Hiya Supernatural Fans!! Vancouver is beautiful but for many of the fandom, will be much prettier tomorrow when “the Boys” of Supernatural make appearances!

For a first Spnl convention, this has been the bomb! Great fun, new friends, & the entertainment factor is off of the charts!! Twitter friends have been found, slowly but surely, fun Spnl artifacts for signatures & bragging rights & oh yeah….  the wonderful cast & crew of our favorite tv series!

Yesterday, the fandom was entertained by Colin Lawrence, Richard Speight, Alona Tal, Chad Lindberg followed by a wild & wooly night of Karaoke including Sebastian Roche,  Guy Norman Bee & Matt Cohen.

I have loved these characters but facing them one on one or one hundred to one.. has been enlightening! The entertainment factor of course, is fullout non-stop but getting to know the person factor has been mind opening!

For example, Richard as the “Trickster” I have loved but watching him interact with the fans, friends & others, raised my respect tremendously! Guy Bee was the total real person, visiting with fans, taking time, responding, never in a hurry to leave! There is a reason that he is a fan favorite!! He respects & appreciates the fans!!

I have been totally without my phone & camera for international reasons but will compile a #vancon post as soon as I am able! I hate to think that this weekend will lead to a new addiction but it just might!! Hitting the sack due to massive amounts of nonsleep! Later…. supernaturally of course!