Hey Fans, Clif the bodyguard of J & J has been resoundingly saying that no accounts are J or J’s UNTIL….. about 10 or 11:00 am this morning! This account was opened, the fans went crazy & #jarpad trended worldwide within hours! This means that globally, people were tweeting Jared’s hashtag: #jarpad! This is Jared’s 1st pic to tweet & I think that it is from Austin from the Saltlick BBQ. Anyway, he’s crazy to do this! so follow him & see what happens!
This pic is from Apocolypse, the Ultimate Podcast. 
Moose Fight! – Jared joins Twitter while at NashCon. Follow him @jarpad! http://fb.me/tcW1cfWG

tweet & pic by Jason Manns! jasonmannsJason Manns

Oh yeah. It really is him. @jarpad http://yfrog.com/h2u7ryquj