Well Supernatural fans, we did it!! Supernatural won Favorite TV Network Drama and fav Sci-Fi show! The boys weren’t there but accepted from work! Jim Michaels posted his pics of the awards in boxes! Pat yourselves on your backs! 2010 Supernatural won sci-fi so this is huge!! Congrats fans!
Tweeted from @TheJimMichaels, executive producer of Supernatural
Hmm I wonder what’s in these boxes on my desk …? http://twitter.com/TheJimMichaels/status/157280028256780289/photo/1
Maybe I should open them up?  Yes? Thanks do much for voting for our show! http://twitter.com/TheJimMichaels/status/157281077726154753/photo/1
One last pic! Happy cast, crew and Staff! Many thanks! http://twitter.com/TheJimMichaels/status/157286916377673728/photo/1 
Better quality video of Jensen & Jared accepting awards http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHwjWzSb5rU #SPN #SPNPCAWinners
 Pic from a fan favorite guest director for Supernatural.
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