Wow!! Karaoke night was wild fun with lots of undress! Matt Cohen is a beast!!! “Night 1” blog has the karaoke and Day 2 starts the panels! Enjoy!!
PANEL: Kim Rhodes, Rob Benedict, Gabe Tigerman
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  *Question about remembering their first on screen kiss- Gabe says he’s never had one. Kim jumps up & kisses him

*Kim points out that she remembers her last on screen kiss with Jim. He said “You know we’re not gonna get this right the 1st time.”
metakateKatherine Tanski *Kim says Misha owes her an open mouth kiss because of GISHWHES. And she’s going to kick him in the shins
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros *Rob says Chuck is probably still getting prophetic visions of Sam and Dean. 
*Gabe says when auditioning for Andy, the other actors auditioning seemed already stoned, so he played up Andy’s sweet side.

*During Kim’s last ep, Phil Sgriccia told her he liked her, so she figures her death is imminent
*Keywords in the @GabrielTigerman story. Disgusting, giant groundhog, five legged cow, dairy queen.
*What happened to Chuck at the end of Swan Song? @RobBenedict thinks Heaven. It was Kripke’s goodbye, so Chuck had to go too
*@kimrhodes4real is really upset that they killed Bobby. She is raving about @jumblejim in “Slash Fiction.
deanandsammyCarla/Sammy&Dean *Rob: 1st day on set – those guys are so tall …and Jared “the big one” asked me if I liked cage fighting
starandrea*Andrea *Rob: so Kripke said, ‘now that you’re God, you can’t really come back-‘ Gabe: you’re God, you can do whatever yot want! I disagree
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah *Gabe’s driver during AHBL was sad Andy died but assured him if they didn’t salt & burn his bones he could come back
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starandrea*Andrea *Gabe: How tall am I? How tall do you think I am? …Yeah, I say I’m 5’8”. That’s actually a lie. But I’m really close
RichardsTwicksLisa Smith

*@gatogoddess: Jared has at one point poured water on Jensen’s Crotch to mess with him in a take.
fantasyinurmindCara  “Sometimes great things come in small packages.” – @RobBenedict
PANEL: Richard Speight & Matt Cohen
dicksp8jrRichard Speight, Jr. OMG! I’m next?! I’d better hurry to my seat so I don’t miss me! 
Matt Cohen  pic by winchesterwoman
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Matt escorting more late girls to their seats. “Ladies & gentlemen, these are some late guests!”
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros 
*Fan offered $30 for Matt to take his shirt off because her mother missed it last night.
Winchester Bros
*Matt says the doing the transition of John to Michael was the hardest scene
therandomactorgRandom Acts The Random Acts NashCon team running AMOK (& lookin’ good!)  #AMOK
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Matt pretends to take call from his dad where he’s told his dad isn’t proud of him for selling his body
*Matt is layering up with karaoke shirts to start selling them
*****Video of Matt taking his shirt off, right next to me.
SpnTentationÉricles de novo feio

Vídeo do Matt tirando a camisa:
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Richard was invited to hang out w/Snoop but Snoop wanted him to wear Pepsi shirt so he could get a pic
lindsayybeeLindsay Bolton  It has been proven that @mattcohen4real‘s abs will sell more t-shirts than pretty much anything
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  OMG! Misha just crashed the panel!
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Misha started asking a question from backstage with a fake accent
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester @mishacollins is promising a tour tonight of the city’s sewer system. I see he’s plotting again…
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Richard once charged a bunch of beers from Matt’s meet & greet to Matt’s card while telling him he was paying for it.
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros Matt selling his shirt to a fan
*Now @mishacollins is crashing the question line! He’s ripping on Matt’s shameless way for selling t-shirts
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Richard says he respects us to much to take his shirt off. He said nobody deserves to see him shirtless
*One of Richard’s most awkward wardrobes was a sock. Matt: It was a tube sock. Richard: Why, thank you
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester  mishacollins is back! Matt has gone shirtless again, so he and Richard are having fun with it. Misha – “You’ve let yourself go.”
* Another pic of Matt and Richard.
*Now a fan is offered $100 for the pumpkin colored underwear! @mishacollins didn’t take the bait.
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  And here’s Misha again as Matt takes off another shirt. Matt: Misha, I know you’re proud of the puppet I have become.»
RobBenedict fr.winchesterwoman
Zena Wester
zmwesterZena Wester

Gabe and Misha crashed Matt and Richard’s panel to call Matt a prostitute for taking his shirt off
J2FamilyFandom1J2 Ladies  I posted 5 photos on Facebook in the album “Nashcon February 3-5 2012″
starandrea*Andrea  Richard: ‘Don’t be afraid to throw $30 at Matt throughout the weekend to get him to take off his shirt
@YouTube video  Matt takes off his shirt.. again,

A Few Vids of @sebroche ‘s panel,
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros  There’s children here so Sebastian is going to try and not say the F word. He’s done it once already. 

*Talking about filming Vampire Diaries. Says Ian Somerhalder has the dirtiest mouth
*I can’t describe @sebroche on stage well. He goes off on many different tangents. Really bizarre things come out of his mouth!
*What’s his favorite scene? The first one with Castiel in “The Third Man.”
 @gatogoddess: Seb was conducting us in screaming by sections. He called it an exercise in narcissism. »
Katherine Tanski
metakateKatherine Tanski   “It’s so good to be on this stage. It’s an exercise in narcissism.” Sebastian Roche 

tarandrea*Andrea   Seb: I love this small boutique hotel. What I love about it is that we’re in the south, and the hotel is called Gaylord
aprild26April  Seb said Ian was “nearly married to Nina Dobrev” »
@jalynleej: @sebroche Misha is hard… jensen is easy. That sounds so wrong if you don’t know he’s talking about impressions
squeemonstersqueemonster  Sebastian’s panel makes me feel like I’m tripping balls while smoking a bowl. #soconfused
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Seb was married for 7 yrs. Says they’re still good friends & she’s a brilliant actress.
Becky1706Becky  Misha and Seb on one stage never ends good

supernaturalGnDSupernatural.BG  panel 5 – Misha part 1
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros  Misha says that West knows tons of signs for words but not mom and dad
CamillaBugMary Camille Fuston  Misha says Cas regrets saving Dean
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Misha says maybe Cas is dead or who knows? Maybe he isn’t.
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester Spoiler alert! Castiel in 7.17 is not wearing a trench coat.
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester  Misha claims his new outfit is form fitting. The crowd goes wild.
nerdangelassbutSteph↑ ₪ ø lll ·o. Misha about pranks : “I got Jared’s wife pregnant
@SPN_Hunter_67: Misha bout pranks on Jared: “the pennies, the air in his tires, I got his wife pregnant
@WinFamBusiness: When the show’s over and he’s a homeless drunk, Misha will wander around Disney in his trench coat.
*Misha’s been working in Vancouver lately. “I’ve been on a fishing trawler there
*Fan is begging for a t-shirt. Misha – “I’ll tell you what I’ll do. You go sit down and I’ll think about it.” Great answer
*Last question. What other SPN character would he be? “Other than young Mary…” No, Bobby or the Impala
*”I think I got emotional whiplash from that scene.” Talking about Meet The New Boss, he’s dead, he’s fine, he’s not, he’s dead.
SPN_Hunter_67Meredith  Justin Bieber Kim pic for GISHWHES signed by Misha & Kim!!
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Misha said he had to send Guiness a 120 page packet about Gishwhes to see if we broke the record
mishacollinsMisha Collins I’m on an indoor boat. The waterfall u see is from a broken sewage main. Go Nashville.
BonesfanforeverNikole  Misha Collins  West signing vid: 2012 Vid!
mattcohen4realmatt cohen  more awesome gifts!!

matt cohen
whatsupsisHeather Wilkinson @mishacollins during his panel
Misha Collins Nashcon 2012- 30 minute panel: via @youtube credit goes to mynameiscas 🙂
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros  Brian Buckley in concert
starandrea*Andrea  Brian: If I need more than three beers, it’s gonna be an interesting night.
Brian: Actually Lisa, the woman who was helping me tonight, asked me, will 3 beers be enough? And I was like, I hope so.
Brian: [Jared] was supposed to be here tonight to introduce, but he had to… shoot, or whatever.
Brian: I want all of you to make this weekend exactly what you want it to be
Sonya aka Micaiah
winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah

Brian says it’s so strange seeing his friend on posters. About Jared he says: He’s so pretty

winchesterwomanSonya aka Micaiah  Brian is so cute talking about missing his wife.
 No wonder him and @jarpad are friends. They really love their wives
AnimeChik27CJ Marie  Misha giving script cover to fan vid! goofy with script in hand, nothing good mentioned, just him bs’ing
chrissies678christina starlight Video: › Misha talking about West -12
WinchesterBrosWinchester Bros Misha Collins sitting in the Impala
kimrhodes4realkim rhodes  @jumblejim so… it was ALMOST like you were there…
gatogoddessStephanie Miller Matt had to take his shirt off because the tablepiece he pitched won. Misha put money in his pants
Misha’s half eaten cookie
MellamobrennanBrennan Fan giving Kim a necklace she made
inbluedressesAmber  @mishacollins asked me how to sign “assassination attempt “, “corporate takeover” and “petty theft”. Big plans for that kid
MellamobrennanBrennanNo words

Centerpiece contest-this one 1st place-I just enjoyed looking @ the judges
Mmm…cookies w/ anti-possession charms–delectable. So is Rob
DawnGarrisonDawn Alcorn Garrison  We just got 2seconds with @sebroche & again I could listen to u all day! Here’s his cookie!
 Misha vid from party. vid by AngelandaTardis