Hey Supernatural Fans! I hope that you perused yesterday’s enjoyment! It was a very late night posting & I felt like I was there! Starting today with Corin Nemec but it won’t finish with him. I’ll post this morning’s sessions first & then go until tonight! Enjoy!

 The last two pictures from Misha’s panel #ChiCon http://yfrog.com/g09m3lqj http://yfrog.com/kkfgtuij
Paleonut_Elizabeth Madsen
 @sebroche is in his element at the cocktail party… the center of the dance floor
 http://twitvid.com/QOITD – As promised..my #Chicon stage dive. Featuring the dashing

 Mark left these toy soldiers at our table in this compromising position http://twitpic.com/74hmda
 Matt, Corin and Amy at the cocktail party http://twitpic.com/74hli4

sebrocheSebastian Roché Mark Pellegrino across from me 🙂 http://yfrog.com/kgq4jrzj

matt cohen
mattcohen4realmatt cohen

 Whoever gets this ask Richard how SHORT he is during autos!!! Ask him just like u would ask HOW TALL HE IS??
 I’ll let you make up your own caption for this one of Sebastan http://twitpic.com/74c6mj


 Misha feels bad for Jimmy and his family…”fortunately, they’re not real!
all_spnAll Supernatural

http://bit.ly/mPiRoF Pic round-up from Misha’s panel
 http://bit.ly/oDCQo3 summary of tweets from Misha’s panel at
 He claims he’s cost Warner Brothers hundred of thousands of dollars in overtime because he laughs too much. #chicon
Susan Scott
Piecesofpie79Susan Scott

 @mishacollins says he bites his cheeks to not laugh during filming.
riotgirl8268Niki Boyert
“That lake was a really terrible choice for lakes to walk into. You could walk all the way across it.” -Misha Collins
WinFamBusinessAlice Jester
 Superpower Misha would like? “I always wanted to be able to walk in a straight line.” He keeps forcing people off the sidewalk
MishaMadnessJessie SorenMisha thinks Castianity is creepy
 “I publish frequently on Twitter.” –@mishacollins
scoob70Darcy Jo Urie
 Hahaha!! “I played Castiel for so long it was nice to let it go and just be myself for a few minutes” Misha on playing leviathan.
“You recently played leviathan!Cas, it was a nice resemblance of your on-stage personality.” “You’ve come a long way, grasshopper
Nelle816Lea Stewart
 Misha: Its good to know that when I’m playing the most evil, maniacal character ever, I just come across as myself.
@wfsarah Misha: Supernatural is a show about two lumbering morons… 

The stuff that goes on in their trailers is “disgusting
@blackbird_angel: Misha and Vicky gave West the middle name of Amaximander because the name was funny. »

 Misha calls West ‘Waxy’.

Weirdest gift from a fan? “Hard to say.” A needlepoint pillow with his face on it is the most terrifyingAmyinSydneyAmy

@mishacollins is slamming people left & right. Ask a stupid question cop the wrath of Misha
ammyWsGirlSPN♥Moosekateer Mandi♥
 Misha has the most awesome wit! Rofl
MishaMadnessJessie Soren
 If Misha gets back on the show, he will put in his contract that Sam must hug Cas.
 MISHA on stage! he ran on stage, pics blurry Lol http://yfrog.com/ocll8gj
uliechristinebJulie Benz @sebroche has a solution for all problems: booze

all_spnAll Supernatural http://bit.ly/qqwXQQ the great pic round up! Seb & Mark’s panel

 SammyWsGirlSPN♥Moosekateer Mandi♥
@EmmyH88 lol fan brought mustaches for the guys to wear last night for karaoke. Matt put his on his crotch.
TheToriaMaeVictoria Mae @ Westin Hotel http://instagr.am/p/RDC9M/
Sup Misha, Richard, and Matt. @ Westin Hotel http://instagr.am/p/RDA7B/
all_spnAll Supernatural
http://bit.ly/nVsbAB Corins’ panel at : tweets and pics – summary #supernatural
http://bit.ly/qXeakD tweet summary of panel by @dicksp8jr & @mattcohen4real 
 “Next thing I know there were 63 hands on my crotch… AND HALF OF THEM WERE RICHARD’S.” –
MishaMadnessJessie Soren
 Richard: “You know what me and Matt do when they tell us not to do something? We do it anyway!”

 Amy but its forbidden to stagedive… Richard and Matt do it anyway 
scoob70Darcy Jo Urie

 “Brokeback Mountain: That Shit’s Gonna Hurt” The movie Matt wants to see J2 do. #IsDead
 Another from when Misha crashed Richard and Matt’s panel. http://twitpic.com/746nb8
 http://twitvid.com/XKEAH – Richard walks misha through and teaches him the ways of the little people
ishaMadnessJessie Soren
 Richard: “We all staged dived crotch down.” Misha: “Oh, Sebastian.”
 Funny how karaoke cannot be spoken of without “homoeroticism” thrown in. It all started with talk about Jared and Matt’s biceps.
dicksp8jrRichard Speight, Jr.

 I am tweeting this from backstage at the Chicago con . If u are here and get this, yell MATT COHEN PLAYS WITH DOLLS right now
moJovi88Morgan Smith
 @dicksp8jr has a mustache on his crotch. . You had to be here
wfsarahSarah 🙂
 “Don’t mind my unzipped jeans–it just happens.” Matt doing a Sebastian impression from last night
 Amy signing banner http://yfrog.com/ntjxblqj
 Piecesofpie79Susan Scott
Amy says if she would have been to karaoke last night she would have done Lady GaGa Born This Way http://pic.twitter.com/D4J79e0I
Kimberly Schure
#AmyGumenick said Jared was on the phone telling Gen how to pop his dog’s anal glands during awkward family road trip scene

 Supernatural was amy’s 4th audition ever

 “I wanna be brought back as a hairdresser…have you seen those boys’ hair?!” – Corin  

 Corin wants Christian Campbell to be brought back as a hairdresser. »
Erika Brunn
seafaringwriterErika Brunn

 Corin whipped out a bandana with a mustache on it. He says its in case he robs a bank later they’ll only remember he had a mustache

scarletbejessica grafer