This convention has been wonderful! I hope you’ve enjoyed the info! Due to the major time difference, I’ve played catch up! So tweets may be out of order but I record when they’re posted!   Will be updating the vids on another page as they come in! Stay supernatural folks!


Jared Padalecki@jarpad Having tons of fun here in Rome, can’t wait to see everybody in Rio De Janeiro next weekend!!



 @janiedean:  [Jensen] still calls jdm twice each month and jdm invited him to his cabin in new york

MinionFEVMinionFEV @MishaMinionArmy If Jensen had been a girl, his name would have been Holly. He didn’t have a name for 3 days
 From a girl during the photo op session!
 * Misha crashed Jensens panel
  @netlynn10 What compliment was Jensen give to Sam? How do u keep hair so perfect. And his loyalty. 

ClarissaClarissa @clarissa373 Jensen is adorable and charming  
Photo tweeted by @sebroche of him and @jarpad at
 ClarissaClarissa @clarissa373 A photo of Jared and Jensen  More to come, with a full report.
 @MishaMinionArmy: If Jensen woke up being Dean, hed get in the Impala and go to Las Vegas and go crazy
Emanuela Graziani @Emausagi My t-shirt signed by Jensen! He liked it very much I’m glad
Relya Lestrange @RelyaLestrange Day 2- Misha crashes on Jensen’s panel.


risztina Szalka @Kriaaaa  Jared also says Thomas farts and smiles just like his Daddy- no need for paternity testing at all. 

@galain: Jared calls Jensen Stack and Shackles
* Jensen likes his name ’cause its unique and its him, but it was a bit difficult growing up cause he had to keep spelling it
Krisztina Szalka@Kriaaaa  Jared postponed his arrival in Rome since Thomas was being too cute and he didn’t wanna miss it. Awwwwwwww!
Jason Manns@jasonmanns @mishacollins is making everyone sit on the floor because “his tootsies need space” 

Video: all-spn: 

Video: all-spn:

 2012 SUN Jensen Panel HQ Pics –

 Jensen via @GHFansForum

Jus in Bello 3 – FOTO PANEL ROB/rOB PICS via @GHFansForum

Erica @AirickaJane @RobBenedict is the sweetest. I talked his ear off drunkenly about politics & he was too gracious about it lol. 

*Jensen being Jensen. AKA being perfect.

Jensen vid speaking Japanese!!/search/jibcon/slideshow/videos?

Jensen Ackles chaouens


Clarissa @clarissa373 Photos of Jensen (and one with Jason Manns) from this morning’s panel:

@Chaouen_s: Jensen, Jared and Misha

@ValentinaM_88: #Jensen joins Jason on stage

Krisztina Szalka @Kriaaaa Jensen joins Jason on stage via @youtube

JOE-nas Potter @saylee_padwal “Jensen. J-E-N-S-E-N. Not JenSON. Okay, nevermind, just call me Justin.”

Christine @technicolour66 Had a moment in that panel. Almost … Hit… Someone… Bet someone filmed it. Jared & Misha mayhem

Jared Padalecki  chaouen via @GHFansForum

mfluder42@mfluder_42 Jared being asked a question, Misha yawning and coughing

@SPNGermany: Jared and Misha arrived

mfluder42 @mfluder_42 Misha – I’m not going to be talking, I’m going to be taking notes.

@galain: Rob’s hero is his granma. His parents had some problem when he was young and she helped a lot
 @Chaouen_s: Jensen and Jared pics

@janiedean:  he’d like to play chuck knowing that he’s god and he pretends to be chuck with sam and dean”
@Jusper0110: First I got a bloody autograph from Jensen as dean!How cool is that!

 @galain: Fan gave Rob a toilet paper roll “I’ll tell Jensen and Jared you guys love me better, they only get embroidered pillows
 @galain: Misha can’t stop laughing!  

mfluder42mfluder42 @mfluder_42 Did Cas save Sam because of his friendship with Dean, or because of his friendship with Sam? Jared: Why *did* you do that?  
 * @mfluder_42: Misha to Jared: dont put this on me. She wanted to know what you thought! I have no idea what the question was!
awakencordy @awakencordy Jared takes his coat off
@clarissa373: Jared takes off one of his many layers of clothes and the crowd goes wild
@SPNGermany Jared and Misha arrived

*Misha crashed Jensens panel
 @mfluder_42 Misha noisily drinking water while fan still tries to ask the question – Jared missed the question
@AndreaGiampa Meeting @jarpad & @mishacollins at the

@Anast_D@dicksp8jr crashes jensens panel with a camera . I guess we will see ourselves again on the net soon.”
 well you know what that means 😉 RT @clarissa373: Jared: “I’ve got very big feet”.
Jessi @Jusper0110 They just sang happy birthday to a fan. In a mix between English and Italian.

@MishaMinionArmy: Jensen would not hang with Dean because they would get in trouble
@netlynn10: Jared is embarrassed explaining his has big feet – fan girls go crazy
“Misha: All questions asked must be asked in an Italian accent. (Question asked) Jared: I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question.”
@_patsan_ Cas loves Sam, but he doesn’t love Jared
@SPNGermany Misha would love to play the Impala!!  
  *  Jared would like to play Lucifer again if he could

jared and misha’s panel right now https://pic.twitter com/a80etwVf  by @galain

Lavinia@janiedean  jared’s fav urban legends eere the hook man and shadow man, misha got scarred by invasion of the body snatchers when he was six

valeria @babyfragola misha loves cliches
@galain: Jares would like to learn some language, Misha would like to able to fly planes
 Krisztina SzalkaKrisztina Szalka @Kriaaaa Jared would like his son to watch Fievel , the Last Unicorn and Duck Tales. Misha likes the Looney Tunes and Jem
 @netlynn10: Misha had Jared and Jensen kicked off stage for making him laugh while filming.  

 @mfluder_42 Q: Any kind of skill you’d like to acquire. Jared: I’d love to act.
SPNGermany@SPNGermany favorite show on tv when they were a kid: Jared: “The last unicorn and Ducktales!” Misha: “I liked the Looney Tunes stuff!” #
  @galain J2 were very proud to have been kicked out of their own stage by Misha 

 @galain: Jared, to a fan: Your Italian accent is good! Girl: I’m Italian. Jared cracks up

@marygenoana: Misha and Jared again

Lavinia@janiedean they did an attempt for a cas/sam hug and it was hilarious. Also they have a lot of baby talk lately
mfluder42 @mfluder_42 % of time Jared and Misha talk about their kids to each other … LOTS!
 NanetteNanette @netlynn10 Jared is adorable as the doting dad.
 @galain Jared wouldn’t try to turn somebody who isn’t a fan into a spn fan b/c he already has us and we understand the show
@SPNGermany Rob was totally in love with “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”
@mfluder_42 Jared: Jensen just pulled a prank on me. He was directing and I get out of the car, and go up to a motel room…
 *Jared thanking the audience for participating in the charity auction – all the guys nodding and agreeing.  
 JasJas @crystalchain Oh man, Mark is a great hugger 😀 hope the pic comes out okay. But even if not, the moment & the hug were awesome 😀 love the guy
 SPNGermanySPNGermany‏  @SPNGermany Brock and Jim crashed the panel 
Nanette@netlynn10 Misha says hard to get into a scene when Jared keeps pulling pants down
Clarissa@clarissa373 Misha and Jared pretending to act out Cas trying to hug Sam. Most awkward/hilarious hug ever
Lavinia @janiedean  something happened in the green room and seb was involved and they’re like YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW 

ClarissaClarissa@clarissa373  Misha’s so upset a fan is asking Jared a question and not him that he’s deliberately sabotaging her question. It’s totally hilarious 
Sarah @ 22Cate  Jim/Brock panel as Jim says have never had a scene together and only met yesterday!
SPNEurope@SPNEurope Jus in Bello III 2012 – Jim Beaver Panel  some great pics of @jumblejim‘s Panel, yesterday
SPNGermany@SPNGermany Brock’s best convention experience? THIS ONE
Cassandra C.@CassieTheSeer I have never had a bad convention… I have never been to a better convention as  That’s the best. @jumblejim

 Domenica PateDomenica Pate @_patsan_ The end of Misha&Jared’s panel till Brock&Jim join in. Short video:
Krisztina Szalka@Kriaaaa Jensen speaking Japanese 
M.M.@galain Brock was afraid of the dark and slept in the same bed as his mom and sister until he was 13
JOE-nas Potter @saylee_padwal Jensen says he never says his real name in coffee shops to write on cups cause it’s hard, he says Jay. 

SPNGermanySPNGermany @SPNGermany Jim let Maddie watch “Of Grave Importance”. She wasn’t afraid of all the ghosts. She laughed
Jensen Ackles by chaouens

 Domenica PateDomenica Pate @_patsan_ Jim’s talking about his daughter while Brock is talking about his younger brother. Overall a very sweet moment
@CassieTheSeer: Revelation: Brock is a pilot! Let me be your cabin crew!!!
Jason Manns Brazil @jasonmannsBR Foto Jason e Jensen, painel  esta manhã via@clarissa373
Nanette @netlynn10  @jumblejim is one class act
@CassieTheSeer Strange is when you people bring gifts to us… WE should bring gifts to you!  @jumblejim
#Jensen Ackles 2012 Angie.
«marghe @_sickobsession I just did jensen autograph and I give him my drawing and he looked me right in the eyes. I went out and started crying like a baby.  

 @Cassietheseer @jarpad @jumblejim @mishacollins #brockkelly

SPNGermany @SPNGermany Him, Brock, Richard, Sebastian and Mark

Nanette@netlynn10 @sebroche singing hot in here while talking about leviathan in his pants

Dan Collin’s @CollinDans Jensen

@redteekal  Brock and Jim show now on.

All Supernatural@all_spn Tweets and Pics from Jim and Brock Panel



larissa‏ @clarissa373 Sebastian Roche gets up on stage and the sexual innuendo cracks up to a million

@SPNGermany: Fan: “Do you prefer cons with or without J2?” – Mark: “I actually like cons with them. Because they’re haandsome!”

@netlynn10 Richard says @sebroche running around on stage is like boy band gone wrong

 @_Halliwell91  Jared!

 @SPNGermany: Richard just crashed Jensen’s Panel and took photos of him
MinionFEV @MishaMinionArmy Q: Why does Jared play with Jim’s toes? Jared: I have very big feet. Cue laughter and screams and a look from Misha
 * Richard and Seb


ClarissaClarissa@clarissa373 There will probably be nothing I can transcribe from the Mark/Sebastian/Richard panel. Just imagine a crack trip…an awesome one
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Sebastian is reacting his role on “Grimm”.
Geisa sem Arruda pfv@aigeisa danneel often asks “why are you talking like dean?!” jensen: oh i’m sorry, that just happens. it slips
myworld@sgmyworld9 Jason Manns joins Jim Beaver on stage
Cassandra C.@CassieTheSeer @sebroche I look people in the eye! @dicksp8jr erm…
MinionFEV @MishaMinionArmy Jared: “Misha has done a pretty bad-ass job as Castiel
myworld@sgmyworld9 Misha Collins ruining our lives He thinks Dean is attracted to Cas.
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Richard thinks the coolest angel is Balthazar
Dan Collin’s @CollinDans  Jared Padalecki
“…the fact that we’re wearing the same shirt…” Out of Jensen’s beautiful mouth.
Clarissa@clarissa373 Lucifer just woke the “favorite angel scream-off”

 SPNGermanySPNGermany@SPNGermany  Coolest-angel-competition. Lucifer wins!!
LaviniaLavinia@janiedean  they’re like we’ll use a screamometer to decide who’s the coolest angel btw them – lucy won and mark screamed tight leotard
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Richard took the camera of a fan to record her question to Mark
Lavinia @janiedean  richard is filming mark for someone
awakencordy @awakencordy Expecting Jensen and Misha at any minute now, it’s probable for them to crash the trio’s panel. Theirs is the last panel
M.@galain Mark imitating Richard and Richard imitating Mark is one of the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!
Domenica Pate @_patsan_ Screaming contest: which angel is the most loved one? Richard, Mark and Sebastian
Cassandra C.@CassieTheSeer  crazy on stage

 Cassandra C.Cassandra C.@CassieTheSeer Maybe @sebroche ‘s been castrated  said by @mishacollins
 M.M.@galain Jensen: I brought somebody on stage, total stranger, I don’t who he is. Misha: kind of like a blind date
JasonMannsItalia @jasonmannsit Twitter Pics from Jason’s JIB Concert
SPNGermany@SPNGermany Another pic of Jensen and Misha
 @galain: They’re bickering like an old married couple
 @marygenoana: Jensen and Misha

Christine @technicolour66 Jensen & Misha just voted for @kimrhodes4real to be at the next  because she’s hot and generally awesome
Lavinia@janiedean  misha ‘it took me two years to build my house and they build them on set in two weeks’ jen: ‘and it doesn’t look half as good’
JasonMannsItalia@jasonmannsit VIDEO JIB 3: Jason Manns & Steve Carlson Panel
Noeliab_@inkaos They’s playing a clip of Jensen singing I Saw Her Standing There and he keeps going “that’s not me”

  @galain: Misha: they know it’s you cause they get a tingly feeling when they hear you
Dan Collin’s @CollinDans Jensen ends with Misha in Jus In Bello::__>Misha: I thought we had something special. Jensen: I’m sorry, it’s not you, it’s me
 @netlynn10 Jensen & seb dancing on stage
Christine @technicolour66 Jensen tattled on Jared. Someone said “you’re amazing and Jared replied “you’re welcome”

@marygenoana: Jensen

Clarissa@clarissa373 Fan: “I want to thank u so much for being amazing”. Jared: “You’re welcome.” Jensen & Misha just reenacted it.
 @galain: They had to edit the trenchcoat scene cause the original scene was too ridiculous
Misha: how long did it take your parents to figure out you weren’t a Holly?. Jensen: 6 or 7 years-

 @marygenoana: Jensen and Misha panel

SPNGermany@SPNGermany Jensen was reading Misha’s special skills. That’s why he was laughing so hard!!

FãClube Supernatural@Fc_Supernatural  Jensen and Misha screaming at a fan’s phone.

@SPNGermany: Jared and Jensen screaming at a fan’s phone.

@galain A girl asked for a personalized alarm clock and they just yelled “get up get up!” in the phone

Antonella@ginevra17 Jensen and Misha are laughing so hard for an old Misha’s resumee that actually says ‘I can act on camera’ and I can throat-sing xD 

@Akane87They are laughing SO HARD 


LaviniaLavinia@janiedean  misha is doing tibetan throat singing
Jo@LikeTheGun If that girl ever uploads her alarm clock she will be worshiped. WORSHIPED.

 @galain: A girl has a Misha resumè from 15 years ago. The special skills are acting on camera and clogging and tour biking
Antonella@ginevra17 ‘Can you ride a bike?’ ‘Nope. But I can bicycle tour, it’s listed under my special skills’ XD  

LaviniaLavinia@janiedean among which were horseback riding, camera acting and bycicle touring
SHERlocked Mary @marygenoana Misha and Jensen!

@galain: Misha, after not knowing the answer to a question: can you ask us another question that won’t make us look stupid?

@Akane87 Misha has his finger in Jensen’s nose 

 @netlynn10 Misha invading Jensen’s personal space by picking his nose.

 @marygenoana More Jensen

All Supernatural@all_spn Tweets and Pics from the Richard, Mark and Sebastian Panel

Christine @technicolour66 Telling stories about personal space

  @_patsan_ “It wasn’t you, it was me” Jensen and some shy awkward guy 

 @marygenoana: Talking about personal space, Misha and Jensen

 SHERlocked Mary @marygenoana Misha, Jensen and personal space

 SHERlocked Mary @marygenoana The end ;_____;

@marygenoana Misha and Jensen

 @CassieTheSeer: #jensenackles I’ll see you next year when you’ll have more dirt on @mishacollins

 All Supernatural@all_spn Tweets and Pics from jensen and misha panel

Clarissa@clarissa373 Actually, I’ll just tell you all now. Here’s how the  resume question came about: The other night, we (cont)

 @marygenoana Misha and Jensen

valeria@babyfragola waiting for the actors to come on stage for the goodbyes can’t believe it is over

 Sebastian Wheeliker@SupernaturalSeb Jensen laughing

Christine @technicolour66 Closing ceremony

Dan Collin’s @CollinDans  Jensen

*  Jensen

*  Jensen

*  Jensen


*  Misha and Jared

*  Misha and Jared

*  Jensen e Mark


 *  Seb,Mark,Jensen


*  Mark and Jensen

*  Richard

*  Misha and Jared

 @technicolour66 Love how the J’s are next too each other celebrating their show with everyone

M.@galain Jensen and the other just led a round of “one more year” for another #jibcon next year. Hope @JusInBelloCon and @serendipityhope agree!

Cassandra C.Cassandra C.@CassieTheSeer @jarpad asking for one more year of #jibcon

 @marygenoana: The cast and The awesome staff

ТАТЬЯНКА@tdavletchina Jensen Ackles

   @crystalchain: Jensen and Misha 

Christine @technicolour66 @RobBenedict said this is our family pic – him, me and Priestly.

 @MishaMinionArmy: Jensen’s nickname for Jared is jrod

JasJas@crystalchain Another one of Jensen and Misha

Simone Kalel@redteekal Jensen falls tothe floor dead when he reads Misha’s special skill of EMTtraining. M treats J by kicking him until he gets up.

Iulia Cristina@IuliaCristina13 Jim Beaver

Simone Kalel@redteekal  Jensen says Misha is very handy with carpentry tools but that he would never actually sit in a chair made by Misha.

 @SPNGermany Richard just crashed Jensen’s Panel and took photos of him

  Simone Kalel@redteekal  Jensen: mimes rubbing his face all over Cas’s trenchcoat as suitable actions matchingthe original dialogue for the coat return scene

Iulia Cristina@IuliaCristina13 Funny pics of Misha and Jensen

HELENA@HELENAx_x  Jensen and Misha scream on my phone… I’m really happy!!
MinionFEV@MishaMinionArmy Jensen: when you’re an unemplyed actor, you make shit up. Misha: excuse me, dickhead, but I did do a commercial for mcd
@crystalchain: Another one of Jensen and Misha