Another weekend of Supernatural guests and craziness! Looks like the fun continues! Enjoy!

Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels  Morning sunrise in Germany! 5:05 AM local time!

Jim Michaels ‏@TheJimMichaels Having a great German meal with Steve Wiliams and @Mark_Sheppard ! Ready for #AECON3

Misha Collins @mishacollins I’ll be in Germany this weekend to mediate between Merkel & Papademos about the debt crisis. Come with–it’ll be fun!

Jim Beaver@jumblejim Good night, all! Gotta sleep. Long drive tomorrow morning to get to the Asylum Germany convention on time! Bis später!

Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels @sebroche it will be good to see you!

 Jason MannsJason Manns @jasonmanns @mattcohen4real @sebroche time for a German beer I think…
matt cohenmatt cohen @mattcohen4real @sebroche CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU GORGEOUS! #mancrush
*Excepting German T-shirts being that I just realized I didn’t pack enough clothes!*Hey Germany, your country is AMAZING! SUPERNATURAL FANS, I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS!
Sebastian RochéSebastian Roché@sebroche Landed in Frankfurt 🙂
@Jusper0110: A fair warning to all the others on the road!
 Naz Naz @leeashburn Here’s the translation of Misha’s earlier tweet 🙂 – “I’m a little to late for the  #Aecon, because Angie Merkel insists that I help her with the hair.”   
Cara  @timeywimeymoose“Where’s your moose?” is Mark Sheppard’s favourite line in the whole series
SebastianRocheFanSit @SRocheFanPage Twit summary and pics from Sebastian’s panel  Germany, 2012.
*Sebastian’s panel  Germany, 2012.
Cara S. @frozenglibberJim likes to end Bobby in a jacuzzi with Sheriff Mills, his zombie wife and Ellen. And Jo. 

JessiJessi @Jusper0110 Mark s coffee lounge was brilliant and hilarious! It got crashed by Jim m., Matt, misha and Steven, one by one w/out saying anything!
Karina @elefantengruenJim Beaver just told Carrie Anne Flemming that he loves her and they kissed.
Sebastian Roché @sebroche Photo op with @jumblejim @mattcohenforeeal and Mark Pellegrino and @mark_sheppard 🙂
Someone was sleepy today in the green room…  More sleepy heads to come… te he,,,
Misha Collins @mishacollins Satan has had a long day.
 Sebastian RochéSebastian Roché @sebroche @mishacollins and myself fell asleep and still managed to take a photo of ourselves 😉
Karina@elefantengruen Sebastian at his panel.
Jim Michaels @TheJimMichaels  @sebroche closing in soon too again!

Zac Walker@zakkorama Misha that S08=more Cas (like S04 Cas) Less angst, more storyline. Maybe Gabe and Chuck return. I’LL BE IN MAH BUNK!
Kat the Smurfy@_kat1_ almost everyone on stage after jim b’s panel
*  jim beaver
*  mark pellegrino
*  mark sheppard
*  steven williams
*  misha collins (…he got dragged of by @DougInman ;D)
*  misha collins
*  misha collins  (and that’s my fave ;D)
*  misha collins
*  carrie ann fleming
*  matt cohen
*  matt cohen / carrie ann fleming
*  sebastian roche