Day two with lots of pictures, vids and some tweeting! Have fun in Paris!

Jason Manns @jasonmanns @dicksp8jr is a Parisian rocks star. @spotlightevents agrees.

Sebastian Roché @sebroche We look Ridicule euh!!!

 @barbarafaith Richard speight jr talk With mark sheppard

Magali K.@Maaaag_ Air Guitar by the awesome @ChadLindberg !

* “Oui je viendrais après !” “Yeah, whatever he said” Seb & Chad, this afternoon

Morgiane BartonMorgiane Barton @Dougstache My new computer background. I love this picture. (it’s even better in HD)

Leah ; D&J ♥Leah ; D&J ♥@acklesholic  When Jason had a question from the audience, the cast was like: OMG Jason got a question, this is it, it’s his moment! So funny.

* Chad Lindberg whould love to play with Ryan Gosling and Leonardo DiCaprio. He is definately perfect, I’m telling you!

Tiia ÖhmanTiia Öhman @unikissa I’m a fangirl and not afraid to admit it! @dicksp8jr & @Mark_Sheppard = awesome dudes.

Magali K.@Maaaag_ Air guitar by @chadlinberg !!

Leah ; D&J ♥ @acklesholicMark: ‘Shut up, Sebastian!’ Seriously, this guy talks too much, but he is damn funny!
 Leah ; D&J ♥ @acklesholic Mark Sheppard with a ‘Doctor Who’ tee-shirt
Jason Manns@jasonmanns Merci pour le nuit. The audience was incredible. J’adore Paris. Et @dicksp8jr agrees…Maybe too much.This is awkward.
@dicksp8jr I’m not askin @sebroche to translate on principle. NOT fair. Ur not supposed to have 6-packs of both languages & abs.
Sebastian Roché@sebroche At the Paris Con with @chadlindberg 🙂
Mrgxxc@Mrgxxc  Yes, he is absolutely perfect! Since you like him here one of the best pic I took! Looking at me! >
* The ApocalypseCon was so awesome… Richard performing “Mrs Robinson” is the best part of it! Watch, it’s awesome! >>
* les anges Gabriel et Balthazar hier soir ont chanté regarde!
* who said Crowley was a demon… God? Maybe…” #MarkSheppard
* Mark, Richard and Sebastian at the opening.

*  “in the end of the show, I’d like everybody to come back and then, die again” #chad
* I’m stronger than the dude who plays Loki in Thor!”  #Richard
Caroline Criss @Carolinement_FAN : What makes you speachless ? RICHARD : Speachless ? MARK : A kick in the balls RICHARD : That would make me ‘breathless’
* Just bought Soul and Hallelujah:The acoustic album by @jasonmanns from
* Richard & Jason
* Mark & Sebastian
* Chad Lindberg stage diving vid!
* Richard singing vid!
* Richard, Chad & Jason vid
* Jason Manns singing vid! :
* Chad dancing vid
Femke van Beers.‏  @MissFemm
* Sebastian talking about Jared & Jensen wrestling!  
Jason Manns @jasonmanns@dicksp8jr: Paris! Thanks for coming – & thanks  it was awesome! Fromage! @jasonmanns @ChadLindberg