JIBCon panels have started and the wonderful Richard Speight is up first! Richard, Sebastian, Rob, Brock, Misha and Mark panels! I will add the vids and pics that sneak out eventually! Enjoy the day fans!

Richard Speight Panel

  @crystalchain: Richard http://twitpic.com/9eemas

Joanna @JMacLean Mote Richard http://twitpic.com/9ecd46 

JoannaRichard on stage http://twitpic.com/9ecbtd

SPNGermanySPNGermany@SPNGermany That’s the stage!!  http://via.me/~v83l8m

annie .@annie_salmon new #rich pic @dicksp8jr http://via.me/-v8chuw

 SPNGermany  @SPNGermany Richard sais it’s annoying that Sebastian wants to impress everyody by speaking every language in the world 

Lavinia @janiedean apparently sebastian knows every language known to man. And richard is imitating him

SPNGermany@SPNGermany Someone asked a question and Richard missunderstood it! “I’m waiting for you with my nipples!” 

Simone KalelSimone Kalel @redteekal fan: I wait for you in Naples Richard: you wait for me with your nipples?

Lavinia @janiedean  Richard’s future projects are more justified stuff, a short movie he directed and the pepsi commercial

 @Jusper0110:  MISHA ROB JASON SEB and half of JIM http://twitter.com/Jusper0110/status/195836711295664129/photo/1

@annie_salomon  here news and pictures about #jibcon in italian: http://supernatural-legend.forumcommunity.net/?t=45317346&st=3315#lastpost

Jessi @Jusper0110 Seb just crashed  http://twitter.com/Jusper0110/status/195873181016403970/photo/1

Lavinia@janiedean  oh god seb kissed her ajnd said he impregnated her and the girl is about to die XDD

[G][G]  @gmorataya *My Heart Will Go On plays* LOL RT @Jusper0110: Seb just crashed  http://bit.ly/IgRg0W

JoannaJoanna@JMacLean Sebastian on stage now, too  http://twitpic.com/9ecpre
@galain: Here are the gus at Roman Holiday http://yfrog.com/oejpyvikj 
Anja@zartherbes My fanart on their wall  http://pic.twitter.com/4aVEye6A
Jas@crystalchain Seb & Richard w/ a fan on stage  http://twitpic.com/9eeocl
Sebastian Roche Panel:
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Sebastian dies in everything he’s doing. (SPN / TVD)
M.@galain There’s a bucket of marbles onstage and at every panel the actors are supposed to put some in a jar, hence all the balla talking
Lea Winchester@LeaWinc  RESOCONTI PANEL SEB  http://bit.ly/I7zXwA via @GHFansForum
annie .@annie_salmon  #rich said his favorite scene in #changingchannels is the one in the warehouse
M.@galain Seb’s shamelss, his definition. It’s true, though
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Sebastian auditioned for Crowley, Lucifer and Gabriel
Silvia @stillnotaginger They hired him for balthy because he was wearing a vneck  

Joana Petrova ϟJoana Petrova  ϟ@johannapetrova seb: my first scene was with misha (crowd cheers). tight leotard. (crowd cheers). misha in a tight leotard. (crowd cheers).
M. @galain Misha’s hiding behind the curtain  

ClarissaClarissa@clarissa373  The problem with trying to explain Sebastian’s hilarious jokes is you kind of had to be there. Otherwise you just think he’s insane
Antonella@ginevra17 @sebroche singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ in falsetto. I AM DYING
Joanna@JMacLean Sebastian on stage now, too  http://twitpic.com/9ecpre
Misha & Sebastian Panel
 @galain: Panels are like group therapy for Misha and Mark: would you like to have group therapy with Lucifer
SPNGermany@SPNGermany  Misha has a question for Sebastian 
*Sebastian also died in “Grimm
Federica @Akane87 Have a Misha and half of my face because I’m way too derp for the internet http://twitpic.com/9ed73h
Joana Petrova  ϟ@johannapetrova also every couple of minutes seb has to say “misha collins in a tight leotard
Joanna@JMacLean Misha joined Sebastian on stage  http://twitpic.com/9ed7ow
Joana Petrova  ϟ@johannapetrova seb: (about misha) that is why i fell in love with him at first sight. i saw him and thought “you’re hot
Domenica Pate@_patsan_ Misha Collins and Sebastian Roché on stage at http://instagr.am/p/J7Tq_MnEqp/
M.@galain Misha carried Seb off stage and Seb accidentally punched him on the nose
Federica@Akane87  Misha just asked how many con virgins are there and said that Seb can take care of it rotflmao
Misha Collins Panel
annie.@annie_salmon another #misha video !! very cute 🙂 http://yfrog.com/nceinnz
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Misha would tell Castiel to lighten up
Federica@Akane87 He has bad news about Cas’s wardrobe
M.@galain The secret to playing different characters is wearing underwear of different tightness   

 @galain: Misha’s very hyper today, especially confronted with last year
*The secret to playing different characters is wearing underwear of different tightness
 * Lev!Cas is the tightest, future!Cas has no underwear
 @_givemewings: “I think they’re trying to make Castiel a little less powerful” – Misha
 @galain: SMG has a reputation for being hard to work with, but she was actually great
* Misha’s talking about his role on “Ringer”
* West wants to watch the same video over and over so he told him that the screen is broken
* Misha doesn’t like tvd

@galain: Girl asked Misha to tweet live but he doesn’t have his phone with him 

SPNGermanySPNGermany @SPNGermany Someone asks why Misha doesn’t follow anyone.

M.M. @galain Girl: why aren’t you following anyone on twitter? You’re basically talking to yourself
Fave Cas quote: the voice says I’m almost out of minutes and I learned it from the pizza man
If he couldn’t play Cas, he would have asked them to recast Dean, cause Misha and Jensen look similar
* He tries following occasionally but it’s boring and he likes himself better
annie .@annie_salmon #misha talking about he’s not following anyone on twitter https://p.twimg.com/ArfxS_fCIAAhfEg.jpg
SPNGermany@SPNGermany Misha’s favorite Cas quote: “I learned it from the pizza man
@janiedean:  he doesn’t follow anyone on twitter bc his stuff is more interesting than other people’s”
Helena @_givemewings Misha is talking about the Scavenger Hunt
Lavinia@janiedean ‘this year we weren’t drunk when we made rhe list, next year we’ll be trashed’


M.M. @galain The only items that didn’t make the #GISHWHES list are safety or legally related
Federica@Akane87 Have a little glimpse of Misha  http://twitvid.com/RRVBK
SPNEurope@SPNEurope Hi and by @mishacollins –  http://twitvid.com/RRVBK
Mark Pellegrino Panel
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Mark Pellegrino crashed Misha’s Panel
Anja@zartherbes Mark Pellegrino panel  http://twitter.com/zartherbes/status/195895387960254464/photo/1
annie.@annie_salmon MARK AND MISHA ON THE STAGE AFTER MARK CRASHED: https://p.twimg.com/Arf0QUCCAAAc116.jpg
Rochelly César @rochellycesar  Mark and Misha http://pic.twitter.com/BcHc0QUi 
SHERlocked Mary @marygenoana  Mark and Misha (Lights are a nightmare)  http://pic.twitter.com/aH5tMavc
Mark Pellegrino       http://instagr.am/p/J7bHIINlFS/
#JIBCon has been spammed with crap! tons of trash & not any Mark! Sorry!
SPNGermany@SPNGermany A girl: “Mark Sheppard is scarier than you!” – Mark: “You have no idea!!”
Jessi @Jusper0110  For those of you wondering what happened to Brocks twitter! He deleted it because he caught himself (cont) http://tl.gd/h63th7
M.@galain @NathanFillionis as sweet and enthusiastic as he seems
Mark just yelled Good Morning, Vietnam

SPNGermanySPNGermany@SPNGermany Mark: “Nathan Fillion is like a big kid
* If Lucifer ever gets out of his cage he’ll be pissed and heads are gonna roll
Domenica Pate@_patsan_ Mark Pellegrino telling a joke http://instagr.am/p/J7cFttHEuf/
Domenica Pate@_patsan_ “I think it’s the real Lucifer Sam is seeing, that’s what I think” Mark Pellegrino
 Rob & Brock Panel
There’s a little Benedict up in the Trevi Fountain!”  http://fb.me/1jsW9cBVw
Jessi @Jusper0110  my Photo op with BROCK ❤ awwww!! (And yes i know i Look so pale o.O http://twitter.com/Jusper0110/status/195937254483566592/photo/1
annie.@annie_salmon brock and rob on the stage w/ mark!! https://p.twimg.com/Arf-bvWCQAA5QHp.jpg
 Lavinia @janiedean  awww colin ford was calming brock down during his scenes
Jessi @Jusper0110 Brock and Rob on stage *insert squee here* http://pic.twitter.com/4FBZRYe8
Antonella@ginevra17 Rob Benedict is taller than Scott Caan! XD #H50 
annie.@annie_salmon #rob said that #brock makes him feel ugly and that he feels sad because he’s prettier ahah
Shirley V @Shirley_007 lsRT @_patsan_: “I played a writer who turned out to be a prophet who turned not to maybe be God” Robert Benedict
M.@galain Brock finished shooting a movie about a cappella singing group. From what he says, it sounds like the gayest movie ever
*  The first time Rib met J2, they were talking about cage fighting
*  Colin Ford had to calm Brock down cause he was kinda freaked out on his first day and he kept swearing
myworld@sgmyworld9 Tweet Summary Rob – Brock Panel http://fb.me/1CNvnQ5Aj
 @janiedean:  awwww misha is rob’s favoriite
Dan Collin’s  @CollinDans A photo of a photo …. Misha strolling through Rome Jus In Bello  http://twitpic.com/9efeti
SPNGermany @SPNGermany Sebastian, Misha and I  http://via.me/~vcjy3s
Jason Manns@jasonmanns  JIB’s in full swing! I know this b/c @mishacollins has fully swung at me twice. @RobBenedict saved me He’s super tough. http://twitter.com/jasonmanns/status/195941683760873473/photo/1
Cocktail party
 @JMacLean Misha at our table. He’s also throwing food.  http://twitpic.com/9ehce4
@galain: I think Seb just got lost or got the wrong floor, ’cause he was right outside our room  #drunkpeople
annie. @annie_salmon #misha again at the bar ahahah his tongue, oh god his fu*****g tongue. https://twitter.com/#!/marygenoana/status/195996910786580480/photo/1
* another #misha‘s pic at a table #jibcon: beautiful as always. https://p.twimg.com/ArhLHZvCIAEh3Z8.jpg
Joanna@JMacLean Misha at our table. He’s also throwing food. http://twitpic.com/9ehce4
Maíra ‘  @MaMeminger Have a little glimpse of Misha  http://twitvid.com/RRVBK
 @sgirl18: and now everyone’s hanging at the bar. all angels and the actors…its packed! and everyones getting drunk
Steve Carlson @stevecarlson … yes you do http://lockerz.com/s/204629051
Misha Collins@mishacollins I am with people who claim to be minions. However, they complain when I hit them with pastries from 20 meters away. Where’s the devotion?
Steve Carlson@stevecarlson … Good times in Roma http://lockerz.com/s/204607217
Jason Manns Brazil @jasonmannsBR Primeiras fotos de Jason em nossa Galeria – Jus in Bello 3 http://shar.es/20xRR
* Jus in Bello 3, primeiro dia http://shar.es/20xUy