Thanks so much to the contributers here! Especially @wolfling! The pics are so appreciated & loved!!! Enjoy Supernatural Fans!!
#NJCon is updated with Steven Willam’s, Rick Worthy and Matt Cohen’s panels #Supernatural

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Photo: › Matt & Richard From the karaoke party last night.
Character spoiler from #njcon:
Check it out!!! Matt Cohen is AWESOME and he’s giving out free hugs in Jersey!! orig.pic… 

by SPNJ2Addict 
Matt just taught a fan how to do the fork in the garbage disposal. #NJCon

SPN411katie straka

cool Rick Worthy turned the tables on fans and he took a pic of them!! 🙂 orig. pic link:

SPN411katie straka

Check out Richard’s shirt!!! orig. pic link:
AquilliusM Pawlicki

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Reading from a paper. #njcon
confetti parade jared & misha by thesaraelise09

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#njcon @jarpad at the breakfast imitating Steven Williams adlibbed death scene

#njcon @jarpad you’ve heard of *headdesk* this is *headmic*
 midlaugh at the breakfast 
 at the breakfast imitating Mitch “adjusting” himself
…and case in point. Misha at the breakfast #njcon
I had such a great seat for taking pics at the breakfast.
at the breakfast — the messy hair look so works for him
not the best angle but this was the hug when they first came out.
with tea and smirk
 no witty caption beyond damn that man is pretty in black! wouldn’t drink it, just as Matt predicted.  with b-day card as many congoers as possible had signed 
  Can’t wait for the erupting war between
 Santa Gabey sung by a fan to Richard

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cant believe @brockvkelly is showing the “naughty finger” to @dicksp8jr for #icing him lol #njcon
AquilliusM Pawlicki

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The final cover. Jared, Brock, both Ricks drew on him. He was all “uh oh” when I told him. #njcon

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Brock auctioned off his empty signed Smirnoff Ice bottle #NJCon Went for $300 to @adogsliferescue @SupportSPN
 by Tellhound 
Brock is now carrying a Smirnoff Ice in his back pocket so he won’t get Iced #NJCon
AdamRichmanAdam Richman

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Attention Supernatural fans! RT @emydean: Misha wants to be on the Jersey Shore And @jarpad wants to be on Man Vs. Food. #NJCon – I’ll try!
@minionsofmisha Misha Tibetan throat singing at #NJCon
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Video: › NJ Con July 10th, 2011 6 items Jared would have in his purse if he was a woman (I missed the iPod…
credit rangerinblack1
 Jared sleep, marry,  kill vid 
Jared Padalecki reciting Pi past 3.14! Vid: 
JARED GETTING MY CARD. I don’t know who took the vid, but thank you!!
Jared and Misha discuss how they’d kill The Situation off on Supernatural if he were to guest star – by trapping…
Jared and Misha old school photoshop vid credit falloutboy
I think this vid is the reason for lots of pics that we have!
credit mcase1013Marilyn 
Photo: superlynatural:
 Photo: misha-bawlins:

  credit tiptoe39tiptoe39

#NJCon Misha + Smirnoff Ice.  
Debbie Combs 12:52am Jul 11
FYI: At the Private Con, Jared said that they were talking about doing 23 episodes this season. They want to end on a two parter.
credit acsgrlie  Pranks and LOL’s
 Kim Rhodes first meeting Jared, Jensen, and Jim- NJCON
 credit tmccalmont misha & aldis
jessica yourdon @tehjessicarae the impala
credit strgzr04
credit to Tonia Schneider @allthatisglorious
Richard Speight Jr, Chad Lindberg’s and Brock Kelly’s panel at Supernatural Convention in Nashville,