So, um… You guys wanted to hear it. Read it, I mean. I guess. Here it is for you!

Castiel furrowed his brows, looking closely at the mark where the blood had spattered. He’d followed everything – but upon closer inspection, anyone would be able to tell where he’d goofed. The guy was an angel, not God. So, if anything, mistaking half of the instructions as interpretations and not as literal commandments was completely forgivable.

Except, of course, to him and Crowley. Neither were pleased. Crowley more so than Cas, who turned to him, sheer vexation on his face. “I don’t understand.” And with that, Cas turned around, his beige and battered trenchcoat whipping the air behind him, and walked away, irritated.

“Damn,” muttered Crowley. He’d sent a whole bunch of his writhing minions after the brothers and their smelly old hunter companion – an expensive distraction, and all for nothing. With a snap of his finger, he was gone.

Of course, they didn’t get all their details wrong. I mean, fact-check and fact-check again; those instructions were properly dated and properly aged. And down in Puragatory, quite a few notable souls were waiting for their first chance to escape. I’m choosing to ignore the ones that never made an impact. They’re souls who piggy-backed on the work of others.

First to slip out was Gabriel. Oddly enough, his vessel was intact – something he was thankful about. He liked the guy. Did him a lot of good. (Oh, in case you missed it, take a look at everything he’s said @AwolArchangel. Yeah, they tweet – you’d probably have noticed if you read the end of the fifth book series.)

Then slipped out one very well-known couple, without whom the heroes of our story would not have existed…