Hey Supernatural Fans! I so hope you’ve enjoyed all the updated info! Great news is that it will be updated for the next few days until I get all the good vids from con goers! Yea  for us!! This is the last and the best day although Friday & Saturday were great. Jensen and Jared are wonderful guys and have fun being here so enjoy vicariously, I will!

marie610Marie  Jensen pic! http://twitpic.com/8ht1zh 

he’s really rockin the leather jacket! http://twitpic.com/8ht309

winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah Sam will actually have facial hair in an upcoming episode but Jared says it’s not good.

 @gatogoddess: Jensen said he’s had his head under Babys hood like 2 days ago @inbluedresses: You can’t actually drive a baby, can you? -Jared  

Stephanie Miller
gatogoddessStephanie Miller “nothing says pygmy goat like jensen and ackles” @jarpad so some one named their pygmy goats dean and jared.
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah Jensen said they’ve told him the Impala will be back soon and he told them they better not be messing with him.
Jensen pic from winchesterwoman http://twitpic.com/8gofwp  http://twitpic.com/8goep3
Jared pic from winchesterwoman http://twitpic.com/8goffr  http://twitpic.com/8goe9r
J2 pic from winchesterwoman   http://twitpic.com/8go444
gatogoddessStephanie Miller  For jen: do you like 40s!dean or cowboy!dean better? “Cowboy”
jennapeekabooJenna  Jared and Jensen at the breakfast  http://pic.twitter.com/Ded4EaSd
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Jensen says having Misha back is very refreshing. Jared says they missed him as much as us
gatogoddessStephanie Miller  So Jensen wants “benedict, speight, mish ….” everyone back in season 8

@SPN_Hunter_67: “I like to pause it when Jensen takes his shirt off.” -Jared 
 Supernatural بالعربي
PadaFandom1Jared PadaFandom  More j2!  http://twitpic.com/8g3t1k
LazyDaizy26I Am Me  I had actual tears when Jensen talked about Misha. he told bob singer for season 8: benedict speight MEESH LOL and beaver.
metakateKatherine Tanski  Jensen says when Cas healed him @ the end of season 5 he healed the handprint too
mcnamcjCarol McNamara  J2 breakfast  http://yfrog.com/h0a8udgj
PadaFandom1Jared PadaFandom(NEW PICTURES): @jarpad and Jensen at 
@LazyDaizy26: Fan: what’s it like w/Misha back on set? Jensen: refreshing. I mean he’s one of the family.
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  J2 at  breakfast http://twitrpix.com/li1m
 Amy Kirner
PurupuruAmy Kirner  @ktb3581 is teasing about asking Jensen if Cliff showed him a twitter AV of his crotch on the plane at  today
mcnamcjCarol McNamara  J2 breakfast  http://yfrog.com/h761kbij
MellamobrennanBrennan  Jared is messing w/ the mic.  http://pic.twitter.com/3pUMh5JT
“Luke, I am your father”. JAckles plays w/ fan’s sound effects & Jared “tries” http://pic.twitter.com/rrNa876q
Jared took his hat off for 2.5 seconds  http://pic.twitter.com/RVqEFkOg
Jensen explains his stunt double’s dedication. With him for 10 yrs & never complains. http://pic.twitter.com/VpQgCYsJ
Carol McNamara
mcnamcjCarol McNamara  J2 breakfast  http://yfrog.com/oc2w6foj
J2 breakfast  yfrog.com/gyz3hnf
@SPNGermany: Just took my photo op with Jensen. He smells sooo good!!!
ldearing0110Lisa Dearing @jarpad and Jensen Ackles! http://pic.twitter.com/NcFKqm8n
vid by AngelandaTardis pt 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FUkPFu_624 Jensen and Jared breakfast
J2 Breakfast Panel 3: http://youtu.be/SuuJD3VGVuI
vids by AngelandaTardis  youtube.com/user/ANGELanda
breakfast vid  from mynameiscas  http://youtu.be/JyTGTbB0cW8

winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  According to Adam from Creation, it’s too hard for the boys to make their flights to #Nashcon. Atlanta might be a possibility.
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  The song played in Friday night’s episode while Dean was in the bar was Louden Swain. Rob gets excited about things like that. 
*Rob is a geekboy for Pearl Jam
*Rob would like to work with William Hurt, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Deniro. Loves older actors he can learn from
*Rob said he misses working on Supernatural a lot
Stephanie Miller
gatogoddessStephanie Miller  Rob gets so excited about hearing Louden Swain over the intercom,
*If we send rob underwear, make it blue. 
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith Rob likes the color blue, likes chocolate, & likes to be loved. 
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah Rob thinks it was Kripke’s intention for Chuck to be God as a symbol of the show’s creator stepping away, job done, his Swan Song.
squeemonstersqueemonster My god could Rob be anymore adorable and sweet?
WolfAngelDeathWolfie #robbenedict thinks that Chuck was most likely a vessel for god at the end than god himself
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros  Jensen just crashed and gave Rob a big hug
profilerchicspnNatasha Eggert  Jensen just gave Rob a hug because he “hadn’t seen him in a while
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Poor Rob’s mic went out & they’ve given him 4 more & they haven’t worked. “I’m having a real Chuck moment!”

Amy Kirner
PurupuruAmy Kirner  Rob says during a recent performance some random audience member kept shouting for his band to play “Freebird”– it was Jensen
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros  None of the mics are working and Rob said its his favorite moment of the weekend
abifrey10Gale Mohorn  Rob signing the banner next to the Imapla. Saturday  http://pic.twitter.com/vuy5QYwW
 Rob Benedict singing Jesses girl fr. gatogoddess http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJ8HtZyp9cU
 Richard pic fr winchesterwoman  http://twitpic.com/8gcm5p
kimrhodes4realkim rhode

@AtaqueSPN good! Tired. #nashcon was awesome

*Richard is going around finding out people’s porno names. Lol.
Chad Lindberg
ChadLindbergChad Lindberg

@GabrielTigerman Dr. Tigerman!! I wish I could have done nashcon with you but alas…we will have Dallas;) Its been too long Dr!
gatogoddessStephanie Miller  I asked richard about it gets better & he is going to look into it, & i asked him to ask other of the cast, & he will mention it 
Demetra Moumas
urbanphoenixfoxDemetra Moumas @dicksp8jr Is talking about the divorce from @mattcohen4real – lol
WolfAngelDeathWolfie  Apparently @mattcohen4real and @dicksp8jr had a lovely wedding involving roofies and not a lot of memories 😉
urbanphoenixfoxDemetra Moumas @dicksp8jr favorite band is super group of Brian Buckley + @RobBenedict
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith   Brian Buckley is on stage with Richard now. 
WolfAngelDeathWolfie RICHARD DANCE SANDWICH!!!!!!!! 

SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Brian & Rob just danced all over Richard.  
*Brian Buckley & Rob making plans about music, called Supernatural Super Group
gatogoddessStephanie Miller  Richard just proposed a supernatural supergroup: Brian Swain. We’re so ready for it
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah   Richard accidentally calls Rob Matt and Rob pretends to take his shirt off.
WolfAngelDeathWolfie @dicksp8jr didn’t know what he was getting into when he signed on to the show 
deanandsammyCarla/Sammy&Dean  There is no reason not to love @dicksp8jr ! This last panel is hysterically off the cuff
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith This girl is like freaking out. She’s hiding her face lol. 
Sonya aka Micaiah
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Richard is getting the last person to come on stage to ask her question. I think she’s terrified
gatogoddessStephanie Miller  And that is a wrap on#nashcon