Supernatural Fans! Another weekend of fun in the sun! The tweeting is mostly in Portuguese so I’m posting pics and English tweets!  Enjoy Rio!

RoadhouseBrazil Panel presentation vid!

@CollinDans: Backdrop!

In the News! @mkevents_  Com time de galãs, elenco de ‘Supernatural’ encontra fãs no Rio de Janeiro

@_gilancellotti Sim, paguei mico! Kkk @jarpad fofo!


Luciana Seixas@LucySeixas Richard and Mark!

Xeila Mazzega@_xeilinha Uma previaaa

João @joaocqSheppard: ‘the only words in portuguese i know are: ronaldo, ronaldinho, neymar’

Richard and Sheppard want to learn how to samba

Elaine@Jaredsgirl86 mark said he’s gonna kiss everyone here lol

Hanna Pimenta @hannapimentacFã: “Why are you guys so amazing?” Mark: “Why we are amazing? Because we were made that way

 @SpnTentation A fan wants to make a pact with Mark S on stage!

 @TVDPLL Mark Sheppard & Richard

#RioCon RoadHouseBr @SpnTentationRichard joked with Mark about the kiss with Bobby

Midnight Desire @Midnight_DesireSheppard and Richard are talking about soccer, samba and brazilian food. A lot of language misunderstand. FUUUN

#RioCon RoadHouseBr  @SpnTentation Mark came off the stage and is among the fans

Esposa do Jensen ♥ @AtaqueSPN Mark olhando para as fãs. quem quer abraçar ele ? :3

Enquanto Mark anda pelo corredor, Richard fica no palco.

@AtaqueSPN Mark – So Close *—* 

#RioCon RoadHouseBr@SpnTentation Mark said he did not speak Spanish, and speaks little English.

 Esposa do Jensen ♥Esposa do Jensen ♥ @AtaqueSPN Richard: ‘who want me back to the show?
Richard Speight, Jr.@dicksp8jr Waiting for some tweeted pics from Rio’s day 1 meet & greet. Especially from the girl who sat to my left. You know who you are! Tweet! Now!
myworld @sgmyworld9Misha asked Pellegrino to pull his finger and Jim Michaels did a sound of explosion with the mic
Luciana Seixas@LucySeixas Misha, Mark and Jim.
#RioCon RoadHouseBr @SpnTentation @TheJimMichaels @mishacollins e Mark Pellegrino no palco da convenção.
@SpnTentation: Fotos da RoadHouse Brazil Convention –  Tentation Fan Club ✡
Elaine‏  @Jaredsgirl86 mark is playing Mishas personal translator
Luciana Seixas@LucySeixas Jim, Mark and Misha!
BlogManiaSPN-Rafael@blog_maniaSPN Primeiras fotos da RoadHouse Brasil
Dan Collin’s @CollinDansMisha says that his voice depends on the underwear.. he wears.* Jim, Pellegrino, Misha, Richard and Sheppard!
Tai@thay_the “I have to say, I love Lucifer” Mark Pellegrino
Luciana Seixas@LucySeixas The cast of SPN is awesome!
Midnight Desire @Midnight_DesirePellegrino is wearing a chicken hat
Luciana Seixas @LucySeixas Mark Pellegrino just sang for us!!!!
João  @joaocq Jim michaels, misha, pellegrino and sheppars
 @LucySeixas: Misha likes three things in Brazil: the girls, the women and the ladies! LOL!
m/AsI7ogRCMAEcf_7.jpg Todos,menos o Jared!
@CollinDans: The girls are freaking out because of Jared will enter
 Midnight Desire@Midnight_Desire  amaaazing
Thais Grandisoli @kathaisss THIS IS MISHA SAYING HI TO ME VID!
@louiseduarte Convenção de Supernatural rolando…
elizabeth @luigihemsworth @Mark_Sheppard said, that he will appear in a series of 7×22
Jéssica Silva @jeapsilva Mark Pellegrino, Misha Collins, Richard Speight Jr., Mark Sheppard

*Mark Pellegrino

* Mark Pellegrino e Misha Collins,

Mark Pellegrino

Mark Sheppard

 Jéssica SilvaJéssica Silva @jeapsilva Richard Speight Jr., Mark Sheppard
 * Richard Speight Jr., Mark Sheppard
 * Richard Speight Jr.
* Richard Speight Jr.
 Misha cute smile at
Misha vid by Misha!
Jéssica Silva @jeapsilva Misha Collins e Jared Padalecki Beautiful
Misha Collins e Jared Padalecki s2
Someone’s tumblr acct! Misha & Mark!
Misha is beautiful hahhahahaa

Jéssica Silva @jeapsilva Jared Padalecki Perfect
* Jared Padalecki Awnnnn

*Jared Padalecki Perfect
#RioCon RoadHouseBr @SpnTentation Clif at the hotel where the convention is happening in Brazil.
@TataaPadalecki: Jared and Misha

 @CollinDans, the chairs are definitely reinforced!! “@Diana_spn: I sat in front of @jarpad, on the floor
#RioCon RoadHouseB @SpnTentation @TheJimMichaels at RoadHouse Brazil Convention.
#RioCon RoadHouseBr@SpnTentation @jarpad at RoadHouse Brazil Convention!
Mark Pellegrino, Misha Collins, Richard and Mark Sheppard at RoadHouse Brazil Convention!

Misha and Mark Pellegrino by @CollinDans

 RoadHouse Brazil Convention 2012 – Jared Padalecki’s Panel @ Rio de Janeiro – YouTube  @CarolynSIO vid by jjoao17
Jensen Fan Chile@jensenfanchile Jared CRIED when the girl gave him the little shirt! 


Jensen Fan ChileJensen Fan Chile @jensenfanchile Jared said he likes to play the bad guy, not the good guy. He really liked to play Soulless!Sam
@CollinDans: Mark Pellegrino
* Season 8 will have 24 episodes, not 22. 
* Jim M. said that Baby/Impala will be back in the season finale. 
 @CollinDansJared said he did not speak Portuguese …. In Portuguese  

Diana @Diana_spn His hair looks gorgeous here in Brazil hahaha!!!
Jéssica Silva @jeapsilva Jared Padalecki