Woo hoo Supernatural Fans! BurCon is here and Chad Lindberg kicks it off! All tweeting, pics and vids will have credit for them! We all appreciate so much getting the fun shared! Enjoy! I will be updating the info as we get more info posted!

Chad Lindberg @ChadLindberg It amazes me how fast pics go up!! RT @sanpao19:  with @ChadLindberg http://p.twimg.com/AnA7249CMAAXTw4.jpg

 Chad Lindberg https://twitter.com/#!/search/burcon/slideshow/photos?url=http%3A%2F%2Flockerz.com%2Fs%2F188937348

 Just finishing up Lunch with @Gabrieltigerman He’s so “street” in this pic. #Hardcore http://say.ly/EUQ1w7M

Chad Lindberg @Chad Lindberg Someone made a “Dr. Badass” Doll…Awesome.  http://say.ly/rfw1wb7

kim rhodes@kimrhodes4real @ChadLindberg n me. A couple o BAMFs. http://yfrog.com/hwjvegvj

Chad Lindberg@ChadLindberg Badass!! RT @kimrhodes4real: @ChadLindberg n me. A couple o BAMFs. http://yfrog.com/hwjvegvj

CreationEnt@CreationEnt  On stage: @kimrhodes4real and @GabrielTigerman  http://pic.twitter.com/huGAYe4v 

Yes\No game at  http://twitter.com/CreationEnt/status/175720415472263170/photo/1

Eliann@_Eliann_ Few pics (Kim, Gabriel, Chad) to tide you over until I upload everything. http://bit.ly/zF0I5A

Jennifer@matchboximpala @kimrhodes4real and @GabrielTigerman  http://pic.twitter.com/n4a8TdbLChad Lindberg@ChadLindberg

Backstage at with the hip and happenin @Robbenedicthttp://say.ly/cfu1w5S

G Morataya@gmorataya  Then there was the Prophet and the Dr RT @ChadLindberg: Backstage at  with the hip and happenin @Robbenedicthttp://bit.ly/w3nq6j

simogiuli@simogiuli Check out Chad Lindberg’s photo on WhoSay http://www.whosay.com/chadlindberg/photos/139587 Chad & Rob back stage

Jennifer@matchboximpala @ChadLindberg Looking out at us at  http://pic.twitter.com/XL7EhD7n

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros  Bust open a bloody cupcake piñata to kick off the #Supernatural Game Nights (hosted by Alexis & Jennifer) http://pic.twitter.com/6qJ7T5z3

Gabriel Tigerman@GabrielTigerman Anti possession charms at  Badass. Don’t worry about it. @RobBenedict http://pic.twitter.com/ZVuU0Rv4

Elizabeth Madsen@Paleonut_  Don’t blink! Wait… I thought this was a # Supernatural con?! (If you see me, say hi!!)  http://twitpic.com/8r6bvg

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros  @prchrzdtr:  Jared Jensen Rob Gabe Sebastian Julie Mark P Mark S Jim are all the 1st guests confirmed for VegasCon

ROB BENEDICT PANEL: @RobBenedict just hit the stage.

Swan Song narrated by Chuck https://twitter.com/#!/search/burcon/slideshow/videos

simogiuli @simogiuli@matchboximpala: Love him! @RobBenedict  http://twitter.com/matchboximpala/status/175779788819144705/photo/1

heather@heather03nmg Rob aka Chuck aka God is here. My other tv boyfriend http://lockerz.com/s/188965094

Phoenix Tyler@phoenix_lacon  Advice from Rob; befriend someone who is better than you to learn a skill.
 Winchester BrosWinchester Bros@WinchesterBros Rob has been playing since 6th grade after his mom bought him one as a gift
WFB @WinFamBusinessRob learned how to play guitar on an old JCPenney one. He hated the lesson part of it. He ran into someone later who was better.
@WinchesterBrosIf Chuck did karaoke Rob agrees that he would sing “What if God Was One of Us
Jessie @MishaMadness  Rob keeps calling everyone “my child.”
 Phoenix TylerPhoenix Tyler@phoenix_lacon If Rob met Harrison Ford he would shake
@WinchesterBros According to @RobBenedict, @LoudenSwain1 is named after Matthew Modine’s character in “Vision Quest
WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness What’s his favorite angel since every parent has his favorite kid? He’s asking Castiel’s status. “Dead!” the audience answers.  ·
Phoenix TylerPhoenix Tyler@phoenix_lacon Rob says Cas is Gods favorite child. 
WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Rob’s telling the funny Alias story where he was running with Jennifer Garner and the camera was never on him.  ·
WendyWendy@wendy_d Rob, on what he would change if he was God: More good stuff, less bad stuff. All we need is love.
WFB SupernaturalWFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness What’s the one thing in the world he would want to fix? “There’s a lot to change but there’s a lot to be happy about *
Rob just saw Kripke at an audition for Revolution. The part didn’t work out. The character changed

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros Why? Because at @RobBenedict thinks Castiel is funny and unique and adorable

Phoenix TylerPhoenix Tyler@phoenix_lacon Rob did a Cas impression

WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Rob’s dream role? Having his arm blown off on MASH and getting Hawkeye to fix it. He also could be another brother on Six Feet Under

*Rob’s clarifying again, he didn’t know he was God after he read the script. The crew pointed out to him in Vancouver.  ·

Winchester BrosWinchester Bros@WinchesterBros .@RobBenedict says he’s the opposite of @mishacollins because he actually WANTS to answer the audience questions directly

Caitlyn Swanda@caitlynswanda  Rob got choked up reading the voice over for Swan Song

Jessie @MishaMadness Rob: “‘I’m not God but I play him on TV’? I should get that on a T-shirt.” *

Rob: “I was really excited about the Becky thing. I really thought that might go somewhere.”

WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness What came first, a musician or an actor? Guitar playing and writing is extracurricular, acting is his passion

Michelle Carlbert@Mokibobolink “I do like crazy people” – Rob Benedict  (sounds like he fits right in w/us #Supernatural fangirls). 

 WFB Supernatural @WinFamBusiness Rob didn’t have to act hard for the tooth in the hair, he found it to be a very creepy prop. Jared’s pointing it out wasn’t planned

WFB Supernatural@WinFamBusiness Rob and Richard are going to be in Rome together. “How romantic!” Someone behind me shouts

*Kripke told Rob that he wants fans to think what they want to think about Chuck being God. Rob says Chuck was Kripke’s voice

Brennan@Mellamobrennan  http://conoholicnotsoanonymous.blogspot.com/2012/03/burcon-friday-guests.html?spref=tw&m=1burcon

Pics from Heather! http://lockerz.com/s/188942002

LOUDEN SWAIN CONCERT! Louden Swain@LoudenSwain1 Hey everybody! Are you ready to get rocked outta your seats? Bring it!

Winchester Bros @WinchesterBros .@LoudenSwain1 on stage, opened up the show with “Kind of Guy”. Another pic of @LoudenSwain1 http://pic.twitter.com/pubL8dBu

Wendy @wendy_d  Love Louden Swain!!! http://twitter.com/wendy_d/status/175812305932660737/photo/1 

Jamie Andrews @Jamie_Rose89 Louden Swain!!! http://twitter.com/Jamie_Rose89/status/175814371228909568/photo/1


Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Guess who I am bringing to karaoke? http://twitter.com/dicksp8jr/status/175821371035746304/photo/1

Michael Cudlitz @Cudlitz Where am I. ??……. ; ) http://lockerz.com/s/189071986

Michael CudlitzMichael Cudlitz@Cudlitz Just had the most amazingly warm reception from supernatural fans …. Thank you. #SouthLAnd………

Clarissa Bowen @SPNfangirl Richard’s in the house! Just crashed Louden Swain’s set at  Awesome!!! http://pic.twitter.com/HFRxZT1Q

Richard Speight, Jr.@dicksp8jr Guess who I am bringing to karaoke? http://pic.twitter.com/lv3FKQJR

Kat @katwoman76 @dicksp8jr Now I wished I could be at even more. You should bring @Cudlitz along more often, not just to L.A.

Chad Lindberg @ChadLindberg Backstage with @mattcohen4real just before karaoke… http://say.ly/hRU1wcj

Gabriel Tigerman@GabrielTigerman Look out karaoke! http://twitter.com/GabrielTigerman/status/175833422030319616/photo/1

Jim Michaels@TheJimMichaels @bodyguard4JandJ hard at work tweeting! He is very excited for Los Angeles! http://twitter.com/TheJimMichaels/status/175822390884958209/photo/1

Carrie Reisser @babserella2778 Motley Crew!!!  #karaoke http://pic.twitter.com/OGEHUFcz

Gabriel Tigerman @GabrielTigerman  Rock god. http://pic.twitter.com/gJiSiiWR

Winchester Bros@WinchesterBros  Vid: @loudenswain1 and @dicksp8jr finishing up “My Sharona”.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxYzluo-Ruw&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Amy @AmyinSydney Woo!! Mighty impressed with Mr Worthy’s moves! RT @funksoulcrango: @rickworthy @ChadLindberg http://twitvid.com/QDXGI

SPN Germany@SPNGermany @ChadLindberg and @rickworthy at karaoke – Backstreet’s Back!! http://www.twitvid.com/QDXGI

@rickworthy Rock on!!! http://pic.twitter.com/yhRbpZZn

Go to “Louden Swain Fanpage” on FB to see some pics from last night’s performance they will upload video soon.

Louden Swain @LoudenSwain1Thank you to everyone at the show last night! It was great talking to you all afterwards!

Richard Speight, Jr .@dicksp8jr Sometimes you wake up and wonder if it really happened. Well @Omundson, the answer is yes, it happened. And it rocked! http://pic.twitter.com/O9s9XWDo

Southland_tv @Southland__tv Michael Cudlitz at Supernatural Convention http://southland-tv.livejournal.com/474497.html

Richard Speight, Jr. @dicksp8jr Hey @Omundson @mattcohen4real @Cudlitz @robbenedict @chadlindberg U get the license plate number of the karaoke truck that hit me last nite

Natalie Croyt @blondeweasel88 Chad Lindberg getting groovy at Karaoke last night!  http://twitpic.com/8rppyr ·

Chad LindbergChad Lindberg@ChadLindberg  Fans sing Lady Gaga at last night’s Karaoke . Can you find yourself in the Video…? 😉 http://say.ly/Cwz1woz
Louden Swain @LoudenSwain1  who can resist these faces??? http://pic.twitter.com/TQcvjNXx
Colleen Bement @SPNReporter Kim Rhodes , @mattcohen4real and @dicksp8jr rockin’ the 60’s karaoke  memories http://pic.twitter.com/RZ0TERf4
Chad Lindberg@ChadLindberg Elvis has left the Building… PRT @AmyinSydney: @ChadLindberg Karaoke Rock Star!  http://bit.ly/w7SDdf
Louden Swain @LoudenSwain1 Loved rockin w/@dicksp8jr RT @metakate My vid of your closing at  http://youtu.be/WBkD_ULw058My Sharona and Mamma’s Jam. You guys rocked!