Hellatus is over and it ended with a spunky fourteen year old huntress, a supernaturally emptied bottle of beer and some heart wrenching advice. Adam Glass wrote Adventures in Babysitting with Jeanott Szwarc directing. Thank you Adam for letting the boys grieve. Not in a healthy way of course but in the Winchester way, in silence and with drinking. So I begin with the drinking, the silence and a beer.

Adventures in Babysitting starts in quiet grieving. The Winchester’s mourn the loss of their adopted daddy, Bobby(Jim Beaver). Did the boys give him a hunter’s pyre, cremate him or maybe they’re keeping his body mechanically alive? The possibilities for Bobby’s return are diverse and plentiful.

When discussing plans, Dean opens up a full bottle of beer, talks to Sam, lifts the bottle to his mouth but the bottle is empty. Sam blows this off as Dean’s drinking too much and not remembering but it tickles Dean’s radar.  Did ghostly Bobby down the beer? Is he floating around, still watching out for his boys? Or is Castiel trying to communicate with the Winchesters? Maybe it’s Crowley, who I’m certain wouldn’t touch the brand of beer these guys drink. 

Sam wants to call Bobby’s “people” to inform them of his death. Dean’s petulant, he’s not gonna call anybody. Bobby’s cell rings and again, petulant Dean’s not answering it. Sam responds to the young voice asking for Bobby but when Sam says he’s not available, the caller hangs up. Sam’s not letting this go, recognizing a kid on the other end who might need help.  Dean in his quest for revenge, has contacted crazy Frank Devereaux(Keven MacNally) to dig up info on Dick Roman but has yet to hear back. So Dean heads off to find Frank while Sam investigates the kid. The boys working separately but in a good way.

Sam meets fourteen year old Krissy(Madison McLaughlin) whose hunter daddy hasn’t checked in for five days. Sam promises to locate him, leaving Dean’s number for Krissy to call if he doesn’t return quickly. Dean finds Frank who discovers that Bobby’s numbers were coordinates for a plot of land owned by the Roman organization. Frank also tells Dean, “It’s only been four days” when Dean gripes about his slow response. Dean tells him it’s been four weeks. Numero dos strange incident.

Frank also gives Dean advice delivered as a hunter’s “moral of the story.”  Dean rants about being tired of hunting and Frank stops him cold with “Just quit!” Like all hunters to date, Frank didn’t choose his profession, it chose him after a monster wiped out his family. Frank tells Dean, “You smile til the end of the week then you start all over again the next week. You’re a professional.” Earlier, Dean asked Frank, “what do we do?”, like he’d normally ask Bobby. This reminded me of a Bobby and Dean scene. Dean wants or maybe even needs guidance from an experienced hunter and Frank stepped right into those boots. Don’t believe that we’ve seen the last of conspiracy crazed but not so crazy Frank.

Dean and Frank discover that the land is under camera surveillance which they access. While Frank scans the tapes, he sees a trench coat move across the field. I hope that it’s Castiel but it isn’t. Just as a tease from the writers. Surveying the land tapes, Dean falls into a coma like sleep, for a mere thirty-six hours during which he misses Sam’s calls. Sam checks in numerous times to inform Dean that he may be hunting a vetala. When Dean checks his phone and finds out that Sam hasn’t checked in with Krissy, he’s scared. He goes straight into big brother overdrive.

Dean meeting Krissy is like meeting a girlie fourteen year old Dean. He tells her what to do, Krissy just digs her heels in. She’s smart and not letting Dean out of her sight because as she says, “My Dad left and your brother didn’t come back. If I’m staying, you’re not going!” Smart girl. Krissy’s memorized her dad’s recent hunting location and on the drive there, Dean encourages her to go to college, just like Sam.  When the two reach their destination, Dean handcuffs Krissy to the car so that she can’t follow him. She, like Dean for Bobby, wants revenge but Dean won’t willingly involve a kid. Dean goes into the warehouse, discovers Sam and Lee(Ian Tracey) tied up and bleeding with the vetala(Meaghan Ory from “Dark Angel” and “Once Upon a Time”).  Dean attacks and we suddenly hear Krissy yelling at her dad as she rushes in to help. The vetala grabs her, threatening to kill her if Dean doesn’t stand down.

Laying down his knife, Dean responds with “don’t hurt her, she’s just a child.”  Dean freezes but Krissy turns around, and slashes the vetala. Dean’s response is another indication of his slow meltdown. Krissy cuts Sam loose and he kills the other vetala.

Checking on Lee in the hospital, Sam and Dean impart some wisdom before leaving, especially concerning Krissy. Lee doesn’t want to quit hunting but as Dean says the only way hunters leave is that they normally die first. As the boys are leaving, Krissy yells out to Dean, calling him asshat for leaving without saying bye. She’s now a retired hunter and that maybe college was a possibility. A good day for these hunters.

Driving down the road, ” Dear Mr. Fantasy” by Traffic rocking the air, the boys talk the hunt over. Sam confesses to not being ok but just wants to keep working. Dean agrees. Sam lays against the window to sleep which is a reminder of the boys’ older days of hunting. Dean finds comfort here: Sam sleeping and Dean driving down the road music blaring. The best scene of this episode is Dean attempting to smile, trying not to fall apart remembering Bobby and for Sam, always for Sam, faking it.

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions and I certainly welcome all conspiracy theories!

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