For lots of fans, you think the past 2 days have been great & can’t be beaten but guess what?! IT TOTALLY CAN! Jensen & Jared are such awesome fellas! Funny, respectful & always having a good time! So enjoy this last day with J2. You will cry when it’s over! I always do sitting here on my couch reading it all! Sweet memories!

Talking about sweet memories, this was the LAST thing to happen on the panel! Birthday cake brought out by Richard Speight, happy birthday sang by the fans , & Jensen taking a big bite of the cake with Jared following! YEP, LOVE THOSE MEN!!!

Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Jensen and Jared with cake on their face

@WinchesterBros: Jensen’s birthday cake with two face prints.

@heather03nmg: The birthday boy Jensen Ackles” NICE

 @kelios Birthday cake vid!


Shelly @TheSalmonDean The J’s are late….so we wait ‘patiently’!

 @wendy_d: J2 hug.

* Baby could come any second, Jared has his phone on.

Veronika Lamichova @VeronikaCzechRDanneel hired a chef and had a bday celebration for Jensen last night

@heather03nmg Danneel threw Jensen a bday dinner party last night. Jared and Steve Carlson both attended

Sandra Echeverri@sanpao19  with @jarpad and Jense 

@MrsDeWinter_2: Js agree Bobbys death sucked, but Jensen thinks that ep is one of best eps of show

Wendy @wendy_d Thanking fans for People’s Choice Awards

heather @heather03nmg Jensen lowered his microphone to his crotch. Jared replies, Ah, the stories it could tell.

WFB Supernatural @WinFamBusiness The boys are here!

@WinchesterBros: Jared is in plaid, Jensen is in black

Phoenix Tyler @phoenix_laconJensen said season 8 looks good. Probably will happen with a shorter hiatus. ·

WendyWendy@wendy_d Jensen: Season 8 is not official yet, but it looks good.
* Jensen misses the Impala.

 Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Fan: is Danneel even going to be on SPN? Jensen: I don’t think so.

*Jensen said having the Impala back so briefly was a tease

  @moika22: Supernatural will shoot until mid April. If picked up for season 8 there may be extra episodes 

*Start episode 20 tomorrow

@phoenix_lacon: Jensen lived near the equestrian center in Burbank when he first lived in CA 

@jarpad keeps doing the nutcracker host impression from.Changing Channels. Jensen is starting to join in.

 @caitlynswanda: Jensen is sick of the cars besides the impala and feels bad for Dean 

@WinFamBusiness: What’s the craziest thing Sam and Dean have done? Jared – “Nutcracker!”

*Seven seasons later and Jared and Jensen still can’t explain what the show is about. They’ve done it all

Saila Ferreira @ShaySpnFanJensen on explaining the show: season 1? Urban legends, car, things that go bump in the night. Season 7? “I dunno…” 

@phoenix_lacon: Jensen threatened Gabe Tigerman when he drove the Impala

SPN Georgian Fans @SupernaturalGeoShow spent 20K refurbishing the Impala

@caitlynswanda: It took A LOT of drugs to put Jared under for his wrist surgery

 @heather03nmg: Jared and Jensen just shot commentary for season 7 DVD Slash Fiction

Wendy @wendy_d Jared’s dream car is a Generation Two Corevette. Jensen wants the Impala

WFB Supernatural @WinFamBusinessJensen – “There’s a certain car I do want but I have to wait until a certain show is over and get it in my contract

* I had to share this since I’m waiting in the Jared photo op line. I took this photo at breakfast this morning.

Carly!@alovething during photo ops jared said gen was doing great and about to burst.

Natalie Croyt@blondeweasel88 Just me the nicest and coolest bodyguard ever at  @bodyguard4JandJ thanks for taking time to say hi to me talk to me! 🙂

Valentina Marinelli@ValentinaM_88 #Jensen * Oh Dear Lord! ♥__♥ #SPN

  J2 pic:!/amenpadaleski_/status/176397624834916353/photo/1



heather @heather03nmg Jim and Richard onstage

Angel @angel_kink . @dicksp8jr in the audience again 

Carrie ReisserCarrie Reisser@babserella2778 Rich is gonna “work for Jim” by working the audience

*Questions about Justified…Jim wants to do an ep with Rich, but when you die there, you’re kinda gone

*Jim is wearing a Singer Salvage tshirt

*Jim : on Justified, you can be in the make up trailer and STILL not know what your ep is about

. *What other show would you work on? Jim likes “shows that kill me off”, cites Deadwood as other fave. Rich says Band Of Brothers

*Rich finds gal who got kissed by Rick. “He took Q&A and made it more T&A

Angel @angel_kink . @dicksp8jr with the girl that made out with Rick worthy

Charlotte Wilson @Sharleddo Hello @dicksp8jr, how u doin.

MariaMaria@Clovers12  @dicksp8jr and @jumblejim

Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jim: “I have about 9000 books at home and a few of them came from Bobby’s house.”

Moira @moika22Fav prop they kept. Jim: A couple of books from the set. Most books on set are on Canadian Tax Law

Angel @angel_kink . @jumblejim just refered to himself as “ex supernatural”. ALL MY CREYS

Moira@moika22 Who are you cheating on? Matt or Chad? Richard: I am the most unfaithful and promiscuous homosexual on #Supernatural

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness Jim: “When you get to my age, your memory goes really quickly

Carrie Reisser @babserella2778 Fave behind the scenes moment? Bringing Maddie up to the set last August for the 1st time & she met Bob Singer…

carla @prchrzdtr  Richard says he wasn’t there long enough to scope out the good stuff!

Carrie Reisser @babserella2778 Maddie said she wanted to be on SPN. Demanded why lighting was taking so long. Bob said she’ll become a producer

*Jim : J2 like to make up their own dialogue to throw people off. And they REALLY like doing it to Jim.

*What’s made Jim cry? Anything with The Rock in

*Rich was deeply affected by the D Day scene from Private Ryan

*While seeing Day of the Locust, Jim was asked to “cry quieter”.

Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jim: “We get a lot more questions about pranks than actual pranks

*Jim says Jared and Jensen try to make him laugh on camera and it doesn’t work

*Richard: “There’s a guy here!” Jim: “How did he get in?”

*Jim said the beer on set is usually diluted coke. Richard: “Really? Not Pepsi, dude?” Jim: “You’re the one payed to buy Pepsi

carla@prchrzdtr  what’s in the alcohol bottles on the show? Richard- Absinthe!

Michelle Carlbert @Mokibobolink“ooooh the expensive seats are complaining.” – Richard Speight Jr after taking a lot of q’s from back of room

*”Who cares?” – Jim Beaver when asked who he would choose to die (Sam or Dean) if it meant Bobby could come back

carla @prchrzdtr  if Gabriel sang Karaoke it would be Love Shack! If bobby did it would be Some Enchanted Evening or Rock Lobster!

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadness If they had to kill a character to come back on a show, Jim would kill “the tall one.” Richard says: “Who cares? Kill them all

*Richard:”It just shows how difficult murder can be.”Jim:”On tv you have to do it on multiple angles. In real life, once will do it.”

*Jim: (To Richard) “Get you on Psyche? I’ve been trying to get you off Supernatural!”

Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Jim Beaver on stage

*Richard Speight walking the crowd at

*.@dicksp8jr on watching Dean get beat up by scantily clad women in Tall Tales, “Not a bad day at the office!”

Michelle Carlbert @Mokibobolink “Tim Omundson is the chia pet of American TV.” – Jim Beaver remarking on the #Psych star’s ability to grow a massive beard quickly.

*Jim Beaver was mistaken for John Lennon & Dustin Hoffman on the same day

*When Richard Speight Jr got the role of the Trickster he originally thought he was just playing a janitor

Carrie Reisser @babserella2778  Idjit was how it was actually written. Jim saw it and said, “Really?”

*Rich doesn’t get to pick his own candy on the show…and eating on screen is a NIGHTMARE cuz of continuity issues.

*Fans would speak Klingon to Cecily at cons

Jennifer@matchboximpala @dicksp8jr is genius 

 @WinchesterBros Richard Speight walking the crowd

Michelle Carlbert @Mokibobolink I think @CreationEnt should have @dicksp8jr play Phil Donahue at every panel at every con. He’s amazing at it and it’s so much more fun!

Natalie Croyt @blondeweasel88 Thanks to @dicksp8jr for coming to the “cheap seats”  so we could ask q’s and get good pics like this 🙂


JENSEN & JARED PANEL @heather03nmg Jared and Jensen checking each others teeth before the panel

  @heather03nmg: Jensen crashed Jim’s panel

SpoilerCW @TheSpoilerCW Jared and Jensen on stage

@WinchesterBros: Jensen is still not used to the flashing lights. Jared says he follows Jensen around taking flash pictures

 @wendy_d: Jared says cons & fans are integral to SPN.Loves when newbies join The Family. Jensen never gets used 2 camera flashes.

Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jensen: “The crew is kind of our family. A very dysfunctional family, but a family nonetheless

 @WinchesterBros: Q: after so many cons ate you still in awe of it? A: both are still blown away. 

AngelAngel@angel_kink. @jarpad is now straddling a chair and it making Jensen nervous lol  ·
 @hafelina Last yr @jarpad broke a couple regular chairs, so this yr J2 get sturdy chairs 4 their panel!
Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros Jared turned his chair around and sat. Jensen: “You make me nervous
 @bblackbbirdd: @jarpad just said ‘yall’ like 6 times in one sentence
Angel @angel_kink . @jarpad mentioned the “newest addition to th family” will be here as soon as his phone starts to ring and the audience applauds
 @heather03nmg: Jensen still gets nervous anxiety before coming out on stage
@MishaMadnessJensen: (On a crew member’s 5 year old kid) “We have conversations with her. She didn’t even exist when the show started.
 @wendy_dJared says its funnier when Dean has to wear weird costumes or do odd things.  ·

Winchester BrosWinchester Bros@WinchesterBros Q: what deceased character were you glad to see come back? Jared: “I was glad to see Sam come back.” Jensen: “I wasn’t.”
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778What board game would SPN be? Jared: Twister XD Jen : Clue, Sam, in the bathroom, with a rubber duckie
Michelle Carlbert @MokibobolinkJensen once had a fan send a notebook down on a fishing line from a 2nd story window to sign an autograph
Wendy@wendy_d Jensen: If SPN was a board game, it’s be Clue. Sam Winchester, in the bathtub, with a rubber duckie
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778Jared : the boys shouldn’t take their own advice, cuz that would be boring
Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros JA: “To be honest, we don’t really take rehearsal that seriously.”
Phoenix Tyler @phoenix_laconJensen in reaction to Misha’s performance as a Leviathan: “I just peed a little
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778 Jen discussing Misha’s Cas voice & how weird he thought it was
Winchester Bros @WinchesterBrosBefore Jared worked with Misha he asked Jensen about him. Jensen told him: “He’s good, he’s good, but he’s weird
 @babserella2778 Jared was unhappy, covered in glitter, and they had to laugh. LOTS of acting going on there
Michelle Carlbert@Mokibobolink Jensen & Jared just demonstrated their fake laughter & I nearly died laughing myself. So freaking funny
Kasara D@KasaraDonnelly Jared just dropped his mic and pushed his chair over because the question is for jensen.

Jessie ♥Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jared is sitting on the stage sulking because everyone keeps asking Jensen questions
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778Jared is upset next question is for Jen, so he knocks over his chair and sits pouting on the floor
 @moika22: Glitter bomb scene was done late at night. Jared was not happy. The laughter was acting. They demonstrated.
Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jared is making noise so we don’t hear the question for Jensen.
@WinchesterBros: . @bodyguard4JandJ in the crowd, Jared and Jensen on stage
 @angel_kink: Jensen is talkin about @mishacollins and says he loves his character choices for Cas
Moira‏  @moika22 Jensen was embarrassed about days of our lives scene on The French Mistake. He acted the part when Jared said the Line
@babserella2778: Can BBB, Jason, and Loudin Swain please play ONE show? Jen : Sure, any dry cleaning I can get done for you?
@MishaMadness: Jensen: (On the musicians): “We support them, but we aren’t their booking agents
Carrie Reisser @babserella2778Jared didn’t know Alona that well at that moment. He lifted her onto the bar because of the height difference
@wendy_d: Jensen: I’m batman. Jared: I’m Pada-man.
 @babserella2778: Worst injury? Jared’s snapped wrist & a kick to the head. Jen : I got a bruise on my shoulder…
Kasara D @KasaraDonnellyJared got kicked in the head and blacked out while shooting a scene this season
Michelle Carlbert@Mokibobolink Jared took a good kick to the head in a stunt recently & it rung his bell so hard he had to go sit down after the scene
 @babserella2778: Jen doesn’t think Alona minded@wendy_d: Fan: Hi boys! Jared: Men. Fan: Hi menMichelle Carlbert@Mokibobolink Jensen knockd his elbow so hard in AHBL II that his arm went numb & he still has sensitivity in that hand. Youch.@Wasserfloh1 Jensen laughing over Jared’s awkward moment. Thought fan asked for double f**k but it was double hug
Kasara D @KasaraDonnelly“The women to men ratio here is fantastic.” -jensen
Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jensen: “To get a bigger male audience? We need hot chicks. Unfortunately we tried that and it made all of you mad.”
@babserella2778: SPN’s huge female crowd despite its violence, how could you bring in more guys? Jared “Naked chicks.” * Jen doing impression of us : “Get these sluts away from our boys!!!” 
cody mattu@codemanisaboss JandJ in the crowd, Jared and Jensen on stage
@MishaMadness: Jensen says “the eating thing” was something he did and then the writers started adding it in
Pam @MrsDeWinter_2Reason Sam always eats salads is because Jared hates eating on screen

 Carrie Reisser @babserella2778Guilty pleasure shows? Jen is proud to say he’s never seen Jersey Shore. Jared likes Top Chef.

Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jared likes Top Chef, Storage Wars, and Pawn Stars.

Carrie ReisserCarrie Reisser@babserella2778 Jen likes Biggest Loser cuz Alison Sweeny hosts, and because it’s helping people

Maria Facciuto @MarrianosaJensen is creeped put by clowns because of king’s It and wants to shoot them

 @heather03nmg True fact. They forgot to apply the hand print burn on Jensen for his shirtless scene 

 @babserella2778: Jared just called Jensen Dean. Whoops!

*What ep would you NOT have done? Jared : ep where he broke his wrist. Jensen : the PE outfit.  ·

Samantha KoldenSamantha Kolden@bblackbbirdd jared & jensen just acted out child birth. what is my life.
 @MrsDeWinter_2 Jared not scared of clowns but they creep out Jensen.

@KasaraDonnelly: Jared and jensen are acting out how babies are born.

 @babserella2778: If Dean could go back, he’d never had gone to Lisa & Ben. Jared: Sam wouldn’t let Dean kill that Ruby chick…

Angel @angel_kinkJensen’s signature dance move is walking off te dance floor lol

Jessie ♥@MishaMadness Jensen’s “signature dance move” is walking away from the dance floor until the music stops

*Jared: (On how he would want it to end) “It was all a dream. Since the pilot

 @babserella2778: Jen : Sam & Dean retire to a home in Florida. On a beach somewhere…

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadnessJensen: “Wait, you’re pregnant?” Jared: “I know, I’m barely showing

Carrie Reisser@babserella2778 Jared discussing the St Jude’s fund…ladies from

@WinchesterBros on stage!! Fandom raised $27k!!!

Kasara D@KasaraDonnelly Jared and gen are matching what we’ve raised for st. Judes!!!!

Carrie Reisser@babserella2778 Richard is bringing up a birthday cake

Maria@Clovers12J2 @jarpad !!!!

@Jamie_Rose89: Happy Birthday Jensen!!

@babserella2778: JEN SMASHED HIS CHIN INTO THE CAKE and Jared did likewise

Carrie Reisser@babserella2778 Rich called Jared Other Tall Guy

@babserella2778: Jared just called Jensen Dean

heather’s Photos on Lockerz (updated)

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros After Jensen’s 1st con (Asylum) he called Jared and told him: “dude, we need to do more of these; people actually like us!”

Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros Jensen Ackles and @jarpad fangirling us

D’Collins ™ DCoIIins The last day of #BurCon 2012 had the presence of Jared and Jensen

Supernatural India @Supernatural_IN J2

@NicoleTubiola: I love her… Cutest belly ever! We missed u @jarpad !” beautiful gen!!

WFB Supernatural @WinFamBusiness As a welcome to all the new followers I’ve picked up, here’s a panel picture of Jensen at  

J2 vid about more men viewers & “keep sluts away from the boys”! vid by sympathyrhymes:

Most awkward moments for the boys!vid by MoodyFennec:

Jensen on the hand scar not being there after Castiel heals him! vid by sympathyrhymes:

Jared & Jense vid on injuries while filming: vid by MoodyFennec

Jensen birthday vid by NBAGirl104:

Sara_James@So0oNo0oR #JensenAckles #02

#JensenAckles And @jarpad

*With the Cake

Jared thanks for the St Jude fund raiser, how show will end, Jensen signaturedance move, b’day! vid by hyola: 

J2 panel vid: fav game, rubber duckie & taking own advice, vid by salmondean:

J2 panel, fake laughing, Jensen’s older roles, Jared pouts: vid by Mitsiru01

J2 panel, about Misha, Alona, worse injuries: vid by xxdebbiexxx:

Jared receiving card from @WinchesterBros vid:

Rene Thurston article on BurCon:

Winchester Bros. photo gallery!

@AmyinSydney’s #BurCon experience!


@MadisonBlaine95 Happy birthday Jensen!

heather@heather03nmg Madison onstage favorite scene is the fistbump with Dean

Carrie Reisser @babserella2778Was she a fan before she filmed? Yes, she was! She watches with her 5yo sister, who covers her eyes

Jamie Andrews@Jamie_Rose89 The adorable and gorgeous @MadisonBlaine95! She’s so tiny!!

Carrie Reisser @babserella2778 Reaction to the role: they made her wait an entire weekend. She was eating Graham crackers & they spilled. 

*Reaction to the role: they made her wait an entire weekend. She was eating Graham crackers & they spilled.

*Fave stunt: stabbing Sally, because it was hard to do. She was very happy with the outcome

*She got crazy looks from people as she was on the Warner lot in a Bieber shirt holding up team numbers

*Upon seeing the gishwhes list: “It made me worry about Misha a little bit…he’s very creative.” She did 170 pics

*How much of yourself did you put into Krissy? She creates backstories “like Krissy’s 5th birthday…” They’re both stubborn.

*How would Krissy react to angels? Same reaction as Dean, since they’re a lot alike

Jessie ♥ @MishaMadnessMadison says it was really fun taking the GISHWHES pictures.

  Michelle Carlbert @Mokibobolink I got to hang out with Sam and Dean  Well, sorta. Aren’t they cute?? Handmade dolls by Sara Winchester.

Mandragora @Mandragora8 “On The Mentalist, how did the set compare to SPN?Cast size is very different. @MadisonBlaine95 learned a lot from #JensenAckles.

Madison McLaughlin@MadisonBlaine95 @trisa24: @MadisonBlaine95 hope your first panel wasnt too scary!!!!    it was lovely!

Madison McLaughlin@MadisonBlaine95 Saw Jared and Jensen and met Richard and Jim. Best. Day. Ever

Richard Speight, Jr.@dicksp8jr my jacket had no idea it was snazzy. Congrats on con #1! “@MadisonBlaine95: @dicksp8jr Here’s us w/ his snazzy jacket.