Ok all of you Supernatural possible Castiel haters!!! I have been saying everywhere & loudly, that Castiel the warrior angel, is behaving exactly like a warrior angel! Ok, so he’s in cahoots with Crowley. So he seems to be doing some shady un-angellike, you know, stuff. But what we see tonight is an angel who loves Dean & kinda Sam. Who will protect the boys at all cost, even at his own personal demise. We find out that the deal between Cass & Crowley is: FIND PURGATORY FOR SOULS! We also find out that Castiel actually started the heavenly civil war & why. To take on Raphael & to stop the Apocolypse from happening….. again!

Castiel calls the beginning, a most remarkable event, a grand story, leaving nothing but freedom & choice after the Winchesters stop the Apocolypse. He tells the tale looking straight at us, with honesty & a pleading desire for us to understand his story, “let me tell you everything”, he says. So goes the story of the heavenly war.

Raphael takes over heaven, being stronger than Castiel & he proves it by knocking Cass into the next week, bloodied.  Raphael orders Cass to kneel before him for allegience sake & then onto the Apocolypse, to leave the earth bare & useless as per plans before the Winchesters. In comes Crowley with THE DEAL but not before we flashback to Dean’s familial bliss, raking leaves in his yard & Castiel remembering how much Dean has sacrificed. Cass makes a most conscious decision to leave Dean out of his heavenly war. Help Crowley find Purgatory & he gets one half of the souls. Cass needs souls, Purgatory has monster/demon souls. Crowley also wants souls & so the deception begins. For good faith, Crowley sends Cass with 50,000(Titanic) souls to meet with Raphael. The next thing we know, Raph’s gone in a flash & Castiel issues the “you’re with me or against me” threat to the remaining angels. Souls by themselves are nuclear, together they are “the sun”.  A highlight, Castiel shares what he has learned from Dean. To stand up, what to stand up for & what generally happens when you do!

The “deal” with Crowley has begun as does the search for Purgatory! We know that Crowley is not dead but the boys also don’t believe that Cass could or would make that kind of mistake. So the Bobby & Sam doubting begins! Until Cass smells like a traitor, Dean won’t consider him a traitor. Cass confesses to pulling Sam out of Hell, minus his soul. Shocker! Sam instantly questions “without my soul?” I truly believe this is a defining moment where the Dean & Castiel bond, cannot be repaired. So…when Castiel inadvertently chuckles that superman couldn’t go darkside, Dean instantly knows that Cass has been spying on them while they search for Crowley. Bobby mentions earlier that it would be like Superman going darkside if Cass were to be working with Crowley. Dean says, “yea, they’d need kryptonite” to deal with him!

During this time, Crowley, evil smart “king of hell” that he is, demands that Castiel kill the Winchesters! Cass says no way but Crowley’s argument, which I love, is gee, underestimate the denim wrapped nightmares like say: Lucifer, Michael, Zachariah, Azazel & Alistair? I’m thinking really good point but don’t kill the boys!! Of course, I know that I am not the only person yelling at the tv when Cass keeps threatening Crowley. Crowley of course, deteminedly tries to kill the Winchesters!

We meet the demons’ Bobby, a dispatcher named Ellsworth who air traffics them & their soul gathering. Eve is brain dead but still producing eggs & the monsters that are still alive, are still “feeling her”.  The vampires also end here. Ellsworth says there is no more need of them!

Castiel states when he pulled Sam out of Hell that this was a moment in which if he was lucky enough to have a silent warning, this would have been it. Meaning right or wrong, the entire morality issue.

Castiel is not evil. He desperately needs to win his heavenly war. So, the morality question which this show prompts always…. not this question but just good vs. evil generically, is this: do the means justify the end? This is the line that Cass is crossing, the path that he doubts. I still love him, love the tortured angel that he is. Castiel has become so Dean like that this character cannot go anywhere! We know spoiler wise that a transformation happens, maybe Cass becomes human, or a hunter or just the real moral Jimmy.. 

Ben Edlund wrote & directed this ep, kudos Ben! Sadly, we’re winding down season 6 BUT we do have a season 7! The storylines will be answered, characters will die, Sam’s wall does crumble but the boys are stronger than ever, hunting the baddies to keep us all safe! I tearfully say… stay supernatural!

Did I mention how green Dean’s eyes were?