Supernatural fans, these are extras from the exhausted fandom who attended Asylum 8! There will be more updated pics and vids! So much fun with the guests is shared here! Enjoy!

Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels A nice Group Photo

Barbara McDowell @barbiecan Guests group hug

Misha kissing Kim Rhodes vid by MissMonsterMaker:

Misha & dalek: vid by MissMonsterMaker:

Mark Shepphard & Mark Pellegrino: dr. who, dalek:

Misha & the Dalek: vid by MissMonsterMaker:

Em@McFly4eva111 Hey @TheJimMichaels, thanks for an awesome weekend!!

  Mark Pellegrino singing ‘Big Balls’ vid by lynnft:

Em @McFly4eva111 Kim Rhode

together at the closing ceremony ♥

* The best double act of the weekend!! Misha Collins & Mark Pellegrino…

 * Misha Collins
Jim Beaver @jumblejimSo many wonderful people made us all so happy at Bham con. Thank you all so much. It was an honor and a pleasure to be there.
Pamela Martin @xmelax  Jim & Carries talk!
David Hornberger@davidhornberger @mishacollins : “Is that some kind of golden shower in the background?”
Guy Norman Bee@guynormanbee  Thank You X 1000 for an awesome weekend! Said it before but #Supernatural fans are the best in the world!
Jim Beaver@jumblejim Post-con dinner photo #2
Post-con dinner photo #4

 * Post-con dinner photo #3
 * Post-con dinner photo #1
Impala’s Trunk @impalastrunk Ah! @mattcohen4real wore our “No H8 Just Cohen and Sp8” shirt (designed by @StephanieW909 ♥) karaoke!
Lynn@LilynnNovak Mark P