Hey Supernatural vampiric fans!! I know that you’re ready for blood(Supernatural) because I am! We’ve had peeps spotting the boys everywhere, some informative tweets, and gossip info but I am sooooo ready to get back to the hunt!

This Friday, January 6, we’ll see “Adventures in Babysitting” an episode that looks great! We’ve also been left with a couple of questions…. namely “is Bobby dead?” and “what will happen with Castiel/Misha?”.

In regards to Bobby(Jim Beaver), I believe that he is gone for the season. His IMBD info shows him working thru 2011, not 2012. Jim also has some work on the series Justified. Sorry…. I also KNOW in my heart that he will be back. As for Castiel, take this poll and let me know what you think! Til Friday…. stay supernatural!