For some fans, no Jensen or Jared attending takes away from the conventions. But when guests like Jim Beaver, Misha Collins, and Jim Michaels can wow with their personal expertise about the show, the time is well worth it! The fun has been non-stop! The tweeting has been sparse but the pics and vids very funny! Have fun with the last day in Birmingham, #Asylum8!

Jason Manns@jasonmanns Hope you will all come drown the post con blues with me at one (or two!) of my London shows this tues & thurs.

matt cohenmatt cohen@mattcohen4real

Jason Manns @jasonmanns Every story needs an ending, every night needs a cap.
 * @jasonmannsHallelujah! Great crowd! Great music
!Jason MannsJason Manns@jasonmanns This was later. Thanks for being an amazing crowd last night. I really dig it when y’all sing.
matt cohen @mattcohen4realI want to see the FIX YOU by Coldplay karaoke vid! Whose got it?“
 MarieMarie @marie610 Misha said “Hello Love!” with a wink! my heart just melted! i told him “You lookin sharp today!” he replied “thanks, u too!”
* Guy said that maybe one day they might try &sneak tweet out the whole metronome app scene if they can get their hands on it! 

* the scene in underwear for PCA filmed by the boys, was taken with the iPhone of #Jared

Marie@marie610 My Misha photo!!!

Jayne Nelson @kakapojayneApparently the attempts to schedule Supernatural’s filming around the birth of Jared’s baby was called “Operation Moose Drop

Hils@hils_k Misha

 @minimasical: Misha says Ben Edlund writes amazing episodes 

JackieJackie @minimasical Misha is inspired by people who live their lives setting good examples 

EmEm @McFly4eva111 Girl trying to get a hug from Misha… He’s not giving in

Jackie @minimasicalMisha is getting emotional again talking about a father figure in his life

Steph Jones@AerithQOC Misha is getting very emotional telling a touching story about a man from his childhood who inspired him to start random acts

@Slimbolina: Misha thought @jarpad was going to be at #Asylum8 too, that’s why he bought his ticket!”

Hils@hils_k Mark and Misha’s bad accents are making my ears bleed

*  Misha

MinionFEVMinionFEV @MishaMinionArmy Operation Moose Drop Gen said she was done and ready to have the baby at 8 months!

* Misha is on now, he is in thee most STUNNING 3-piece suit ever. Cannot wait for you all to see the photos from today 🙂

Steph Jones@AerithQOC Now misha and mark p say mishas minions and lucifers legions shouldnt fight – they should join forces

Misha pics!

Jason & Matt pic!

simogiuli @simogiuli  Lucifer versus Hallucifer:

Misha’s Moustache Stickers:

SyifaR @syifarz

Dean Black@dbCooLBreeze Misha Collins suited and booted

Sweary WaywardLou @WaywardLouJim wanted to be a film historian, but couldn’t get a college course in film history so took a theatre class instead

Jessica Thomas@Jessica_Amy_ Watching @jumblejim and he is one of the most beautiful & lovely human beings in existence.

Emma Thompson@tpausilver For the most part, most people are doing the best they can #JimBeaver

Nicky@Slimbolina Somebody asked Jim how he became an actor

EmEm @McFly4eva111 Jared was twisting Jim’s toes during the hospital bed scenes in Death’s Door but he didn’t crack.

 Steph JonesSteph Jones @AerithQOC Jim accompanied a friend from his acting course to an audition and found acting great so he became an actress-ACTOR!! 
@irismay42 Jim Beaver says there are a lot more questions about pranks on the show than actual pranks on the show
Nicky M @nimi66 Great idea pitched Ghostfacers meet ghost Bobby. Jim says he’ll do it
 Sanaa SiddiquiSanaa Siddiqui @pieliner  I have officially fist-bumped this guy. and fallen slightly in love with him.  #Lucifer
 Sharron HatherSharron Hather @irismay42 Jim says rather than pranks Jared in particular likes to try and make him crack up and feeds him wrong lines when filming coverage.
* Jim doesn’t know whether he’ll be on Justfied again but he hopes so. Depends what happens with SPN. 
Sweary WaywardLouSweary WaywardLou@WaywardLou “If I ever land up properly dead, I need to let the Justified people know straight away so I’ve got a job” #JimBeaver

@WaywardLou: “What good there is in me is there because I remember what he was like and try to be like that” #JimBeaver
 *  “People sometimes think of me the way I think of him and that’s an incredible thing to have” 

EmEm @McFly4eva111 It’s so nice to hear Jim talk about his dad! 
Sharron Hather @irismay42 Everything Jim ever tried to teach his daughter would be something his dad taught him
Maddie doesn’t have any real idea who beiber is
Nicky@Slimbolina A guy just asked Jim for a hug, Jim obliged but asked for the cameras to be turned off
Steph Jones @AerithQOC Jim b watches laurel and hardy with his daughter so he doesnt have to talk bieber or bratz or transformers 

Emma-Jane Paterson Emma-Jane Paterson  @_Rumour_ Jim Beaver is doing Laurel & Hardy impressions 

EmEm@McFly4eva111 Jim’s talking about Maddie and her awesome taste in movies & music
Sharron Hather@irismay42 Jim talking about line in Death’s D oor about Bobby adopting Sam & Dean. Meant figuratively. Their dad’s gone he’s their dad now.
Naomi Cunningham @KnowMeSeeIf Bobby adopted Sam & Dean, what about Cas? Jim said when he gets out of kindergartan
Who would win in a fight between Bobby & Rufus? Jim says we’re close to finding out what happened in Omaha 🙂

Sharron Hather@irismay42 Who would win fight between Bobby and Rufus? “When you add kickass to smartass Rufus doesn’t stand a chance.
Lynz@fantutx  @jumblejim on stage & @Slimbolina wants to join in. She just wants an unauthorised pic of her & BOBBY (Jim) 😉
Sammy Winchester@catchingkisses_ “I adopted two boys and they turned out to b e heroes. I adopted a girly-boy and I don’t know what he turned out to be.” 

Sanaa SiddiquiSanaa Siddiqui @pieliner @mishacollins took the time to draw me… a square and a circle. what a guy.

Nam Myoung Hee @worrynet  Beaver’s fav actor is John Wayne!

 Naomi CunninghamNaomi Cunningham@KnowMeSee Apart from #SPN Jim B’s fav show to work on was 

Lena.Lena.@LenaaMarieex  Jared was telling everyone about the labor and said when he first held Thomas he ripped off his…
Sweary WaywardLou@WaywardLou Jim heard about Stonehenge Apocalypse from conventions.
 Sweary WaywardLou Jim started writing an episode for the show set in Bobby’s house. Then they burned it down. Then killed him. 
* Jim was told his character was being killed off about 2-3 episodes ahead of time
Sharron Hather @irismay42 Jim: SPN writers will do what’s dramatically strong and makes the fans happy. lum8
 @AerithQOC: Misha collins loves bbc sherlock!! 
* Jim has no idea what’s going to happen in season 8. The writers just went back to work this week
Dean Black‏  @dbCooLBreeze   Everybody loves Misha :
kez baker@xteamxdramax Me and the awesomely loveable @TheOnlyDJQualls  who’s coming to asylum 10?
Biddy Brumpton @Biddyrai And with a word, @jumblejim sent us on our way. That word was ‘balls’. #asylum8 #thefatladyissinging #tiredandemotional
 Dean Black @dbCooLBreeze Small Family gathering,
Steph Jones @AerithQOCA fan who was 10 during mishas first asylum is now 14 so the entire guest list brought her in for a mega group hug 

Rogue Events @RogueEvents Thank you to our attendees, guests, staff and volunteers for an amazing weekend
 Morticia Addams@Melancholy_Mort Lovely Misha looking….. Lovely.
Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels @RUSS_MOVIEGOD  @guynormanbee here is the green room bottle!
Lynds @Bethan1558 And the amazing Mr Beaver autograph

 EmEm @McFly4eva111  All the pictures and photo ops I bought this weekend. Love them so much!!