Ok Supernatural fans, consensus is that Frontierland was great! Hilarious, full of clues for the remaining season. Although we saw Cas for a short few minutes, what we saw was not good! We know he’s hiding something apparently the boys wouldn’t approve. Heaven doesn’t approve thus killer angel Rachel trying to eliminate Cas. “Soul Power” is the way to be strong & heal & oh yea, did I mention that Cas seems a little sneaky soul hungry?! We see him wanting the 50,000 souls from the Titanic & then he needs to feel Bobby’s for strength! I’m so glad to know that we will get an answer to the soul question!

Sera Gamble gives some insight to this week’s ep. The Eve hunt is personal for Bobby, she killed Rufus. The foursome(yes, all four boys!) finds Eve’s hangout which turns out to be an experiment going wrong, with failed monsters, some that have never been seen before, & monsters more dangerous than ever! Ms. Gamble says the recurring theme of “Sam & Dean are screwed” still rings true til the end! We now know that we will have a season 7(!) so fighting the baddies will continue with their lives on the line! As usual!

Heads up for Castiel fans. There are rumors galore about him not being around for the next season. We know that there will be 2 deaths this season’s end(Gamble’s own words) but who can that be? My vote is not Cas or Bobby but that doesn’t leave too many characters to choose from! I’ve tweeted a reliable source who says don’t believe the rumors about Misha Collins, Castiel. I totally want to believe that. With that said, losing Cas would be not ok! Although the angel storyline may be over, surely there is a place for our nerdy angel!! I smell rebellion in the air if Castiel dies!!!

Guy Bee, who directed Frontierland, was interviewed on the WinchesterBros.blog radio & it was great! Clif Kosterman called in harassing Guy. Clif is Jensen & Jared’s bodyguard. Guy has already agreed to coming back any time for directing & has been added to the Nashville, Tn. Supernatural Convention. He is wanted & popular!

Last but not least: no one called me on my misspelling of the phoenix. I am disappointed! The true lore bird, phoenix, is spelled with an x. I don’t like that spelling so I use the z. Just my own strange word weird!

With that off my chest, keep blogging, seaching & opining about our fantasy world of Supernatural! What a long summer we will have but, yes indeed, we will have another season!! Stay supernatural!!