RIOCon was as excellent as the fans expected! Great memories of the very popular guests of Supernatural.  Lots of fun stuff! Enjoy fandom!

Jared shirtless in RIO! JustJared mag!

Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Still reeling from this Brazilian convention. Thanks to Alex, Elizabeth, & everyone who made it happen. Especially the FANS (hand gesture)!

Richard Speight, Jr .@dicksp8jr Love it! “@jensanna78: @dicksp8jr– hey! From porn to reality.. Two is better than one, isn’t it?? Big Hug from Rome

Misha Collins@mishacollins Thank u Rio! An amazing week! I also want to thank Dilma Rousseff (Brazil’s first female president) for teaching me to swear in Portuguese

Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels Thanks for a great! Now time to find the @dicksp8jr !

SPNEurope @SPNEurope And last but not least the 3rd pic of Jared at the Box Nightclub in Rio Series – @jarpad

* Jared at the Box Nightclub in Rio  @jarpad

Misha and his photographer Vitor via @TwitPic

 Daniel Lucas @danieulucas Stairway to Heaven by Mark Pellegrino 

BlogManiaSPN-Rafael@blog_maniaSPN Fotos, vídeos e tudo que rolou na RoadHouse

Supernatural girls @SPNFamilyFandom  album

Isabel Paixão @TVDPLL Jared laughed because all the fans screamed when he took off his jacket.

* Jared stirring his hair.

Jared vid by raphaellarodrigues

Jared: “The fans are great, just loud… They make me feel like Justin Bieber! I got the hair!”

Jared vid by @Claucar

Natália Godoi@spnfansbrazil Mark, Richard e Misha na  Tio Lu com a camisa do Brasil *—*

* Jared

João @joaocq  RoadHouse Brazil Convention 2012 – Misha’s Panel @ Rio de Janeiro:

* RoadHouse Brazil Convention 2012 – Jared Padalecki’s Panel ‘I lost my shoe…: 

Natália Godoi @spnfansbrazil Ameei essa foto do Mark!

* Ameei essa foto do Mark! *-*

Rhaíssa Gualter @rhagualterMisha said they’ll never admit it, but Jensen and Jared treat each other as brothers

@socialitelife: NEWS!  Jared Padalecki & Misha Collins Bring Their Studly Selves To RIOCon 

Dan Collin’s @CollinDans Mark P and the shirt of Brazil

Jared’s panel 2:  Jared talks about Gen e Thomas 🙂 by @thaJudd

 @SpnTentation: @MishaCollins at RoadHouse Brazil Convention.

Jared & underwear gift! by samanthapatrelli

 Misha vid by JPadaleckiBR

 @dicksp8jr‘s tiger!

* @dicksp8jr !

Jared panel:

Jared & Misha panel:

 @LucySeixas Jared also got a gift!

 * Jared: “I’m gonna wash these and everytime I wear it I’ll think of the amazing Brazilian fans!”
Dan Collin’s  @CollinDans Glad that @mishacollins did not post the video he made  would be somewhat inappropriate
Diana @Diana_spnJared’s Panel yesterday!!! =))) by @thajudd
Nathalia ☠ @_nathy People who know me well KNOW how I hate take credit for stuff, but for this moment, I take it. Carry on My Wayward Son..
Jim Michaels talks about Supernatural  – by scissorhandsls
Diana @Diana_spn All the boys together on stage!
I love that chair!!! Jared looks great on it!!
@jarpad ans his perfect portuguese!!! Awwwwwww

Diana Diana @Diana_spn I believe he actually converted a lot of ppl into TEAM LUCIFER!!
ϟTeAmo Jared .. SPN♡ @TeAmoMuitoJared Misha usando a cueca na cabeça.
Rayenne Idjit  @rayennemedeiros Jared Padalecki seduzindo todos
Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Rio, I miss you so! I love your Christ, I love your meat, I love your Caipirinhas – but most of all I love your FANS!!!
Richard Speight, Jr.Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr If that tiger could talk, I doubt that would be the word he’d use. “@Olivernattie: @dicksp8jr my Tiger is soo lucky!!
Jared receives gift for Thomas from fan!
Great angle for Jared’s panel! vid by hayaneckle:
Clif Kosterman@bodyguard4JandJ Jared and me in Rio