Hey Supernatural Fans! Just 2 weeks ago we had TorCon & the Supernatural crew is now in Chicago! The tweeting fun has begun & I will update tweets, pics & vids as soon as they’ve been sent!

Karaoke tops the list which rocked wild & crazy until very late into the night! All the pics have owners attached! Thanks ChiCon goers! Let the craziness begin!

jarpadJared Padalecki
Hey y’all at @followBBB what a show huh?!?! http://yfrog.com/ntb86tuj
 Mark P getting down with @funksoulcrango@TerriDS at karaoke (excuse blur I was completely distracted by him!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKZRpYVwadw&feature=youtube_gdata_player

vulpix777Vulpix de Vulpecula

 Ajem… @sebroche karaoke last night in  dancing BSB! youtube.com/watch?v=PImDbp

CSquared225Corina  Sebastian at karaoke  http://twitpic.com/75eban
Behold: the greatest karaoke performance ever. Filmed by @dicksp8jr http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vradt-t1BFo

ChadLindbergChad Lindberg http://twitvid.com/0AT6G – Rick Worthy Stage Dive right here.;)

spnep4ever2Megan Elsinger

Photo: Matt Cohen -Karaoke http://tumblr.com/ZKsyHyAzqpQd

 Goodnight  That was a poppin’ karaoke party, but I leave you with this as I go to bed… http://twitpic.com/73xktm
 and a touching moment at karaoke take two… Hopefully it’ll show up this time http://twitpic.com/73xm47

 an angel and the devil http://twitpic.com/73xl1j

Jared sneaking up on Matt at karaokehttp://twitpic.com/73xfxp

Jared introducing Brian Buckleyhttp://twitpic.com/73x6oe

 Brian Buckley performing at http://twitpic.com/73x81h
 Jared carrying Richard over his shoulder http://twitpic.com/73x8he
 Jared after the concert http://twitpic.com/73x98z
 Sebastian crowdsurfing http://twitpic.com/73xd4g
Piecesofpie79Susan Scott
http://img.ly/9EZh Mark Pellegrino

 Aww, some guy just proposed! http://twitpic.com/73xfxg
 Mark Pellegrino karaoke Big Balls AC/DC:D http://yfrog.com/18qjmrhj
cifbearClaire F
http://yfrog.com/nw250mfj we’ve got the biggest balls of them all
 Holy shit Mark Pellegrino is singin Big Balls by ACDC on stage!!

 Mark Pelligrino is singing Big Balls. dyyyying http://twitter.com/darkmerrick/status/127629137149034497/photo/1
 @dicksp8jr and Mark Pellegrino. Luci and Gabe reunited.http://twitpic.com/73wnfl
samjackloverKaye Bauer
 Mark P crowd surfing! http://yfrog.com/h3jo2dbj
PadaFandom1Jared PadaFandom
 Promise, last one. I won’t make anyone suffer 😉 http://twitpic.com/73v7nj  
moJovi88Morgan Smith

 singing karaoke Here We Go Again! http://yfrog.com/kguzecqj
Chad the 60s Lindberg! http://yfrog.com/o0c6xwdj
 Grabbed it for ya bb!! http://lockerz.com/s/149198539
scoob70Darcy Jo Urie 
This cast! As if I didn’t love them an unhealthy amount before!! I’m completely lost to Forever. http://lockerz.com/s/149194384
cifbearClaire F
http://yfrog.com/kj9zugdj Jared and Matt  
http://yfrog.com/h033izmrj ohmygodthispicture
tp://yfrog.com/nyqgvjwj jump around  
Chad and Sebastian are here for karaoke too http://twitpic.com/73vduf
Sebastian didn’t know this part http://twitpic.com/73vige  
Cannot even deal with Chad right now. http://twitpic.com/73vxx8
Karaoke husbands http://twitpic.com/73vtmh
Jared after the concert http://twitpic.com/73v9a5
Jared after the concerthttp://twitpic.com/73v9a5

all_spnAll Supernatural

http://all-spn.livejournal.com/1079892.html Brian Buckley onstage at Chicon – pics/tweets
eryn2607Eryn Marie Karaoke!! http://twitpic.com/73vdrf 
@jarpad after the @followBBB show at  He’s awesome. Just sayin’. 🙂 http://twitter.com/skyisfalling/status/127593475926532097/photo/1
@xxsh0tgun: Man of the hour!http://twitpic.com/73v6dp” yep @brucehulvey here we go
SPN411katie straka

News flash Supernatural fans take over the Westin Ohare hotel lobby! We will not miss our show!  http://fb.me/NWkmACmp

wfsarahSarah 🙂 “Jared and I blame everything bad on Jensen.” Brian Buckley

AmyinSydneyAmy With Jared sitting just over there, resplendent in beanie, it makes this weekend suddenly feel so real and so awesomebodyguard4JandJClif Kosterman At the Brian Buckley Band concert at with @jarpad

guynormanbeeGuy Norman Bee @jarpad disrupts the time space continuum!  http://campl.us/gnvl

GUY BEE on stage!! Yay! http://yfrog.com/klyndccj
 Director @guynormanbee answering questions at. http://fb.me/1cZAMl4u0
heather_spnHeather Pask Prop master on #Supernaturalset carries J and J wedding rings on a necklace when they have to film


all_spnAll Supernatural http://bit.ly/prmVf3 summary of tweets and pics from @ChadLindberg panel

Piecesofpie79Susan Scott http://img.ly/9EdW what a charming smile

p://twitpic.com/73qkoeMishaMadness– Chad by NiceGoalEh, Michelle

Jessie Soren  Chad’s most memorable scene was when he was naked.
Clarity67Susan   Chad telling how Jensen taught him 2 shotgun a beer-outtake of beer pouring down mullet Js laugh 2 hard 2 do scene

@all_spn Summary of tweets and pics all credited – Rick Worthy panel – http://bit.ly/nkyIHc 
This start ChiCon!@Paleonut_ Elizabeth Madsen Some nifty door art at http://t.co/cIkZNCyU