First the boys drink to summon monsters in Party on Garth.  Sam and Dean finally see Bobby in  Of Grave Importance and with Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoos,  the Winchesters get to play “I Spy”!  Written by one of my fav Supernatural writers, Robbie Thompson, the episode had quite the “24″ feel to it with the split screens, Frank’s high-tech van and of course the boys talking Charlie(Felicia Day) through the whole “you’ve got a fifteen minute window” flash drive hacking. The Leviathan action heats up and schmoozy Dick reveals how much he hates “that special human spark” which he cannot clone! And Tebow has no spark? Really? So goes my recap and take on the episode.

Lights flickering on this show is normally bad news but at this moment, it’s Bobby! He’s figured out how to show up but it’s hard work obviously, he’s worn out! Bobby breathlessly recounts his last dying breath, those numbers that he had stolen from Dick(James Patrick Stuart). He explains that Dick Roman is building an army where the humans are fodder for Dick’s perfectly engineered herd of followers! An email from Frank pops up, interrupting Bobby’s diatribe . Bobby snarks that Frank is always stealing his thunder until the email reads “if you’re reading this I’m dead or worse… my flash drive has been hacked”.  I love Frank Devereaux and hope to see him back! As the guys are reading the email, someone IS hacking Frank’s info. They track the hacker to Roman’s headquarters in Chicago which Dean calls the middle of  the “Deathstar”. The guys instantly go into retrieval mode but Bobby wants to go and work too, ghost or not. Knowing about vengeful spirits and considering that Dick killed Bobby, the boys sideline him. This doesn’t sit well with our daddy Bobby who looks determined to work the case in spite of being other worldly.

The first look of Frank’s hacker screams total nerd! Charlie rides a scooter(helmet and goggles of course), entering Roman’s HQs geeking out to “Walking on Sunshine”. One of my favorite scenes is Charlie letting loose in the elevator showing her true free spirit! Her cubicle is decorated with superheroes and she goes right to work donating money to her favorite charities from money she has stolen. Charlie is obviously quite the computer geek because Dick Roman calls on her to crack Frank’s hard drive. He gives her three days or she’s fired. After working all night, she finally cracks the code only to discover more than she wants to know about Dick Roman, the Leviathan and the whole taking over the world plan. With this new info, Charlie sneaks home to pack intending to leave. With her Star Wars bobble heads bobbling and her nerves on spidey sense, Charlie meets Dean and Sam. Pouring borax on themselves to prove their non-Levi status, Charlie does the same not even blinking.

The Winchesters explain the back story to Charlie after which she plans to leave but realizes that out of the three of them, that she is the one to discover what Dick has planned. Let the spying begin! The boys are in Frank’s high-tech van braving Charlie up when Dean sees Bobby’s flask hanging out of Charlie’s bag. Dean informs her of its good luck presence and she takes a big appreciative swig. With Dean encouraging Charlie to flirt her way into Dick’s office, Sam laughs at his instructions to Charlie for schmoozing the guard. Charlie likes girls so Dean’s advice then is to pretend the guard has boobs. Charlie gets pass the guard into Dick’s office. She hacks into the computer to discover that Dick is expecting a special package. There isn’t time for the boys to intercept the package so Charlie delays the message and therefore the object’s retrieval. Bobby is lurking around, giving Charlie a hand by causing noises for the guard to check out. Bobby’s frustration level rises, giving us some impending doom tingles!

The boys take off to procure the package but before Charlie can escape, Dick pins her down with  questions on breaking Frank’s code. Everything that Dick says is ominous Levi lingo but for the non-supernatural person, sounds like normal typical executive speak! At the airport, the Winchester’s pull off a switcheroo with the containers, again very spy like! When Dick hears that his package has arrived, he leaves Charlie but wants her to stay for further questioning. This is Charlie’s cue to run like heck which she does but only gets as far as the front door. Dick opens his container but it’s been rigged with a borax bomb and explodes all over he and the guards.  Dick lockdowns the facility but Dean and Sam burst through the glass to rescue Charlie. The boys get tossed around and Bobby comes to their aid but not in a good way! Vengefulness comes over him and he knocks Charlie out of the way to get to Dick. Dick just smiles and wants to play, monster o monster! Sam carries Charlie out the door and they take off to the hospital. Leaving the hospital with a sling on her broken arm, Charlie really doesn’t want to see the superheroes again! With a final “peace out bitches”, Charlie hops a bus heading to somewhere/nowhere for hiding.

Before the Winchester’s get into their car, Sam brings up Bobby’s violence. They both agree that when they’ve figured out what treasure Dick has, they’ve got to deal with Bobby. We hear again about the natural order of things which the two of them have both overcome.

This episode was well written and flowed. I love the cultural references from beginning to the end. I really loved the guys having grown up conversations that didn’t entail one of them sacrificing their lives. I have a strong suspicion about what will happen with Bobby from a tidbit of info much earlier on in season seven. Right now, Castiel is a worry but Bobby certainly has to be dealt with. What we know about the Winchesters is this, “blood don’t mean family” and Bobby is family! Until Friday for “There Will be Blood”, stay supernatural!