Slice Girls or Spice Girls did it matter? Dean gets physical so it’s really the hallelujah chorus for dean girls! One itsy, bitsy thing… Dean ends up daddy to an amazon baby who matures within days who then has to kill him. Whoops!  Written by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming and directed by Jerry Wanek, long time production designer, it was good old-fashioned Winchester fun with booze, girls, babies & ghostliness! But to start, blood, gore and yes, Dean really gets shook up!

Slice Girls begins with the typical mayhem of a man being thrown around the room like he weighs nothing and then he’s dead, bloodied and carved.  We then “hear” Sam speeding down the road with Dean sleeping. Due to ‘Baby’ still in hiding, Sam gets to drive. Dean honors Bobby’s memory by waking up and first thing, drinking from Bobby’s flask which Dean uses quite a bit this episode. The boys find a case involving men who’ve had their hands and feet cut off and with a symbol carved into their chests. Sam wants to reasearch as does Dean but Dean wants to go undercover in a bar, mingling with the locals. This leads to Dean & Lydia(Sara Canning) connecting. The filming itself here was soap opera-ishly funny and perfect, going back and forth from Dean’s face and mouth to Lydia’s up close expressions. Loudain Swain’s Worlds Collide is featured here with Rob Benedict(Chuck Shurley) as lead for the group. Lydia wants no committment so they go back to enjoy each others company with AC/DC’s You Shook Me All Night Long. During Dean’s wild foray, we go back and forth between Dean and Lydia to watching another man being tossed around, butchered, and carved. Great filming and direction in this scene. Interesting to watch but creepy!

The next day, Sam and Dean go to the morgue to check out another male victim and meet a female detective who is unfriendly from the get go. With the symbol in hand, the boys first instinct is to call THEIR resident expert Bobby who of course is gone. Bobby’s death is still a gaping hole of pain. Dean looks for his flask but he’s left it at Lydia’s. Dean calls Lydia who is too busy to help and who blows him off. We then see Lydia hugely preggers and within minutes, does give birth to a baby girl at a secret girl ceremony.  Dean is now unknowingly a daddy.

A lore expert, a professor, helps the boys. The professor tells the Winchesters about the Amazon lore, having no use for men other than procreation. Lydia has yet to call Dean so he shows up on her doorstep wanting his flask. After going into her house, Dean sees baby stuff and also a toddler in a crib, all of which he didn’t see the night before. He catches Lydia telling the toddler Emma(Alexia Fast) not to speak after the little one asks “about that man”. Dean leaves but stakes out the house knowing weird when he sees it. He sees women arrive who take a five-year old girl named Emma to a warehouse where he follows them.

Meanwhile Sam has discovered that the all victims partied at the Cobalt room, had picked up women and are then dead within a 3 day time period. Together, Sam and Dean ruffle through Bobby’s books and papers trying to find clues to the Amazons. While doing this, Dean sees a faded sheet of paper move by itself. He tells Sam who checks for EMF and believes that with the window open, the movement was caused by a breeze. We find out the guys did burn Bobby’s bones, a sure-fire never coming back action except that Dean thinks it’s Bobby. I trust Dean! With enough clues to figure out that Dean is a target, Sam leaves him there to take his Greek sheet to the professor to decipher.

During this time the toddler becomes a sixteen year old girl who we see go through a strength ritual with other teens. The girls are branded on their wrists and sent out to kill their baby daddies. The professor interprets Sam’s Greek paper which includes a small ‘by the way.’ Sam learns that it’s not the moms who kill the men whom they procreate with but the daughters who kill them. Sam leaves in a flurry only to run into the detective who knows that Sam and Dean are hunters there to kill the women. She and Sam fight and I’m amazed that mere bullets kill her! In the melee, Sam’s phone is busted so that he cannot warn Dean about the teenager! 

Back at the motel where Dean is holed up, someone knocks on the door. Dean answers it finding a teenage girl crying that she needs his help. Why? Because Dean is her father! Emma explains that she doesn’t want to kill anyone or be in the monster family. She uses the “it’s all I know and I have to follow orders” plea which of course Dean totally identifies with. Emma is hungry so Dean turns his back on her to dig around in the fridge. Emma pulls a knife but Dean responds by turning around with his gun drawn.  After a nice speech from Emma, Deans tells her she hasn’t killed yet. He wouldn’t hunt her down if she’d just walk away. Sam arrives, hearing this and bursts into the room. When Emma turns towards Sam, he sees the monster that she is which Dean has yet to see. Sam knows he has to kill her, not believing that Dean will. So Sam kills the young girl.

Sam and Dean go to the mothership lair only to find it empty. We see the boys driving down the road with Sam really mad and not speaking. Dean assumes it because they missed killing the monsters but Sam lets him know that it’s Dean he’s mad at. “I don’t care how you deal, Dean, just don’t get killed.” The bottom line for every story with the brothers. The guys get into how Dean is dealing with Castiel’s death and then losing Bobby too. Dean thinks Sam is attacking him but Sam is only concerned about Dean’s survival. We know Dean killed Sam’s friend because she was a monster and they kill monsters. Sam says “she really wasn’t yours, Dean” to which Dean says, that “yea, she actually was mine” talking about Emma. The best line tonight was Dean arguing, “We’re both screwed up…   you’re just bigger.”  We’re left with Dean simmering and Sam very concerned about his brother. A beautiful Winchester family ending…

This was wonderfully written, filmed and directed! The moral of who to kill and who to spare isn’t ambiguous. Monsters die, no matter.  I like the black and white decision. Some tidbits of twitter news from Jim Michaels, executive producer for Supernatural. This ep was filmed at the University of British Columbia. We see the long hallway that the boys taped their infamous pantless encouragement for the PCAs. The ’74 Buick Skylark driven was ferried from Victoria Island for the episode. The beer drank on the ep is MargieKugel which is named after Jerry Wanek’s Mom, Margie. I again include a poll for Bobby. We now know his bones are burned but who is helping the boys? I think it’s Bobby or Castiel! Time will tell. Otherwise, stay supernatural..

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