NashCon begins with a wonderful treat, Baby is there!! Tons of pics but I post only one of everything happening, hopefully the best one! So let’s get this show on the road with compromising vids/pics/tweets from Karaoke! Keep up with me fans! I’ll catalogue the entire weekend in one spot, here!
hituiwenhituiwen госсподи как они ее туда заперли-то? О_О

Everyone at #nashcon, find & sign the card congratulating the boys for the PCAs!
@deanandsammy @kimrhodes4real

 What’s @sebroche  doing?

For Gabe fans  karaoke

Goodnight @dicksp8jr and @mattcohen4real thanks for another great karaoke experience!
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester

Remember the story I shared on the WFB site about the fan who rebuilt an Impala? It’s here in the ballroom!

@mattcohen4real just went shirtless. Oh yeah, we’re at a new level of debauchery! Wow is that boy ripped!
Matt just took his shirt off & ran around the room. Yes, I’m still alive. Barely. 
RandomActsADRandom Acts AD

If you aren’t at Nashcon, @mattcohen4real just did a random act of kindness for the audience by taking off his shirt.
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah

 THE BEST PIC OF MATT Shirtless! karaoke.
Strangest pic of Matt by Capri Takacs
 @Sebastian from twitter – Jenn 
AmandaCofAmanda Coffman

 Matt is driving the girls wild taking the shirt off his back (karokee shirt) and selling them


irisnplIris Pérez Lara

viendo las fotos y videos del karaoke en ay dios mio Matt Cohen sin camiseta…..
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah

Hunter’s first aid kit from @Jennylapluff that I will have J2 sign

“Don’t make me use my mommy voice” @kimrhodes4real

whatsupsisHeather Wilkinson

Matt Cohen @mattcohen4real proves to be a natural born hottie
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah

Link to all of my pics:  
RichardsTwicksLisa Smith

I posted 34 photos on Facebook in the album

goddessathena79Chris T – Video Of Karaoke- Carry Wayward Son
PaolaNuez4Paola Nuñez♥  Rob Benedict singing & Matt Cohen taking off his shirt
Sebastian vid by GatoGoddess
karaoke vid by AngelandaTardis
 Brian Buckley in this one! vid by AngelandaTardis
GabrielTigermanGabriel Tigerman @mishacollins good to see you again. Here’s a whole lot of what you missed at last nights karaoke jam! Jealous?
Gabriel Tigerman
GREAT PIC!!  @dicksp8jr …Karaoke m.c. of the highest order.
@sebroche You, sir, are a rock star.
@RobBenedict @dicksp8jr One short of a barbershop quartet!