I started this page just for Jensen & Jared’s panel! As you can see, eveything was interesting!! I’ll be updating this when the sneaky vids get uploaded! Pics & vids not allowed but happen! Enjoy! This was fun!
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros Jensen said hi to baby
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester The J’s are on the stage! Looking sweet! They’re pleading for @RobBenedict to come back
* First question “You two are absolutely beautiful men.” Jared – “You need to get your vision checked.”
*  Jared is now wearing a beanie  http://bit.ly/yKrLUw
*  Jensen’s fave family moment on SPN was when Jared spiked the egg nog in the Christmas ep
* Jensen talking about the spiked egg nog in AVSC. He said “Jared” spiked the egg nog, Jared said “Sam” did it.
 * The craziest thing someone has done to them for attention. Jensen – A lady lept into his arms while he was walking in the lobby

gatogoddessStephanie Miller

Are we going to see sam do any period dressing, jar to jen “i didn’t know you were on your period
@starandrea: Jared: I didn’t know you were on your period. Jensen: You should know, we’re on the same cycle
CamillaBugMary Camille Fuston  Jensen cried tears of joy when Titanic ended
@WinFamBusiness Jared – “I don’t think so, the good and bad of being the straight character in the show.” Jensen – “What?”
@CamillaBug: Jensen says he doesn’t cry. He has no fears. “I’m dead inside.”
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  About movies that make them cry- Jensen: I don’t cry. I don’t have feelings
@WinFamBusiness Jared – “I don’t think so, the good and bad of being the straight character in the show.” Jensen – “What?”
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Jensen says if you don’t get choked up watching Rudy you’re not human
@WinchesterBros: Jensen says there’s a ballerina episode coming up
WinchesterBrosWinchester BrosJared and Jensen  http://pic.twitter.com/H3rRIcrx

Alice Jester
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester   Jared – They salted and burned Bobby. That reminded Jared, he cried during “Death’s Door
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Jared says he cried during Death’s Door. First time he ever cried reading the script
 @WinFamBusiness: Jared called Sera Gamble and said it was the first time he cried reading a script
  Jensen thinks there are ways for Bobby or anyone to come back. “Nobody is never really gone forever.”  

Jared is pulling things off of jensen’s sweater
 @CamillaBug: Jensen: “Excuse my dimwit brother here.”
  @WinFamBusiness: Jensen is flabbergasted that someone like Jared can actually have a child. Hee!
DawnGarrisonDawn Alcorn Garrison  Jensen talking about having a robe for @saradjcanning after the scene where she drops clothes  awkward scenes
CamillaBugMary Camille Fuston  J2 don’t like sex scenes because the girls feel violated
 @WinchesterBros: When Sara did the scene where she dropped her skirt and walked to Dean, Jensen had a robe ready for her to use
ifyouseelauraLaura McCarthy  @jarpad “Sam has always had weird relationship issues. He has this thing where these women always end up on the ceiling
PurupuruAmy Kirner    Jensen doing a leery, belly scratching, donut munching impersonation of teamsters showing up during female nudity scenes
WolfAngelDeathWolfie  @jarpad watches Family Guy because it’s mindless
PurupuruAmy Kirner  Jensen likes to watch swamp people
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Jensen likes construction shows, showing how things are made.
 @WinchesterBros: Jareds fave to show besides SPN are Family Guy, Antiques Roadshow.
 @SPN_Hunter_67: Jensen has seen every episode of How I Met Your Mother. He watches it while he runs on treadmill.  
Amy Kirner
PurupuruAmy Kirner Jared jokes he has no recollection what his life was like before he was on the show  
salvatoresBrideSana☀ Out of 200 crew members only about 30 have changed during the 7 seasons. 
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Jensen has seen every episode of How I Met Your Mother. He watches it while he runs on treadmill. 
WolfAngelDeathWolfie #jensenackles likes to watch Swamp People and HIMYM (has seen every episode) and construction shows  
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Jared is pulling things off of jensen’s sweater
@CamillaBug: J2 keep talking to Clif in the back of the room
@Winchester Bros  Jensen says he doesn’t own a car in real life
Jensen put 10,000 miles on a truck in 3 years. Sold it to Danneel’s father
CamillaBugMary Camille Fuston  Jared’s eye prosthetics melted into his eye in 2×01
starandrea*AndreaJensen:     Is there a car that Jensen would – I’m talking like I’m not here. Jared: Jared would like to know that too
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros   Jared’s most uncomfortable scene w/prosthetics was in the beginning of In My Time Of Dying because the sun melted the glue
What car would Jensen have if he had one? He probably would get a truck. 1970 Chevy
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros  Jensen’s most uncomfortable was in Swan Song when Sam beat up Dean
GraceSimmsGrace Simms  Jared  http://twitpic.com/8g74do
@gatogoddess: Jensen sings with Steve and Jason all the time “just not on camera” he doesn’t feel like a musician. 
@WinFamBusiness: No, Jensen is an actor and maybe a director. He admires what musicians do, but he’s not one.  

Stephanie Miller
gatogoddessStephanie Miller  Jensen and jared are thanking us for supporting them.
J2 Ladies
J2FamilyFandom1J2 Ladies  Jared jokes he has no recollection what his life was like before he was on the show
 @WinchesterBros: Jensen signing banner Pic #2  http://pic.twitter.com/DRIEm8zP

J2 Ladies
Great pic of J2 at  http://twitpic.com/8g6tvn via @GraceSimms
CarolMapsCarol Barnet @BirthBuff Jared says “Going for a natural birth, have a doula, reading a book on hypno-birth
J2FamilyFandom1J2 Ladies  When is the Impala coming back? Jensen – “It’ll come back.” He did a lot of complaining for yrs about the Impala condition…
Jensen: There’s a lot of potential for supernatural things on the show Jared: Really? Jensen: You can write that down
@winchesterwoman: Jensen saw Sofia Vergara & geeked out.He started to follow her&leave Danneel shoe shopping .She said, Go ahead..
Too good!!  SPN_WinchestersAckleholic  Photoset: girlfootballer-x:  http://tmblr.co/Z5gGQwFyI7oD
Vid by JensAngel1, lots of vids posted to the right, just watch & keep watching! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ClZpqxzwAII