. Fill in the blanks when the word “finger” “balls and “ass” are used in the same sentence

 matt, richard, and 50 shades of grey:

WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Just FYI, @sebroche is back on his soap (is that GH?) Mark S. is doing Supernatural and Mark P is doing #Revolution

@StrGazr04 @dicksp8jr

JennJenn@lasttype40 mark, sebastian, and mark

nicegoaleh @NiceGoalEhMark Sheppard is keeping track of who Sebastian insults with each answer.

katydidmischief @katydidmischief Apparently, Sebastian wants to use his Javanese accent on TV. I say we make this happen. #njcon #supernatural

 AdinaAdina @adinarj  Seb can name the capital of any country. Used to have competition with his brother. #NJCon
WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness  @Mark_Sheppard was asked about Neil Gaiman wanting him to play Crowley on Good Omens. Mark met him through Dr. Who and would love to.
*They’re having a really good (and serious) discussion on stage now about their skills as actors in evolving their characters. #NJCON
Gabriela @frequentnapper Seb said “I have a girlfriend” sorry ladies
WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness About being genre actors @sebroche, “The depth of characters in this genre is amazing.” @Mark_Sheppard, “Good luck dating an actor.” #NJCON

katydidmischiefkatydidmischief@katydidmischief As per Mark Sheppard, do not ever tell an actor they’re stuck in a genre.
Jason Manns @jasonmanns@NiceGoalEh: @dicksp8jr does a scary impersonation of @jasonmanns#NJCon” please tell me there’s video of it somewhere! 😉
WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Mark S got a question at Comic-Con, “So, what’s left for you?” from TV Guide. He couldn’t believe the question. “I’m 48 years old!” #NJCON


Jason MannsJason Manns @jasonmanns “@adinarj: They’re making fun of @jasonmanns . not fair when he’s not here! #NJCon”I’m glad to provide a laugh (or at least fodder for one!)

AdinaAdina@adinarj Seb and Shepp ard are both 48
Stephanie@gatogoddess Mark s: “we’d all fit sitting in jared’s lap. He’s a big boy.”

Abby ReillyAbby Reilly@ataralasse My question is for Ma rk P: “It doesn’t matter if you ask me, Sebastian’s gonna answer it.” #NJCon

KosherartKosherart@Gypmama Sebastian gives himself a time-out for taking over everything with his lewdness.

Abby Reilly @ataralasseMark S: “Never be without your hellhound.

AdinaAdina@adinarj Sheppard apologizes for Sebastian. Pellegrino apologizes for Seb bringing him down into the gutter.

 @mcase1013 These 3 are filthy, filthy people & the crowd loves them. @sebroche Mark Sheppard & Mark Pellegrino

WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness @sebroche claims Jim Beaver sang “I kissed a guy.” Mark S. said Jim has the softest lips. He has all the originals on his phone

…Mark had a message of “Quit whining.” The writers are doing a great job with what is 8 seasons of essentially a “buddy movie.” #NJCON

 * A question for Mark S. came up about the writing on #Supernatural vs. #DrWho, aka how hard it is for the fans
* Mark S thinks “Supernatural” is interesting and moves away from mid center. Things can get stale after 8 yrs. “Anything can happen
 Adina @adinarjWho would win in a fight? Pellegrino says Lucifer, Sheppard says Crowley
Supernatural boys discussing favorite cuss words:
Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Oh my God, you broke Cohen! “@pelledreamo: @mattcohen4real fell off me while I was giving him a piggyback ride. @dicksp8jr saw it all.”
I read aloud from the book, Matt acted it all out while hundreds looked on. “@thunderfrosts: @dicksp8jr @mattcohen4real WHO PLAYED WHO”
Luciana Kley @lu_kley Karaoke hoje em New Jersey SPN convention–fJTSiA&feature=player_embedded
Alice@indecision_city Hassling girls for being late.
Marilyn  @mcase1013 Every centerpiece is “very sexual” according to @sebroche