Clif Kosterman is Jensen and Jared’s bodyguard hence his twitter handle! He tweeted after the Red Carpet announcement thanking fans for Supernatural winning both People’s Choice Award for favorite network drama and favorite network sci-fi show! These are his tweets!

Congrats fandom for the win! We voted!!

@bodyguard4JandJClif Kosterman     awesome we win but can you f ing believe no invite

*they gave the award for new drama but not drama on air

*we all thank you guys soooo much , cause of you we rock

*sorry I can’t answer guys I’m getting a few too many tweets right now

*we are very unhappy here

*disappointed actually

*J and J are right here and say a huge thx to y’all

*keep up the slamming

*so when we win best actor best drama and best syfy next year maybe they’ll invite the guys

*because of no invite

*instead you get a 10 minute CVS commercial

*I gotta fly before I really vent ciao guys and thanks a billion from us over here at SPN, u guys are the “bomb”

 Jensen & Jared acceptance speech from Supernatural set: