TLet me start with SWEET MERCIFUL AWESOME!  “Time After Time”  gave fans what we needed: good ol fashioned hunting, time travel and more hunters which included Eliot Ness, Sheriff Jodie Mills and Ezra Moore,  a Bobby replicant! Robbie Thompson wrote this episode with Phil Sgriccia directing and they delivered! Time After Time begins with a Sam and Dean conversation entailing “What’s the plan exactly?” answered with “Don’t die.”  Initially, Dean and Sam follow a fedora wearing suspect who bright lights Dean back into the ’40s. Dean is then arrested and interrogated by none other than The Eliot Ness(Nicholas Lea) who is also a hunter. So Time after Time begins.

Earlier, Sheriff Jodie Mills(Kim Rhodes) calls about a crime that has grabbed her attention. The guys agree it’s their kind of case and head out.  Procuring a dilapidated house to hole up in, they begin investigating.  RPS(rock, paper, scissors) determine Sam’s sleeping spot which factors big in the hunt.  The Winchesters check out the self medicating witness who confirms that the case is indeed supernatural and also passes along an important clue, a fedora.

Dean impresses Sam with his newly acquired hacking skills(thanks Frank) and finds video footage from the crime scenes showing a fedora wearing man.  They locate an old picture and a witness who identifies the man, Ethan Snyder(Jason Dohring, Chronos, god of time). The boys find Snyder and follow him only to discover him absorbing someone. Dean gives chase, tackles the man and they both disappear in a blinding red explosion. When the two land, the soul sucker runs off with Dean right behind him only not in the same decade but the ’40s.  Dean meets Eliot Ness and fanboys big time. Eliot Ness, the hero in The Untouchables, which Dean’s watched a hundred times. In an awesome turn of events, Ness is a hunter chasing the same monster. I confess to jigging and yelling when Dean realizes that Ness is a hunter! Eliot gets Ezra Moore(Linda Darlow), a tailor/hunter to fit Dean in some old timey duds. Ezra has the library, the experience and hunter smarts. She is a Bobby replica. When Dean is nicely clothed in era appropriate clothes, he and Ness pursue leads to the time god’s identity.  

 Back in the present, Jodie calls and Sam fills her in about Dean’s disappearance. She immediately offers to help so Sam sends her to pick up Bobby’s boxes for research. Finding info on Chronos, the two realize they need the exact date and time to retrieve Dean.  Sam also finds the spell with which to recover Dean.

During the stake out, Ness tells Dean that when vampires were rampantly killing people, he became a hunter to bypass the red tape. Dean quietly tells Ness that he doesn’t know why he does anything anymore. More tough love from another hunter, Ness throws back, “Everybody loses everybody. At the end of the day, at least you make a difference.” I love this! The same advice that Frank gave Dean. After getting Snyder’s location, Dean and Ness discovers how he makes money but also why Chronos is still there, a lady friend.  Dean drops Ness off to watch Snyder and drives back to Ezra for info on how to kill the god of time. Ezra has the stake which kills Chronos. For luck Ezra also lays a big ol kiss on Dean. Shocked and leaving, Dean notices some letters. He realizes this is how he can communicate with Sam, by a note. Finding their present day squat being inhabited, Dean enters the house as a termite controller. Finding Sam’s sleeping spot on the floor, Dean carves “Sam” into the molding directly across the room and hides the note which includes the date.

Meanwhile, Chronos discovers Ness and fights with him. Ness escapes, later grabbing Chronos’ girlfriend, Lila. Presently, Sam is exhausted and Jodie tells him to get some sleep. He does and when flopping around on the hard floor, sees his name scratched in the molding and finds Dean’s message to him from the past. Sam and Jodie find and speak with an elderly Lila, who gives them the story of Ethan fighting with two men but choking one of them to death at exactly 11:34. With the date and time in hand, Jodie and Sam rush to start the summoning spell to get Dean and Chronos back to present day.

Taking the stake back to Chronos’ house, Dean finds Chronos and Ness at a standoff with Lila in between. Lila glances at Dean, giving up his surprise attack. Chronos chokes Dean almost to unconsciousness when Sam summons them back to the future. Right before they’re bought back, Ness yells at Dean “Untouchable” and throws the stake to him. Chronos chokes Dean and Sam picks up the stake, driving it through Chronos’ heart. When dying, Chronos imparts the Winchesters’ future which he has seen. “It’s covered in thick, black ooze. It’s everywhere,” then Chronos dies. A Leviathan prophecy to tide us over until February!

Jim Michaels tweeted that both of the Supernatural composers worked together on this show for the first time ever and that the next ep’s budget was gone due to the musicians, actors and just the entire show! But it showed. I loved this episode. I’m including a fan sign about RPS so check it out. Also a vid from Bob Singer, Supernatural executive producer, on Jensen being a clothes horse.

Please share your thoughts! I adored this episode, let me know if you feel the same or not! Til February 6th, stay supernatural and please follow me on twitter for tons of Supernaturally realated info! @trackerem

rock, paper, scissors: end of the discussion:

Bob Singer: Whenever we do an episode in the past Jensen takes way more interest in his wardrobe than he should!