Clif had to know what he was getting into with the SOS for duckpond ducks!! He’s posting lots of pics from the global duckdom of Supernatural!! Looks like everyone is enjoying them!! These are Clif pics & titles! Enjoy!!
bodyguard4JandJClif Kosterman

Clif watching over J and J
Clif Kosterman
Some hippie dude by the duck pond
Our first UK duck , ironically a US Astronaut from 12 The Street it says , no other name 
Sam and Dean from Jaimee in Quebec. So badass
The crew going crazy over duck nation
42 new ducks and a speed boat for cruizin the pond
Omg too awesome
Evil duckage
New VIP pool, we got 42 new ducks today from the UK. Quebec sent a Sam and Dean pair w/ ass’td gear, pics to come 
198 and counting
Kana is ducked out
Looking good