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What a fun episode from the two new Bens, Acker & Blacker! We have more gore, tension, & female attraction than we’ve had in a while! I love the tv show, The Mentalist, so the title grabbed me straight off! I have to say that although I liked most everything in this ep, I have some ambivalence. See if you agree with me! Also at the end of this piece are live tweets from executive producer Jim Michaels and videos of the actual rock salt auctions from ChiCon and TorCon. Enjoy!

Beginning with a psychic, a Ouija board and spirit activity, we’re immersed in LalaLand, I mean Lily Dale, home of the most psychics anywhere and a true city! This particular psychic is stabbed in her throat with her own board planchette. Gory…  And the killings begin!  

With Baby on lockdown, Dean steals a beat up Dodge in which the theft NEVER gets reported, (the boys drive off into the sunset in it, ok it’s a street but still!).  Before the theft, Dean checks his phone messages with nothing from Sam. In the car the radio blares about strange deaths occurring in nearby Lily Dale, a job. In Lily Dale, Dean checks out the second murder scene where he discovers fake woowoo: curtain blowing buttons and triggers to make tapping sounds. Dean cracks a joke and looks around to share it with no on! Vacancy light on, no Sammie. Dean is lonely without Sam and I empathize.

 Hunting for the local diner, Dean finds a strange and bizarre world. After entering Good Graces Cafe and starting to leave due to ambiance, he hears Sam. Dean invites himself to sit and proceeds to talk more than I can ever remember! Sam says nothing for the longest time until Dean wisely says, “we’re both here & we’re not gonna leave until the killings stop, so let’s work together.” He tells Sam he’s not even going to ask where Sam’s been for the week and a half when Sam retorts “Good” with a “I’d rather die than tell you look.”  Okey dokey, the boys are back together again! They share what they’ve discovered and find a common factor, a necklace that both victims were wearing. This prompts them to visit the living relative,  granddaughter Melanie(Dorian Brown) who is also a psychic.

Sam and Dean show Melanie their FBI badges without a rock star intro which is just.  not.  right.  Dean really connects with Melanie so I’m hoping this may pan out as more than a “save one girl” trip!  The boys then head onto the Emporium where the necklace was donated. The made in Taiwan necklace throws out the “cursed object” theory. The next victim is a Russian spoon bender who levitates onto his forks and knives. Funny thing about psychicville, lots of tips on the possible killer. The consensus is it’s either a ghost or an ogre targeting Russians. While at this scene, Dean gets a frantic call  from Melanie. Her friend, Camille(Rukiya Bernard), had a vision of her death, just as Melanie’s grandmother & the Russian spoon bender. Both are dead so Melanie is rightfully concerned.

While investigating Camille’s house, Dean spies a camera which after rewinding and watching, the three see a ghost. The Winchesters proceed to the museum for more information, finding out this ghost had a so-so psychic sister. As the guys leave, the curator grabs Dean, imparting netherworld advice from Ellen: “you’ve got to tell someone how bad it really is before it kills you or I’m gonna kick your ass from the beyond.” My theory here is that although lying to Sam was eating at Dean, something else is going on. We’ve had some drug references to Dean starting when Lisa & Ben were Crowley-napped. So I think that it’s either a drug issue or a illness that Zachariah had given Dean. Yes, I realize that Castiel fixed those illnesses but what if…? My personal thoughts.

Getting the message from Ellen loud and clear, Dean confronts Sam about Sam’s silent treatment.  Dean gets right to the point here. He doesn’t know if he can fully trust Sam to not start shooting at an imagined Lucifer under pressure. This is why he kept killing Amy from Sam. During this exchange, Sam says “bull”. Jim Michaels tweeted during the show and said Jared really wanted to say “bulls#%8t”. For some reason, the guys both cursed a bunch here but THAT word couldn’t be used! This argument was imperitive for the two. Dean wins the argument hands down even though he did lie to Sam. Sam’s ongoing “wall crumbling” validates the need to lie.

 For their first bone burning and ghost attack, Dean’s lighter(where did that come from… again?) doesn’t work but Sam saves the day and Dean with a match to the bones. The ghost is trying to warn them about something but there is no listening, just burning. We next see Melanie & her friend Camille in Bobby’s revamped house, packing up to go to Melanie’s. We lfind out that the wrong sister’s bones were burned because Camille gets killed in front of Melanie. Dean and Sam are unhappy, especially Dean, about losing anyone. Melanie telling Dean about how the ghost was happy and enjoying killing Camille shows a Dean whom we don’t get to see often. Compassionate, tender with sweet expressions that will be fan posted everywhere soon. Good stuff.

The boys dig up the not so psychic sister’s bones in the daylight with Dean “feeling naked”. The bones aren’t there which Sam says “means someone has some powerful binding spirit.” Dean stays with Melanie because she’s grandma’s replacement to perform at the festival and most likely the next victim. Sam gets an address from the Emporium owner for someone buying an ashwood altar. The ghost appears at Melanie’s and is determined to kill her. 

Sam bursts into a Lamaze class(he is pregnant you know!) and realizes that Jimmy the Emporium owner is the true bad guy. Finding Jimmy and reasoning with him, doesn’t work. Jimmy shoots at Sam and in the first real live murder committed by these guys, Sam kills Jimmy. Sam shows regret but this felt like murder. Yes, I do know that Jimmy was killing people with a summoned ghost but Jimmy himself, had yet to commit physical murder. Sam burns the bones which are located in the bed giving Dean the one liner “can’t believe he was boning her.”  End of killer sister ghost.

 The boys seem happier, eating in the diner when Melanie enters. Sam leaves giving the two  privacy. Melanie thinks that the guys won’t be back and holds Dean’s hand for a reading. Dean has such a hopeful look here it made me cry. I think that they will return to Lily Dale, NY.  Yes, I do!

Dean asks Sam about his stuff in the trunk and if he still wants to break his face. For some reason, Sam isn’t furious anymore but wants Dean to be truthful with him about his emotional health, his drinking, and not sleeping. Dean agrees that it had accelerated and that lying to Sam kept him crawling the walls.

This episode slowly and maturely forced Sam and Dean to talk. If anyone knows that life is too short for crap, it’s these two. Should they have to rehash that sentiment weekly? Maybe for the sake of all of us non-hunters who kinda think we’ll have a tomorrow. Perspective is everything. For Sam and Dean, life is short. Dean thinks black and white. Sam just…. thinks.  Between the two brains and hearts of the brothers Winchester, exists a solid hold on their reality. Please let me know if you agree or disagree and know that disagreement is welcome! Until the wedding next week…. stay supernatural!

Jim Michael tweets during the ep!

REAL WOOWOO from the fandom!  Jensen suggested using the salt from this ep for charity. He and Jared auctioned rock salt bottles. ChiCon auction,vid by HemophiliacZebras: raised $5500  :   

TorCon salt auction raising $3500.