I went to Vancouver, Canada for Vancon: I went, I saw and my heart was conquered! Vancouver was beautiful & initially, my path was solely from my hotel to the convention. Following the convention, my “site” seeing was spectacular!

Jared & Jensen Panel

Ecstatic for my first Supernatural convention, I took pics in the lines getting tickets, meeting tweeps whom I had only talked with on twitter.  CreationNet kept everything moving & timely which I loved! Other fans who had attended other cons stated that Vancon had no overlaps of photo ops & autographs.  I hung around during the down times with a smattering of fans with CreationNet offering up to $250 for Supernatural trivia, costumes competitions & other games.  In spite of my trivia knowledge sucking,  I won a beautiful calendar of the boys & a Supernatural mug! 

Cold Blooded Duck Murder

Supernatural “guest stars” Richard Speight, Alona Tal, Chad Lindberg, Matt Cohen, Steve Williams and Sebastian Roche answered questions in forty-five minute sessions throughout Saturday. Some were very entertaining, others not so much!  Jim  Michaels was in the audience picking on his cast & crew while Russ Hamilton, location manager & tour guide for Supernatural, answered location queries. With Vancouver being home for Supernatural, quite a few crew members attended VanCon. The Saturday night’s highlight was the karaoke “dream team” of Matt Cohen and Richard Speight.  It began great and  ignited as the night wore on! Alona, Richard, Matt and Chad were all scheduled for the night with Guy Bee also showing up and belting out some classic rock.  Sebastian Roche…. well he did just about everything!  Seriously! The group laughed about how even the unscheduled guests didn’t want to miss this party!

Hilarious describes Misha Collins’ session the next day. His deadpan expression never changed, keeping his fans entranced & rolling on the floor. No question fazed him and the time flew! I didn’t go on the “Misha cruise” but we heard that it was a drinking success.

Exciting as all of this was, when Jensen and Jared showed up for their Q & A on Sunday, the room vibrated! The energy was palpable and not only for the rabid fans! I don’t know how these guys could look any cuter in person but they did! Jared and Jensen were charming, funny, and very appreciative of their fandom! With much smiling, the “boys” signed autographs after the Q and A until MY fingers hurt! Jensen had a photo op with Misha and was encouraged to finish autographing quicker to make that.  Jensen didn’t rush or act rushed but just kept signing.  Jared finished last and although the fans were instructed not to take any extra time, he did! He personalized items, shook sweaty hands(his) and when it was all over, came out and gave big waving “thank you” to all of the fans, again! A great day of Supernatural.

The best part seriously about VanCon & Vancouver, is that Supernatural shoots there! My entire goal after the convention, was to locate filming sites! With several of the photographers, location hunters & crazy fans always tweeting about locations, I expected to do just that! With my new friends from the convention, the hunt was on!

Monday after the con, we were fairly certain where filming would be. We had site maps, addresses and a grand sense of adventure! My thought after a few hours of driving around, searching for signs, was “kudos” to those who did this all the time for the fans! It was a long, time-consuming, frustrating & overall, grand adventure! One of the girls wasn’t a Supernatural fan but had just started watching. Her exact words were, “I can understand why paparazzi are so aggressive! This is fun!”

We received a tweet that a backlot was on fire so we headed back to the studio to check it out. We arrived at the studio & I asked the security guard to take pictures for us and with us! We also snagged photos from behind the studio of the Impala & trucks, including the wardrobe truck, used on sites. Screaming ensued when we discovered the plaid shirts that Jared wears for the show.  I also noticed that several vans and studio suvs had “CW” on the license plates. Important for chasing the right vehicle & for finding places.

We tailed a  “tree truck” leaving the studio for a while until we got separated by a lane change. This  truck carried trees used for props. The perfect end to a great hunt was that we were hopelessly lost! Our gps had died hours earlier & following the tree truck took us to places unknown! We  managed to locate the river & just headed towards it, eventually finding streets that were familiar. Some of my new friends were leaving the next day for home so we headed back to downtown for food. Wonderful ending to meeting new fans!

Semi bright & early the next day, we headed to Ft. Langley, looking for “DL” signs which had signified Supernatural filming the previous week. We actually found signage on Monday but nothing committing to any site or direction in particular! We also discovered signs for several other tv shows being filmed in Ft. Langley. After the location tour on Monday with Russ Hamilton(location guy), other fans had concrete info on the site. Tuesday the signs were up and pointing straight to a highly used Supernatural filming location! On behalf of the fans I think, the signs were “SMD”,  Sam m Dean!

We parked from 11:00 am to midnight on Tuesday, and Wednesday from 12 to 10 pm.  Tuesday we watched the site prepping for the exterior filming until dark when we saw action outside for filming interior shots! Throughout the day, crew members came over chatting and questioning the fans. The crew also requested that we not post spoiler vids! I have to say that with the conversation, continual waving & the coffee from the crew, I felt extremely welcomed. The Supernatural  team went out of their way to engage the fans, always being polite when asking us to move or to lurk in other places!

Charisma Carpenter & James Marsters guest starred in this episode, “Shut Up, Dr. Phil”. I managed to get a long shot of James but Charisma would come out to the fans, taking pics & conversing when she was leaving the set! A very sweet & engaging person.

Charisma Carpenter

Wednesday, we knew that Jared & Jensen were shooting later in the day and they started about 5:00! Words cannot express my excitement! The guys with makeup, being fussed over, going over lines. It was and will be one of my best memories!

Lunch was late afternoon and when they broke for lunch,  cast & crew turned around, clapped and waved “thank you” to the fans! Only a handful of fans were there for that! Filming during the day was sporadic with prepping the shots consuming the lion’s share of time. Still enjoyable.  Finally, about dusk, the Impala was parked on our side of the street but well up the block. We were informed there would be 5-6 more scenes to be filmed. Jared and Jensen did the scene up the block, would then drive up the street in front of us, waved, smiled, drive back and park. When it got dark, they were driving past us until at one point, they drove straight to us, headlights on us!  With Jared laughing, they pulled up asking why we were still there and not sleeping or something! Both of them laughing and waving, they continued to drive straight into us, headlights bright! The Metallicar stalked us, good times! After a few takes, the guys waved  and drove off.  Within a very short time period, with Clif in the front seat, “the boys” in the back, they slowly cruised by, again waving and drove off.



I don’t know what to say except BEYOND MY GOODNESS!!  How can I be so smitten with these young, gorgeous married men?! But, I am…..  My fan level has risen to new heights! I really didn’t believe that I’d go back to this Supernatural convention but considering that Supernatural films there, GOING BACK I AM!

My new-found friends spent time giving me their thoughts about Supernatural. I’ll post those down the road. Newbies going to conventions have tons of questions. I’d love to answer what I can so feel free to leave your queries! Thanks for the your time!  And absolutely, attend a convention!

Photo album from Vancon.  Feel free to use, tag or share!   https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.171372449616927.44303.100002325185308&type=3